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September 28, 1795 New London armory expenses William Simmons Timothy Pickering Informs the War Secretary of his observations regarding expense estimates for the armory at New London, Virginia.
May 21, 1793 Direct Route to New London Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins describes the difficulties of his journey to New London and expresses the hope that his expenses will be paid by Hodgdon.
October 20, 1800 Statement of the Rents of Houses for Public Service at New London Virginia for the Year 1801. Thomas Holt James Gallaway Fiscal estimate for house rents at New London, Virginia for 1800.
July 16, 1794 Funds for Mounting the Artillery at New London Joseph Howell Nathaniel Richards The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of $250 to Richards for the purpose of mounting the artillery at New London.
February 15, 1799 Recommends George Dugan for Letters of Introduction in London James Winchester James McHenry Introduces George Dugan, who is on his way to London to begin his profession. Dugan seeks letters of introduction to US government workers in London.
August 29, 1796 A Letter Found in the Woods Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon A letter was found near the trailhead of the road leading from Lynchburg to New London which had coincidentally been in the New London mail. In order to know whether the public has sustained any injury, Hodgdon is asked whether he has sent any money since his letter of the 28th of June which enclosed $721.41.
August 19, 1794 Abstract of pay due the guard established over the Public Arsenal at New London. Stephen Hillis [not available] List of pay.
June 30, 1794 [No. 4 Pay roll of the militia guard at New London for May and June 1794] Thomas Holt [not available] Lists pay of militia guards stationed at New London Arsenal.
October 13, 1798 Tools From New London, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Perkin Among other matters, Hodgdon assures Perkins that despite difficulties and expense the tools from New London should arrive shortly.
May 1, 1794 Pay roll of the militia guard at New London from, 02/01/1794 to 05/01/1794. Thomas Holt [not available] List of pay given to guards at arsenal in New London Connecticut.
January 17, 1799 Seeks Saddlery Inspector in New London Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Is not acquainted with anyone in New London who could inspect the sadlery there, and has not found anyone who can recommend anyone. Suggests sending someone from New York or Philadelphia, under the direction of the agent Col. Stevens. If that doesn't work, he can send someone from Philadelphia on short notice.
November 13, 1794 Holt's Returns from New London Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holt transmits the returns of the arms repaired and work performed at the armory at New London for October. Included are the stores, tools, and materials on hand at the armory. The payrolls and estimates for the month are also enclosed. Five hands have been discharged and two added who have skills in the smithing business.He is making provisions for the supply of the men and the necessaries which...
November 11, 1795 Paying the Armorers at New London Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon The armorers at New London are, by contract, to be paid in Philadelphia. Hodgdon must know to whom such payments are to be paid and should avoid a longer violation of the public obligation. Care should be taken to replace the monies advanced and to maintain the cash needed for future payments.
May 1, 1800 Estimate of Expenditures at New London, Virginia Thomas Holt [not available] Estimate of expenditures on account of the United States at New London, Virginia for rent of sundry buildings for storage and clerk's office.
July 21, 1797 Brass Ordnance at New London [not available] [not available] List of brass ordnance on field carriages at New London which have been ordered to Knoxville.
July 21, 1795 Disbursements at the New London Armory William Simmons Thomas Holt Discusses disbursements at the armory in New London with Thomas Holt.
May 31, 1800 Concerning shipments of cartridge paper from London James McHenry Rufus King Writes that he does not know if the United States has received its shipments of cartridge paper from London. Adds that this is last day of duties as War Secretary.
August 19, 1794 Abstract of rations furnished the guard established over the public arsenal at New London. Stephen Hillis [not available] Lists names and amount of rations furnished guards at the New London arsenal.
October 31, 1798 Estimate of expenditures at New London Virginia Thomas Holt William Simmons Estimate of expenses at New London Virginia. Includes rent of sundry houses to hold military stores and for offices.
May 29, 1800 Letter to a Firm in London James McHenry Bird, Savage & Bird In his last week in office as Secretary of War, James McHenry writes to a firm in London. Mentions the delivery of books and stationery to him. Makes arrangements to close the account between the firm and the Department of War. McHenry thanks them for their helpfulness during his term as Secretary of War.
July 3, 1794 Receipt of warrant for support of amourers employed at New London Virginia Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Howell Receipt of warrant for support of amourers employed at New London Virginia.
October 10, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Jedediah Huntingdon Simmons authorizes Huntingdon to make payment to Amos and John Woodward. The Woodwards have supplied the recruits at New London.
February 21, 1797 Delivery of the Iron to the Armory at New London John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Purveyor has reported that the iron requested for the armory at New London, Virginia will be delivered in store so transportation should be arranged as soon as possible.
December 30, 1794 Compensation of Mr. Warin Joseph Howell Mr. Warin The sum of $100 has been remitted to John Chester to be transmitted to Warin through Jedediah Huntington, Collector at New London, for Warin's service as an Assistant Engineer.
June 30, 1794 Convention between Denmark and Sweden Edmund Randolph [not available] Secretary of State Randolph discusses with the rest of Washington's Cabinet a convention between Denmark and Sweden for the maintenance of the rights of neutral navigation. Mentions John Jay's mission to London, preceding the notorious Jay Treaty, which will be signed in November that year.