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December 4, 1800 Soldier's clothing and map of Tennessee Samuel Dexter Israel Whelen This letter informs Whelen that Samuel Hodgdon will provide military clothing. Also, the Secretary at War directs Whelen to contact Mr. Lewis about obtaining maps of Tennessee.
March 21, 1798 Establishing a Military Post at Palmyra, Tennessee Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Referring to a letter from Morgan Brown, Collector for the District of Tennessee, Wolcott recommends the establishment of a small military post at Palymyra in Tennessee which is located on the Cumberland River.
February 10, 1797 Further Instructions Regarding Troops in Tennessee & Relations with Indians James McHenry Richard Sparks Acknowledges receipt of Capt. Sparks' last letter, and thanks him for putting a guard over the military stores & for informing McHenry of the "disposition of the people." Advises Sparks on erecting forts within Indian territory, contingent upon the Indian commissioners' agreements with the Indians. Orders Sparks to drill the troops to get them up to military efficiency, and to combat indolence...
March 10, 1800 Concerning the constitutionality of trying a captain James McHenry Charles Lee Asks the Attorney General whether it is constitutional for the military to deliver Capt. Devin of the 4th Regiment - who had recently gone from Maryland to Tennessee - back to a municipal court in Maryland.
July 21, 1797 Cannon to be Transported to Tennessee James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Two brass six-pounders, one three-pounder, and one five-and-a- half-inch howitzer should be forwarded to Tennessee complete for service. Except for the powder which may be furnished at Knoxville, McHenry approves of the quantity and quality of the several articles of military stores so Hodgdon can make the necessary arrangements for transportation as he sees fit.
April 17, 1798 Estimate of Articles Wanted for the Tennessee Frontier Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Estimate of articles wanted for the troops on the Tennessee frontier for the year 1798.
May 15, 1799 Discussion of Treaty with Tennessee Indians James McHenry Alfred Moore Refers to a US treaty with Tennessee Indians and necessary legislation.
August 13, 1796 Regarding Instructions for Cooperating with Stephen Hillis, New Tennessee Paymaster & Storekeeper James McHenry David Henley Attaches a copy of the instructions to Stephen Hillis, new paymaster & military storekeeper for Tennessee. Asks Henley to inventory all public stores which he has care of, and deliver said inventory to Hillis. Directs Henley to receive all of Hillis' receipts and reports as paymaster, review them, and pay out money as necessary. Asks that, if Henley "still" wishes to resign, that he give ample...
October 15, 1798 Size of Military to be Raised George Washington James McHenry Detailed description of military forces to be raised. Amount of troops from each state relative to population.
[not available] Estimate of the Pay Due the Militia of the State of Tennessee [not available] William Simmons Estimate of the pay due the militia of the state of Tennessee for services performed in Mero district between the first day of May 1996 and thirteenth day of June, 1797
June 1, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons David Henley Simmons asks Henley to specify the date up to which the armies in Tennessee were paid.
February 10, 1797 An estimate of sums wanted to make good deficiences in former appropriations for the military department. James McHenry [not available] Money due to rectify deficiencies in money allocated to earlier military expenses.
October 11, 1799 Requests Payment for John W. Hook to Pay Army Officers in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for John W. Hook to pay officers of the army in Tennessee.
August 29, 1799 Requests Payment for George Bell for Troops in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for George Bell, appropriated for the quartermaster's department, to pay troops in Tennessee.
May 30, 1799 Seeks Formal Organization of Tennessee Troops James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Concerns about the troops in Tennessee and their lack of formal organization with the provisional army. Discussion of Northwestern Territory.
July 10, 1796 Recommendation for an appointment to Tennessee Thomas Hollingsworth James McHenry Recommendation of Stephen Hillis for a clerk appointment in the Tennessee country.
May 27, 1799 Authority Over the Troops in Tennessee James McHenry Alexander Hamilton "I have this moment received your letter of the 24th and several enclosures, among the latter a letter to Lt. Col. Hamtramck which I return for your reperusal. You will recollect that the troops in Tennessee and on the Georgia frontier are within General PInckney's command. Your letter to Hamtramck extends his authority to the troops in Tennessee. Will you be pleased to have this corrected..."
April 9, 1794 Solicitation for troops in Tennessee Henry Knox George Washington The Secretary of War encloses to the President a letter from Doctor White of the Southwestern Territory (Tennessee) soliciting permanent troops for protection of the citizenry.
August 27, 1799 Requests Payment for Joseph McKean for the Army in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Joseph McKean to pay the Tennessee armies.
October 4, 1797 Payment to Major James Grant, Tennessee Thomas Lewis James McHenry Captain Lewis, 3d U.S. Regiment and messenger to the committee, states that the committee of congress late in session at Germantown, having given Major James Grant a discharge and certificate, deem it proper that he be paid upon return to Tennessee.
September 30, 1799 Requests Payment for Francis Sappington to Pay Army in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment to Francis Sappington to pay army in Tennessee.
September 30, 1799 Requests Payment for Sampson Williams to Pay Army David Henley James McHenry Requests payment to Sampson Williams to pay the army in Tennessee.
September 10, 1796 Military Support for Frontiers of Tennessee James McHenry Anthony Wayne Infantry to rendezvous at Tellico Blockhouse for protections of frontier. Movement of other companies detailed, Spanish troops to vacate forts per treaty.
October 2, 1799 Requests Payment for Michael Deadvich to Pay Tennessee Army David Henley James McHenry Requests payment to Michael Deadvich to pay the troops in Tennessee under Colonel Butler.
August 27, 1799 Requests Payment for Mr. Cheny & Mr. Elder for the Army in Tennessee David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Mr. Cheny and Mr. Elder to pay the armies of Tennessee from April to June 1799.