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July 21, 1794 Requests Shelter for shipping on Delaware River Tench Coxe Henry Knox Requests means to shelter ships at Mud Island Fort on the Delaware River. Seeks information about accommodations.
July 16, 1794 Requests Report on Damage to Winter Harbor on Delaware River Tench Coxe Henry Knox Requests report on injury to the winter harbor on the Delaware River.
June 3, 1797 Request for Appropriation to Make Repairs to Forts James McHenry Richard Stockton Request for list of ports and forts that require maintenance. Notification that few repairs or alterations have been made to fortifications, and military needs money to make such repairs along with regular troops to garrison forts from New York St. Mary's.
December 19, 1800 Fortifications at Mud Island on Delaware River William Simmons Francis Mentges Account of expenditures on account of fortifications at Mud Island on Delaware River has been examined and admitted to the books.
May 16, 1794 Fortifications in Delaware Pierre Charles L' Enfant Henry Knox Letter from engineer Charles L'Enfant regarding his observations in the State of Delaware, on his way to Governor Joshua Clayton. Discusses fortifications and the protection of harbors.
May 23, 1793 Request for Assistance of Militia Henry Knox Henry Lee Speaking on behalf of the President, Know addressed issues on uniforms, captured ships, and detaining captured soldiers.
January 22, 1795 Arrival of "The Twins" in Connecticut Samuel Huntington Timothy Pickering Huntington refers to a letter from Pickering, and states that they have received the ship, The Twins, which has "escaped" from the Delaware River. Assures him that no action contrary to the laws of neutrality shall be taken.
December 30, 1793 Delaware River Obstructed with Ice, Etc. John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Since the Delaware River is obstructed with ice, Hodgdon is directed to forward the clothing for the troops at Knoxville by land carriage to Andrew Nicholson, the merchant at Manchester. Instructions will be forthcoming relative to the transport from that place to Knoxville. Hodgdon is also to forward a chest of medicines, marked for Capt. Kerr's company, at present commanded by Lt. William...
January 20, 1785 Treaty at Fort Stanwix, 1785 George Rogers Clark [not available] Articles outline details of treaty between the United States and the Wyandot and Delaware Indians. Indians promise to deliver 3 chiefs until peace is restored. Tribes will come under the jurisdiction of the President of the United States, with no other sovereign. Treaty establishes boundaries and settlement land and seeks to prevent robbery. Promises distribution of goods.
January 10, 1797 State of Forts and Harbors James McHenry William Lyman Secretary of War's letter reporting on the state of forts and harbors. The letter includes an estimate of expenses for the repair, alteration, and superintenance of said forts and harbors.
March 26, 1799 Reports Clothing Shipment and Employment of Paymaster James McHenry Henry Gaither Regrets not being able to supply appropriate clothing to the troops due to the contractor unable to navigate the Delaware River. Employed Mr. Edward Wright of Maryland as paymaster in Tennessee.
October 10, 1794 Information Regarding Proceedings of the Council at the Big Rock Chiefs of the Wyandots [not available] Verbal communication sent by the Chief of the Wyandols through Enus Khon, a confidential warrior. Rather than long term peace, a truce with the United States was proposed until a council could meet in the spring to discuss terms. It was decided that the British were to guarantee the Indians lands west of the Ohio River if the U.S. did not abandon their forts on the West bank and to fight the...
May 27, 1799 Frigate United States Must Embark for Charleston from the Delaware Benjamin Stoddert [not available] Announces readiness of frigate United States, which can take a company of artillery to Charleston, but the men must embark from the Delaware.
October 5, 1799 Articles purchased for Mud Island fortifications William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Writes that the sum of $3,425.93 has been admitted to the credit of Francis Mentges for articles purchased for the use of fortifications on Mud Island in the Delaware River.
March 16, 1793 Request for Interpreter of Shawanese and Delaware tongue Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox asks about a man at Fort Pitt, who was an excellent interpreter of Shawanese and perhaps Delaware tongue. Hodgdon forgot his name. He serves as boat pilot on Ohio River. Knox wants to employ this man under the commissioners holding treaty at Sandusky.
July 2, 1799 Credit for fortification of Mud Island William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Admits $3,075 to the credit of Francis Mentges for articles purchased by him for the use of fortifications on Mud Island on the Delaware River.
July 20, 1786 Report of Mr. Philip Liebert regarding intentions of the savages Philip Liebert [not available] Liebert was ordered by Major Doughty to pass through the Delaware and Shawnee towns on the Miami and at Sandusky. Shawanese not disposed to peace. The Delawares and Wyandots were more kind and friendly.
January 20, 1797 Instructions to Officers Commanding Maritime Forts, Relative to Salutes. James McHenry [not available] Regulations for returning gun salutes at maritime forts, with differing stipulations for each rank of officer which might be saluted.
November 2, 1792 Logistical Needs of Wayne's Army Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses his many logistical needs, especially the need for pack horses. The need for grain is acute, complicated by the fact that the river is too low to be used for the transport of supplies.
July 28, 1794 Illegal settlement on Creek land Henry Knox George Mathews Secretary Knox informs the Governor of Georgia, George Mathews, that President Washington is quite upset that a group of Georgians in the upper part of the State have illegally erected an "independent government" on territory belonging to the Creek Indians, and erecting forts from the Oconee River to the Oakmulgee River - contrary to the laws of the United States. Knox insists that "we cannot...
January 30, 1790 Accounts of the state of Delaware Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes the Delaware Auditor concerning accounts of the state of Delaware against the United States.
March 10, 1797 Regarding Safe Arrival of Quartermaster, & Post as Quartermaster General John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Informs McHenry of the safe arrival of a quartermaster officer at one of the frontier forts. Appears to discuss Wilkins' continuing post as Quartermaster General.
August 3, 1795 Treaty with the Western Indians War Office Unknown Recipient Articles of peace proposed in a treaty between the United States and the Northwest Indian tribes; later known as the Treaty of Ghent.
September 29, 1789 Instrument of Ratification: Treaty of Fort Harmar. George Washington [not available] Treaty between United States and Wyandot, Delaware, Ottawa, Chippawa, Pattawattima, and Sac Nations at Fort Harmar by Arthur St. Clair Governor of Territory North west of Ohio River. Ratification took place at Fort Harmar on 9 January 1789.
January 14, 1799 Nomination of Men for Delaware Service James McHenry John Bowman Speaks of men offering their services to Delaware regiments. Mentions the President's responsibility to nominate men.