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November 7, 1794 Southwest Indian relations McCleish William Blount Letter to Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory, regarding relations with the Southwestern Indians. Mentions one Bill Colbert, who happened upon a canoe with a Cherokee man and four prisoners (two women and two children).
February 1, 1800 Requested Delivery of Sundry Items for Indians David Henley Wolf's Friend Has received letter and is assisting Colbert. Lists sundry articles sent to Indians. White people are mourning the death of Washington
November 7, 1794 Southwest Indian relations General James Robertson William Blount General James Robertson tells Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory that he does not believe that any enemy Indians are in or around settlements, although some have taken off with horses. His son, Jonathan, had his horse stolen. According to the Chickasaws, the Indians lately on the borders of the white settlements have been Creeks.
February 7, 1799 Encloses Copies of Speeches James McHenry John Adams Submits speech to Bloody Fellow, Wolf Pound, and George Colbert. Will call upon the President in the morning for further instructions.
January 20, 1795 How to Handle Murder of Creeks by Colbert and His Party William Blount General James Robertson Blount expressed pleasure in the murder of 5 Creeks by Chickasaws, but believed if the U.S. did not support the Chickasaws in their inevitable war with the Creeks, the U.S. would lose friendship with Chickasaws. Believed war between nations may be delayed due to season, and the type of deliberations that happen before Indian Nations go to war. Request guidance on how to instruct Colbert and his...
August 16, 1795 Offer to Chickasaw Nation Timothy Pickering George Washington Maj. Colbert will not communicate with Chickasaws until he hears directly from the President regarding an offer to be made to the Indian Nation. Draft of ratification of treaty, requests instructions.
February 25, 1799 Warrant for defraying expenses of George Colbert Malcolm McGhee [not available] Malcolm McGhee received $300 to defray expenses of himself, George Colbert, a chief of the Chickasaws, his wife and two other Indians from Philadelphia to Knoxville, to be settled with David Henley, agent for War Department.
November 16, 1798 Purchase of a horse for a Chickasaw chief David Henley Samuel Hodgdon The Agent for the War Department at Knoxville, Tennessee bought a horse costing $45 for a Chickasaw chief setting off that evening.
August 26, 1795 Account of Robert Hays William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $58.46 is due Robert Hays, being the expenses of Major William Colbert,William McGillivray (Chickasaw chief) and John Brown, two other Chickasaws, and Malcolm McGee, Interpreter from Knoxville to and at Philadelphia.
May 21, 1797 Letter to the Chickasaws Benjamin Hawkins Chickasaw Nation of Indians The author, which is likely Benjamin Hawkins, discusses his plans for boundary surveys, the rejection of an application of a trader, a letter from Piomingo to General Robertson complaining that the Creeks were stealing horses from the Chickasaws, and the claim of George Colbert against the Cherokees regarding payment for "his negroes."
April 22, 1799 Land grants Isaac Wayne Samuel Hodgdon Transmits information on grants of land
November 12, 1800 Colonel Hayes Accounts David Henley William Simmons Reasons for Colonel Hayes not settling accounts with Henley as Muster Master. Henley thinks Hayes has been overpaid for that work.
May 7, 1800 Congratulations to Hamilton Chevalier de Colbert Alexander Hamilton The Chevalier mistakenly congratulates Hamilton on his appointment by President Adams as commanding officer of the US Army to replace George Washington.
August 31, 1797 Extract of Warrants drawn by Secretary of War on treasurer of United States William Simmons [not available] Extract of Warrants drawn by Secretary of War on treasurer of United States in favor of William Meeker, Seth Craig and Samuel Lewis.
May 21, 1796 Cash Account with the War Department David Henley [not available] List of account expenditures, June 12, 1795-April 26, 1796.
July 6, 1797 Money Paid for Negros Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Exchange authorized by McHenry for the purchase of Negros by the Chickasaw nation. Money deducted from the annual present given to the Indian nation.
October 8, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Southwest Territory General James Robertson William Blount General James Robertson writes the Governor of Southwest Territory, William Blount. Robertson encloses a copy of his order to Major Ore, and offers details about relations with the Creek, Cherokee, and Chickasaw Indians.
January 13, 1795 Support and Supplies to Fight Creeks General James Robertson William Blount Robertson writes Gov. Blount on behalf of the Chickasaws who seek support and supplies as they endeavor to fight the Creeks, citing treaty b/w Chickasaws and U.S. stating the Indians are now citizens of the U.S.
November 8, 1794 Aggression by Creek Indians General James Robertson William Blount General Robertson comments on the murder of Colonel Isaac Fitzworth and his family by Creek Indians, along the waters of Red River. Seven persons total were killed and scalped. This, along with other expressions of aggression, "proves the information given us by the Chickasaws, that the Creeks had declared publicly their intensions of distressing this district, or, if able, to extirpate it...
December 9, 1796 Talk of the Chickasaws Held with the Secretary of War Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation James McHenry According to the treaty, the Chickasaws want to know when the Spanish will evacuate the post and the post will be destroyed to prevent further occupation by US troops. A lawsuit against South Carolina regarding a tract of land confiscated by the state under pretext that the Indians who owned it had joined the British army during the Revolution. A claim against Cherokees holding three slaves...
August 11, 1792 Proceedings of Governor Blount and the Chickasaws & Choctaws William Blount [not available] A copy of speeches given by the headmen and warriors of the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations and Governor Blount regarding land disputes, boundary lines, and peace. Many maps and boundaries are described.
November 24, 1796 Request for Marking of Boundary Between White & Indian Lands Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation James McHenry The chiefs of the Chickasaw have assembled to receive word from the president of the United States, as directed. They also express worry over settlers building up on their borders. To prevent encroachment, they ask that the president have the previously established boundary well-marked, to make it clear to white immigrants in the region.
December 15, 1796 Protest Against U.S. Encroachment of Territory at Chickasaw Bluffs Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation James McHenry Chickasaw delegation continues to protest the U.S. plans to install a garrison at Chickasaw Bluffs after the Spanish garrison is evacuated from that place. Submits documentation that proves U.S. promises regarding Chickasaw land, and asks if the Indians are now being trifled with in disregard for these promises. Says they desire the continued goodwill of the U.S. and a reaffirmation from the...
1797 Abstract of Warrants drawn to be transmitted to David Henley War Department [not available] Extract of Warrants drawn by the Secretary of War on the Treasurer of United States to be transmitted to David Henley, agent for War Department. Payments for Indian Agent expenses, interpreters.
October 22, 1797 Causes of the Delay in the Chief's Arrival, Etc. Isaac Guion James McHenry Among other matters, Captain Guion discusses the delay of the chiefs in arriving at Fort Adams to receive their annuities. The delay is due to several causes including Piamingo's having to stay at home to defend his town against the Creek Indians who, it was reported, were planning an attack on the Chickasaws.