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May 28, 1798 Request to Convey Instructions to Capt. Richard Dale James McHenry [not available] The receipients are asked to engage a fast sailing pilot boat to convey instructions to Captain Richard Dale of the ship of war Ganges. If the Ganges has not passed Lewis Town, the pilot boat should wait there to deliver the instructions when the ship passes. The boat and its pilot will be liberally compensated for the work.
May 28, 1798 Letter from the War Office to Daniel Rodney, Henry Neale, and Mr Thompson requesting pilot boat to deliver dispatches to Captain Richard Dale, Commander of Warship Ganges [not available] Daniel Rodney On the date of the initiation of the Quasi War with France, the War Office requisitions a fast sailing pilot boat for relaying naval dispatches to Captain Richard Dale aboard the Ganges. If the Ganges has passed Lewis Town, Delaware, pilot boat is to remain in readiness to convey dispatches. Assure pilot liberal compensation for service. Should something happen to Captain Dale, deliver dispatches...
May 26, 1798 Delivery of dispatches to Captain Dale James McHenry Willings & Francis Asks that a fast sailing pilot boat be prepared to sail at a moment's notice to carry dispatches to Captain Dale.
June 4, 1798 McHenry to Accertain Status of New York Harbour James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Plans to examine New York harbor "this Wednesday". Requested advice on the harbor, and a pilot boat from E. Stevens with proper apparatus to ascertain the depth of the harbor.
May 29, 1798 Orders for Captain Richard Dale War Department Captain Richard Dale Barge Adriana remains in New York. President Adams directs Dale to repair with ship of War Ganges to Sandy Hook. Barge Adriana will have a pilot boat stationed.
June 12, 1798 Request to Convey Enclosed Letter to Capt. Dale of the Ship, Ganges James McHenry Willings & Francis Captain Dale and his ship the Ganges have been ordered to be at a certain location on the 12th. McHenry asks that Willing & Francis hire a pilot boat to deliver the enclosed letter to the Captain.
May 26, 1798 Orders for pilot boat Captain Garrett Holsteincamp to proceed immediately to New Castle [not available] Garrett Holsteincamp War Office issues warning order to Pilotboat captain Garrett Holsteincamp ordered to proceed immediately to New Castle and be ready to sail at moments' notice.
May 26, 1798 Order to Proceed to New Castle to Await Further Orders James McHenry Garrett Holsteincamp Holsteincamp is to take his pilot boat to New Castle and wait in readiness for further orders from the Secretary of War.
May 28, 1798 Order to Deliver Dispatch to Garrett Holsteincamp, others to Lewis Town James McHenry Samuel Fisher Fisher, an express rider, is to go to New Castle upon Delaware to find Garrett Holsteincamp, pilot of the boat Flying Fish. If the pilot is not in New Castle he should be at the pier with his boat, which sports a Danish flag. Fisher is to deliver a dispatch to Holsteincamp. After that is done, he is to go to Lewis Town and deliver the other dispatches, unless Captain Dale is also at New Castle. ...
May 28, 1798 Order to Proceed from Lewis Town to Seek Out Capt. Dale on Ship Ganges and Deliver Dispatch James McHenry Garrett Holsteincamp Holsteincamp is to take his pilot boat and seek out the ship of war Ganges. He should start in the Delaware River, to the Bay, and if he does not find the ship there, head out to sea towards Long Island. When he finds the ship he must deliver the instructions to Captain Dale or the commanding officer, and receive dispatches from them to bring back to the Secretary of War.
March 16, 1793 Request for Interpreter of Shawanese and Delaware tongue Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox asks about a man at Fort Pitt, who was an excellent interpreter of Shawanese and perhaps Delaware tongue. Hodgdon forgot his name. He serves as boat pilot on Ohio River. Knox wants to employ this man under the commissioners holding treaty at Sandusky.
June 12, 1798 Request for pilot boat to locate and deliver letter to Captain Richard Dale on board the ship Ganges [not available] [not available] Regarding hiring of Pilot boat to find and deliver letter to Captain Richard Dale aboard "Ganges." Dale's ship is to be found somewhere between Cape Henlopen and Cape James, off the coast of Delaware.
May 28, 1798 Instructions Inclosed, Pilot Boats Dispatched James McHenry Captain Richard Dale McHenry has sent two pilot boats, one south and one east, carrying instructions for Dale in case he has left the Bay. McHenry is relying on Dale's zeal and courage to ensure execution of the instruction, and he sends Dale and his crew his best wishes.
November 26, 1798 Receipt for Ordinance of the Algerian Brig and Two Schooners Timothy Pickering [not available] Acknowledges receipt of round shot and bar shot for six pounders, nine pounders, twelve pounders, and eighteen pounders, agreeable to an order from the War Office, for the use of the Algerian brig and two schooners, to be paid for by the Secretary of State.
October 14, 1797 Transportation of Cannon, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Tench Francis Mr. O'Brian has reported on the state of Hughes' furnace and maintains that an 80-ton vessel cannot come within five miles of the works so another mode of transportation must be found. He says that there are vessels at Baltimore that might be available for shipping the cannon. Mr. Stewart should be asked about the price he would require for his schooners to provide this service.
May 28, 1798 War Office orders for the pilot charged with delivery of dispatches for the Ship of War Ganges [not available] [not available] Beginning of Quasi War with France. Orders for pilot boat [presumably Garrett Holsteincamp] to seek Warship Ganges commanded by Captain Richard Dale in order to deliver dispatches. If Ganges cannot be found at Delaware Bay, go to sea and seek her out. Ganges should be found within a few leagues of shore, between Delaware Bay and Cape of Virginia. Utmost diligence required to find Ganges.
June 11, 1798 Letter Signed, James McHenry to Captain Richard Dale James McHenry Captain Richard Dale Reasoning for repairing to port for additional orders, alludes to Quasi War with France; discusses Navy Department and Naval policy.
May 10, 1793 Outfitting of Boats; the Work of Pilot Denis Ferris Isaac Craig James O'Hara Reports on fitting of boats at Legion Ville. Mentions Major McCully and taking charge of the boats at Wheeling. Directed Major Finley to give Denis Ferris charge of the boats and send them forward. Praises the work of the diminutive Ferris as a boatman and pilot.
December 13, 1792 Request for Boat and Military Escorts for Judges Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Boat on loan now lost, request for new boat to be delivered to Cincinnati. Judicial circuits and discrepancy with Gen. Wilkinson discussed in detail.
August 4, 1791 A Minor Accident, Etc. Major General Richard Butler Henry Knox Amongst other matters, General Butler reports on an accident in which a boat struck a rock. The only injury is to the boat.
June 18, 1800 Authorization for New Boat Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Issued a new boat for Fort Mifflin to be under Captain Meminger. Current boat used for transport deemed dangerous to people and provisions.
April 29, 1799 Send My Company's Arms by the Burlington Stage Boat Joseph McIlvaine Samuel Hodgdon McIlvaine of the Burlington Volunteers asks that the arms to be provided to his company be sent by Capt. Myers' stage boat as quickly as possible.
December 24, 1800 Replacement for sunken boat Samuel Dexter Ebenezer Jackson Dexter directs Jackson to procure a small boat for use on the Savannah River by Captain Robeson. It is to replace a sunken boat.
January 18, 1799 Report on Weather, Transportation; Boat to Natchez is Safe Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Reports that the boat destined for the Natchez is safe. The river is open although navigation is impeded by ice, which should soon clear. Reports that the Quartermaster General is making estimates.
May 28, 1798 Letter from the War Office to Garrett Holsteincamp to find and deliver dispatches to the ship of war Ganges, commanded by Captain Richard Dale [not available] Garrett Holsteincamp Holsteincamp to commandeer pilot boat and deliver dispatches for Captain Richard Dale aboard the "Ganges." Ganges to be found between Delaware Bay and Long Island.