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February 18, 1799 Certification of payments; Isaac Craig, Esquire, Paymaster for troops at the Upper Posts on the Ohio William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $137.31 to Isaac Craig, Esquire, Paymaster for troops at the Upper Posts on the Ohio, balance due on settlement of account.
July 6, 1795 Pay of Captain Francis Dhebecourt and Militia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $1,933.27 is due Captain Francis D'hebecourt and a detachment of Militia under his command, being their pay for service in the defense of the settlement of Gallipolis, Ohio from October 1794 through April 1795.
January 11, 1794 Money Arrived; Ohio River may be Navigable Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Happy that $5000 reached Craig. Delaware river navigable again; Captain Cook with recruits may descend Ohio River. If Major Cass has not resigned, asks for settlement of his transportation. Hamilton not yet arrived. Compliments to Quarter Master General O'Hara and Mrs. Craig.
November 4, 1796 Payment of Troops Isaac Craig William Simmons Notification that draft will be made on Secretary of War to pay the troops at the upper posts of the Ohio river and the troops that descended the Ohio as guards for Mr. Ellicott. Noted Palhemus and Lukens would settle accounts with Simmons.
June 15, 1789 Indian Attacks George Clendinen Beverley Randolph Several Indian attacks listed with locations.
January 17, 1800 Stores for the Ohio and the Mississippi, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig reports to Samuel Hodgdon that stores for the Ohio and Mississippi are received. Craig also mentions the on-going business of settling the previous year's public transactions.
February 21, 1797 Accounting for money William Simmons David Shepard Requests that Shepard provide his account and vouchers for monies paid to him by the War Department and charged to him so that Simmons can settle his account
November 20, 1793 Pay matters; Colonel Hamtramck account; death of poor Herleman Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Received letters. Will assist Colonel Hamtramck in settlement of his account. Mentions deranged pay, death of Herleman. Has obtained his private effects; will deliver to his wife.
May 18, 1790 On the forming of settlements by French Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Reports on the forming of settlements on the Ohio River, within lands contracted by Mr. Cutler and Mr. Sargent, Chevalier Bui de Boulogne, Monsieur de Parth, and Monsieur de Thiebaud. Mentioned how the notices of "incursions of the savages on the western frontiers" have frightened them, and they are now seeking protection from the government. Stated protection of frontier settlements is...
August 25, 1797 Settlement of Accounts Isaac Craig William Simmons Accounts of expenses received, Craig will try to settle accounts, however J.Toomy descended Ohio river to Spanish Territory leaving several debts.
January 6, 1796 Order to Discharge Militia Timothy Pickering Absalom Baird Peace with Indians North West of the Ohio has made the employment of scouts and militia unnecessary, Pickering commands that they be discharged.
December 29, 1791 [Duplicate] Protection of Washington County Henry Knox Absalom Baird Recuits marching for Fort Pitt to support the regular troops in protection of Washington County and all settlements along the Ohio River. Orders to call up men to serve as scouts.
August 22, 1789 Indian Attacks Robert Johnson Beverley Randolph Detailed account of Indian attacks and resulting defense and attack by U.S.
April 12, 1793 Regarding the supplying of monies Henry Knox James O'Hara Secretary Knox informs O'Hara that he will receive monies deemed sufficient. Further supply from time to time. Mentions Deputy John Belli, who is at the War Department presenting accounts for settlement. Settle accounts before descending Ohio River. O'Hara is Quartermaster General.
January 7, 1795 Pay of the Men on the Upper Parts of the Ohio Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Fisher leaves this morning with $3,630, being the pay of the troops on the upper parts of the Ohio for the last quarter of 1794. Mr. Fisher will deliver the money to Colonel Butler who will give it to Craig who should provide signed receipts.
August 13, 1794 Peace Settlement Offered by George Washington to Indians North West of the Ohio Anthony Wayne Sachems, Chiefs, & Warriors of the Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatomies, Shawnees, & Miamis Major General Wayne offered an honorable peace from George Washington to the Chippawas, Delawares, Shawnese, Wyandots, Miamis, Tawas, and Potawatomis. Wayne also requested that the Nations no longer listen to the deception from the men posted at the Rapids.
August 11, 1791 Safe Arrival Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Checking on safe arrival, hopes that stores descended Ohio River safely as well. Much is expected from his exertions and activity.
January 30, 1796 Embarrassment in Not Closing Accounts Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Lack of efficiency in responses bemoaned. Craig seeking to close his accounts by the end of last year. Craig hoped to travel to Philadelphia but does not have any money to do so.
May 28, 1796 Pay for soldiers on the Ohio River posts William Simmons Isaac Craig Directs that Craig use the money he has on hand to pay the troops on the "upper posts of the Ohio"
July 12, 1787 Certificate: General Mecklenberg's on order in favor of Society of Cincinnati Joseph Howell Matthew McConnell Encloses certificate, General Mecklenberg's on order in favor of Society of Cincinnati of Ohio. Also a return of officers from whose one months pay of their several grades has been retained on the settlement of their accounts.
January 4, 1788 Letter from the Directors of the Ohio Company Rufus Putnam Henry Knox On behalf of the directors of the Ohio Company, Rufus Putnam applies to the Secretary at War for military protection of frontier settlements.
May 20, 1796 Settlement of Accounts and Purchase of Land Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Draft in favor of Henry Miller who drew from J. Nevill. Transport of bar iron noted. Charges for printing advertisements of land on Ohio river to be placed to credit of Craig. Requests Hodgdon to attend to matter Craig could not finish when he visited Philadelphia. Purchase of Mr. Guyer's lot requested.
December 8, 1797 Regarding Contract for Supplying Posts on the Ohio & the Mississippi John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Discusses an agreement with a contractor for the supplying of posts on the Ohio & the Mississippi.
July 17, 1795 Pay of Isaac Edington, Scout on the frontiers of Ohio County, State of Virginia William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $35.83 is due Isaac Edington being his pay as a Scout on the frontiers of Ohio County, State of Virginia from January 11th to April 29th 1793.
February 16, 1795 Settlement of Colonel Hays' account as muster master Joseph Howell David Henley Howell reports to Henley that he received Colonel Hays account as muster master. Allowance described by Simmons as very liberal considering that the militia not constantly employed.