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September 26, 1787 Report on petition of William Blodget John Pierce Unknown Recipient The Commissioner of Army Accounts reports on the petition of William Blodget; mentions General Greene.
April 27, 1788 Regarding Federalist Popularity in Each State Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox notes receiving the receipt he last requested from Wadsworth. Regrets possible unreliability of Board of Treasury's warrants for the pay of Connecticut troops. Refers to new information from Bermud[a?]. Notes or supposes on the voting of counties in Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, for or against either Constitutional...
February 8, 1790 Debts of General Greene Henry Knox Edward Carrington Discussed General Greene's debts which are a mix of public and private. Debts must be settled or his family will be left penniless.
June 9, 1787 Instructions for Accounts for Soldiers' Pay & Clothing Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox notes that he recently drew orders on Wadsworth, in favor of Capt. John Bryant, for $200, and in favor of Maj. William North, for $498 with which to pay the two companies of artillery at Springfield. Asks Wadsworth to send accounts of all supplies rendered, that Knox may forward them to the comptroller. Knox notes he is leaving for Philadelphia; directs Wadsworth to either prepare to...
November 5, 1788 Regarding Funds to Be Used for Transporting Pratt's Company, with Regimental Clothing Supply, to the Frontier (2) William Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Acknowledges receipt of a letter intended for Mrs. [Nathanael] Greene, asks for instructions concerning its delivery. Notes that Lt. Pratt stopped in New York on his way from West Point to New Brunswick, where he will take charge of the clothing being sent west to the frontier garrisons. States opinion that Pratt is a faithful officer, as he has asked to be advanced a month's pay with which to...
April 22, 1787 On the Education & Future of Nathanael Greene's Son Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Knox extracts a letter received from the Marquis relating to the education of Mrs. Greene's son, possibly the son of the late General Nathanael Greene (likely to be George Washington Greene, the older of Greene's 2 sons). Supposes that the boy should be educated in France before finishing at an American college. Comments on the travels of fellow officers, and the death of one. In a post script...
May 8, 1794 Account of Willis Greene Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Willis Greene, late lieutenant in the Virginia Line.
October 15, 1792 Petition of the Widow Greene War Department Edward Carrington Discusses petition of Catherine Greene, the widow of General Nathaniel Greene. Mrs. Greene had presented to the United States Congress a petition for indemnity to recover funds that her husband had paid to Charleston merchants for clothing of troops during the Revolutionary War.
January 22, 1783 Clothing for the Southern Army Benjamin Lincoln Nathaniel Greene Clothing purchased for the Southern Army by General Greene. Greene has advised that he has drawn bills on the Superintendant of Finance for the amount of the purchase. This purchase will allow Lincoln to send the clothing purchased in Virginia to the main Army.
July 21, 1790 Refuting claims of impropriety on the part of General Greene William Burnet Henry Knox Burnet confirms that he received a message from Knox informing him of the suggestions that General Greene was conducting an improper business relationship with John Banks and Company, and that the evidence was in Burnetís possession by way of his sonís papers. The allegations were also that Greene compelled Burnet to relinquish this evidence to him. Burnet addresses these allegations and...
April 29, 1800 Requests that the "General Greene" Stop on Her Return to the US Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Directed Captain Talbot to direct the "General Greene" to call on her return to the US at the mouth of the Mississippi for General James Wilkinson.
November 19, 1784 Papers from General Greene Tench Tilghman John Pierce Tench Tilghman sends to John Pierce a letter enclosed with papers from General Greene.
October 21, 1787 Account of Major Edmund Hyrne, aide de camp to Major General Greene George Reid [not available] Major Edmund Hyrne, aide de camp to Major General Greene, has lodged an account of sundry disbursements.
August 31, 1787 Various Private Inquiries Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Mentions writing Mrs. Greene, and encloses letter. States "the affairs of Holland...will probably be accommodated by the friendly interposition of New Jersey." Inquires after Wadsworth's family.
January 3, 1783 Certification on Greene's Conduct John Banks [not available] Banks certifies that Major General Greene never had nor did hold any commercial connection with him and that Greene never expressed an interest or desire for such a connection.
February 27, 1792 Contracts with Banks Edward Carrington Unknown Recipient Discussed newspaper article that cited a contract falsely closed and was not left open for competition.
July 26, 1791 My Independence & Happiness Depend on Congress Catharine Greene Alexander Hamilton Mrs. Greene asks for Hamilton's assistance as she petitions Congress for reimbursement of the personal funds spent by her husband in payment for supplies needed by the army during the War for Independence,.
December 19, 1782 Clothing for the Southern Army from Charleston Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Greene informs Lincoln that in consequence of Lincoln's orders Greene had taken measures to provide winter clothing to his soldiers. Greene reports that Banks and Company have furnished most of the articles wanted and will provide the rest. Complains that prices goods are high. Reports that demand for cloths among the planters is so great that clothing can sell at high prices. Contracts cannot be...
April 23, 1793 Deposition Michael Cupps, Nancy Smith on Indian killings Greene County Georgia Michael Cupps Esquire Elihu Lyman Extract from deposition taken from files of William Urquhart, given by Michael Cupps and Nancy Smith to Elihu Lyman Esquire, justice of peace Greene County Georgia. Cupps was near the Oconee 22 April, heard gunshots; says he saw about 30 Indians massacring Richard Thresher, two children, negro wench. Wife with infant ran into river. Woman sustained scalping, multiple gunshot and tomahawk wounds,...
September 22, 1793 LtCol Melton's statement to the Creeks at Donally Town Lieutenant Colonel William Melton Creek Chiefs LtCol. William Melton informs the Creek headmen of Donally Town that, under his authority, 8 Indian women and children are taken prisoner. Melton states further that the prisoners will be delivered into the hands of the Governor of Georgia, whom he expects will then give the Creeks, "a new lesson of humanity."
May 10, 1798 Muskets, Pistols, & Boarding Pikes for the "General Greene" James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver muskets, pistols, cutlasses and boarding pikes to Captain George Price of the Revenue Cutter "General Greene."
March 20, 1786 Request on Account Settlement Simon Belding John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Belding, 05/06/1786. Requested information on where his accounts were to be settled. May also have asked about the "state of the business transacted by General Green (Greene)."
May 12, 1791 Protection of the Frontier Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Greene sent to towns in Maryland and Virginia to muster and inspect troops; carries money to cover expenses related to raising troops and payment of contractors. Troops to be dispatched for protection of frontier.
February 5, 1783 Refutation of Financial Impropriety Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Greene enclosed letters and certificates to refute rumors of financial impropriety in his contracts with Charleston merchants to supply his army with clothing. Greene wants to give Lincoln the letters necessary to silence any insinuations that may arise in Virginia. Malicious reports have also appeared in South Carolina concerning improper financial dealings between Banks and Morris.
December 30, 1788 Feltman's claim William Feltman Joseph Howell Feltman responds to the notion that his resignation precluded him from any emolument or commutation granted by Congress. When General Green [Greene] refused a furlough to visit a sick brother, Feltman resigned.