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November 17, 1784 Account of Colonel Walton White John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Discusses the settlement of the account of Colonel Walton White of Virginia.
July 17, 1785 Settlement of Continental Accounts William Pierce Edward Carrington William Pierce asks Edward Carrington to have his Continental accounts settled with Andrew Dunscomb. Pierce, now a Georgia rice planter, inquires into the price of slaves in Virginia.
August 25, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts respecting the monies omitted to be stopped from and drawn by the officers.
August 25, 1786 Claim of surgeon's mate John Pierce Doctor John Brownley Informs John Brownley that his claim for pay as Surgeon's Mate has been received by the office, but has arrived past the date due.
September 14, 1786 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to Andrew Dunscomb in Richmond, Virginia; discusses accounts of recruiting and depreciation, among other pressing official issues.
July 7, 1788 Request for receipt and bill Joseph Howell John Hopkins Requests that Howell send receipt and send a bill, both relating to Mr. Pierce.
September 27, 1789 Knox informs Carrington of his appointment as Marshal Henry Knox Edward Carrington Letter, advises re appointment as Marshall.
December 10, 1789 Map of Counties in Kentucky and Western Virginia Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Request for map of counties in Virginia and Kentucky due to outdated maps in public possession. Maps will assist in Indian affairs.
July 15, 1791 Status of Offensive Troops Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Troops will rendezvous at Fort Washington for offensive action North-West of the Ohio River. Requests input from Randolf to increase efficiency of calling up troops from Virginia.
February 8, 1792 Knox writes to William Tatham in Virginia Henry Knox William Tatham Largely illegible letter in which Knox explains that he has been unable to address an issue of Tatham's, and refers him to someone else.
June 22, 1792 Appointment of Wiliam Preston Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox advises William Preston on the conditions of his appointment as captain, pending the approbation of the Senate at their next session. Also offers the names of his subalterns.
June 28, 1792 Appointment as Captain in United States Army Henry Knox William Preston William Preston is appointed captain in United States Army vice William Lowther, who declines, pending Senate approval. Subalterns are Lieutenant Benjamin Lockwood and Ensign Stephen Trigg. Money for recruiting to be forwarded to Richmond.
February 16, 1793 Pay of Colonel Gunn Joseph Howell John Hopkins Colonel Gunn informed Howell that Hopkins has refused to pay Gunn for want of a certificate from Howell. Howell says that it does not appear by his books that he has any monies to account except what can be secured to the United States in settling Gunn's account for depreciation. Therefore, Hopkins is at liberty to comply with wishes of Gunn.
October 1, 1793 Information on Negro Rebellion Henry Knox Henry Lee Secretary Knox was informed by Thomas Holt of Virginia that some Negros planned to "rise in rebellion." Conveys this information to Governor Lee of Virginia. Letter is partially illegible.
January 16, 1794 Account of Doctor Read Joseph Howell Edward Carrington Dr. Read's account cannot be settled until it is determined when he first acted under the contract of the Secretary of War so that information is requested.
March 4, 1794 Pay for Captain Heth's Recruits Joseph Howell Edward Carrington Carrington is remitted the sum of $355.80 to be paid to Captain John Heth, Winchester Virginia, for the pay due his recruits for nine months in 1793.
March 26, 1794 Twenty Thousand Dollars for Virginia's Militia Joseph Howell Edward Carrington Twenty thousand dollars is remitted to Edward Carrington, the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to pay the Militia for service in 1790 protecting the frontiers.
May 27, 1794 Funds for the Volunteer Militia of Manangalia District Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Treasurer is directed fo remit to Carrington funds to be transmitted to the Treasurer of Virginia for express hire respecting the embargo and for supplying the Volunteer Militia of Manangalia district.
July 7, 1794 Funds for Mounting and Equipping the Artillery at Norfolk Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Treasurer will remit to Carrington, Supervisor at Richmond, $1,500 to be transmitted to Daniel Bedinger, Agent for the fortifications at Norfolk, for the expense of mounting and equipping the artillery.
July 11, 1794 Funds for Gov. Lee of Virginia Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Secretary of War has directed Carrington to pay $471 to Governor Lee of Virginia, for which a receipt is required.
July 16, 1794 Mounting the Artillery at Alexandria Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Treasurer will remit to Carrington the sum of $250 to be transmitted to John Fitzgerald, Collector at Alexandria, for the purpose of mounting the Artillery.
July 28, 1794 Compensation for John Jacob Ulrich Rivardi Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Secretary of War has directed the Treasurer to remit to Carrington five hundred dollars to be transmitted to John Jacob Ulrich Rivardi at Norfolk for his compensation for personal and extra expenses as a temporary Engineer.
July 30, 1794 Funds for William Aylett Lee Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Treasurer will remit the sum of five hundred dollars to Carrington to be transmitted to William Aylett Lee, Captain in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers at Fredericksburgh.
August 15, 1794 Absence of the Secretary of War. Joseph Howell Edward Carrington After discussing allowances that extend to remittances of money from the War Department, Howell notes that the Secretary of War has set out to the eastward and is expected to be absent for over two months.
August 27, 1794 Purchase of Land for Fortifications Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee The Secretary of the Treasury informs the Governor of Virginia that a maximum amount of one thousand dollars of federal money is authorized for the purchase of land for fortifications. The money will be remitted through the Collector at Norfolk. The Secretary also notifies the Governor of military stores being transferred from the magazine at New London to Winchester.