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April 21, 1791 Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Request for fifty camp kettles to be made. Four companies to leave for Pittsburgh shortly.
April 25, 1791 Transportation and Costs Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Need for boats to transport men and supplies down the Ohio river. Expenditures for various missions discussed.
April 27, 1791 Clothing and Accounting Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed Joseph Hunter's receipt for clothing due levies. If clothing is left in Carlisle, he is released from obligation to transport them.
April 30, 1791 Delivery of Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed invoice for private articles. Requested supplies for dragoons to arrive in next wagon.
May 5, 1791 Housing Henry Knox Isaac Craig Housing and stores buildings to be constructed. Tents for levies.
May 5, 1791 Enclosed Duplicate Receipts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Receipts for two loads of stores to be forwarded. Requests information of status of stores in Pittsburgh, specifically tea.
May 6, 1791 Transporting Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig "Bearer comes forward with stores answering for the enclosed invoice," Hodgdon requests inspection of pack saddles.
May 10, 1791 Delivery of Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Two loads of public stores delivered. Specifications of saddles, bridles, and halters for dragoons. Remaining accoutrements to arrive in next wagon.
May 14, 1791 Ordnance Delivered Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Bearer of enclosed receipt to deliver ordnance.
May 14, 1791 Purchase of Horses, Supply of Troops Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Notification of contract with James Marshall for the purchase of horses. Updates on transport of troops and other horses to be purchased.
May 18, 1791 Supply of Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed invoice of supplies shipped by wagoner. Advised examination of all items received.
May 21, 1791 Delivery of Medicine Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Delivery of 3 chests of medicine. Hodgdon requested that Craig send him Regiment and Battalion information to prevent mistakes in delivery. Notification that troops will arrive shortly.
June 2, 1791 Updates on Supplies and Contracts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Preparations to travel to Pittsburgh. Troops have arrived in Philadelphia. Notification of contract with Marshall and Acheson for stores and boats.
June 27, 1791 Letter from John Acheson to Samuel Hodgdon on delivery of horses John Acheson Samuel Hodgdon Acheson discusses the forwarding of horses. The boats for transport are ready, but the Monongahela river is too low. Will embrace first opportunity to forward horses to Pittsburgh.
July 1, 1791 Sending Forward Horses and Supplies John Acheson Samuel Hodgdon Sent twenty-four horses to be used by the cavalry. Discussed sending additional horses and purchasing and forwarding goods if they were available. Requested Hodgdon enclose several hundred bank notes in his next letter.
August 30, 1791 Disposition of Travelers Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Passage by boat was without incident. Craig was intoxicated, John complained loudly, horses to be transported shortly.
September 5, 1791 Transportation and Movement of Troops Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Transportation requested for St.Clair's furniture. Troops marching from Pittsburgh.
September 13, 1791 Transportation of Troops, Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Description of what companies arrived and when. Boats unloaded, stores present did not match invoice. Mentioned arrival of Kickapoo chiefs, visiting their wives who are held prisoner. Troops to advance tomorrow.
September 17, 1791 Duplicate Receipts, Troop Location Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Receipts from Armstrong's horse purchase. Troops encamped near Big Miami.
January 19, 1792 Invoices and Delivery Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Outlined discrepancies between the invoice and actual delivery of supplies and clothing. Hodgdon hopes to return to Philadelphia soon.
January 27, 1792 Enclosed Post Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Per orders of Secretary of War, Howell enclosed $500.00 of post notes for the Quartermaster's Department. Request receipt.
May 31, 1792 Request for Assistance Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Requests Craig assist Armorer in getting "forward", transporting baggage, and assisting his family.
June 1, 1792 Remitting Receipts Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Lists who and how much receipts should be remitted to.
June 15, 1792 Order of Arms for Pennsylvania Henry Knox Isaac Craig Secretary Knox requests that Major Craig deliver two hundred stand of arms to Governor Mifflin or to Clement Biddle, the Quartermaster General of Pennsylvania. The arms are for the use of the militia of the western frontier.
July 20, 1792 Missing Money Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Addressed missing money and noted that Craig acknowledged receipt of the full sum and it could not have been a mistake in the remittance of money to Capt. Faulkner.