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February 5, 1783 Pay Request J. Walker John Pierce Request by Walker for payment due from the War Office. Also forwarding his accounts of pay for the last years service.
December 11, 1783 Pay of Connecticut Soldiers Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce Explains that the Connecticut men who enlisted for 8 months in 1782 were considered by the state government to be militia in the service of the United States and were paid by the state accordingly. Notes that these men are also on Pierce's accounts for pay from the United States and requests a proposal for a remedy of the situation. Requests a list of their names, regiments, and time in service...
January 5, 1784 Accounts of General Lincoln Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell Discusses an adjustment to the accounts of Major General Lincoln from his command in the Southern Department.
January 19, 1784 Pay of Massachusetts Regiments Robert McKnight John Pierce Discusses pay of the First, Second, and Third Massachusetts Regiments. Some soldiers of these regiments were apparently paid with goods in exchange for the right to their pay. McKnight is trying to collect the pay.
January 24, 1784 Pay Request Major John Sumner John Pierce Major Sumner requests payment of an amount he had previously reserved for his extra rations. Sumner wants the money very much.
January 27, 1784 Pay of Connecticut Continentals Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce Wolcott is requesting that Pierce inform him of the amounts that were provided by the Continental Army to pay the short term enlistees in the Connecticut militia. Since Connecticut had already provided for the pay of these men, it was not necessary for them to also be paid by the Army. He requests that receipts be provided so that Connecticut will know how much was provided.
February 25, 1784 Illegible Phebe Colburn John Pierce Illegible image.
February 28, 1784 Accounts of the Massachusetts Regiments Robert Williams John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts of the army regiments of Massachusetts
April 5, 1784 Account settlement Edward Antill John Pierce Discusses the setllement of his account.
April 5, 1784 Account settlements Moses Hazen John Pierce Brigadier General Moses Hazen discusses the settlement of his own and other officers' accounts.
April 13, 1784 Account settlements James Monwell Joseph Howell Discusses the settlement of his accounts.
April 17, 1784 Account settlement William Munson John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account. Lists names of officers and soldiers in his regiment.
May 23, 1784 Commutation Pay Jotham Wright John Pierce Wright discusses his commutation, emphasizing the sacrifices that veterans have made for the nation.
May 25, 1784 Account not settled A. Fowler Joseph Howell Fowler sends to Howell a letter informing him that the paymaster of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment, Mr. Arthur Read, has not settled his account.
July 19, 1784 Affair of the discharged officers of the West Point garrison General Edward Hand John Pierce Discusses the affair of the discharged officers of the garrison of West Point who seized pay money without authorization. Request information on the case to inform Congress's action on the "transaction."
August 25, 1784 Questions regarding logistical arrangements Timothy Pickering Joseph Carleton Questions regarding logistical arrangements for the support of the commissioners going to Lake Erie to conduct a treaty with the Indian nations.
August 27, 1784 Request for additional information Timothy Pickering Joseph Carleton Pickering asks Carleton for additional information about the movement of troops to the frontier posts.
September 7, 1784 Expenses to be incurred from anticipated troop movements Timothy Pickering Joseph Carleton Timothy Pickering sends to Joseph Carleton his appraisal of the expenses to be incurred from the anticipated troop movements.
December 8, 1784 Service of Ezra Coates William Winchester Office of Army Accounts, Paymaster General, Pay Office (1783-1792) William Winchester sends the paymaster general a voucher attesting to the service of Ezra Coates.
April 27, 1785 Data chart of the American army between 1777 and 1783 Joseph Carleton James McHenry Secretary at War Joseph Carleton complies with a request for information on the American army, enclosing a chart of data from 1777 to 1783.
July 4, 1785 Appointment as Officer of the Day Joseph Carleton Nicholas Fish Request to order officer and men to parade and fire salutes in honor of July 4th (Independence Day). Appointed Fish as Officer of the Day who will preside over the days celebrations and ceremonies.
July 15, 1785 Form a Company of Infantry to Attend Indian Treaties Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Congress directs that a company of Infantry be detached to Fort McIntosh to attend the Indian Commissions during the treaty being held at the falls of the Ohio and mouth of the Great Miami River. Fish is ordered to form a full company of Infantry from the recruits of the state, to be ready to march by the 25th. Fish must also make a return of camp equipage and other articles necessary for the...
July 22, 1785 no image available Henry Knox Nicholas Fish no hard copy or digital image available.
September 19, 1785 Board of Treasury's findings on petitions for compensation Walter Livingston John Pierce Walter Livingston and Arthur Lee, as members of the Board of Treasury, notify John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, that they find the petitions for compensation from Lewis Nicholas and Richard Lloyd to be reasonable. The Board of Treasury asks Pierce to be the judge of what constitutes proper compensation for other members of the Invalid Corps and Hazen's Regiment. The Board asks Pierce...
June 7, 1786 Regarding rejected certificate John Pierce Nathaniel Appleton Regarding a rejected certificate, Pierce examined the account and finds that the interest is agreeable to the face of the certificate.