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July 17, 1790 Termination of Scouts for Protection Henry Knox Colonel David Shepherd Notification letter that ended the use of scouts and patrols to protect against Indian attacks. Although the scouts were held in high esteem by the public, they are overall inefficient for protecting an extensive frontier. Militia, or rangers, will be used instead of the scouts. Knox then describes the composition of the militia to be established and regulations relating thereto.
March 3, 1791 Affirmation of Protection of the Frontiers Henry Knox Daniel Shepherd Knox reaffirms the government's desire to protect those on the frontier from hostilities, and informs them that they will be requested to take offensive measures against the Indians.
May 27, 1791 Loan of Arms and Accoutrements for Ohio County Henry Knox Colonel David Shepherd Major Craig ordered to provide supplies assigned from Fort Pitt to Ohio County.
October 6, 1791 [Circular] Henry Knox D. Shepherd Original copy of circular notifying Shepard he was authorized to call up militia for the protection of Washington County from Indian attacks for a span of two months. The circular requested Shepard submit reports and paperwork pertaining to the employment of the militia.
December 29, 1791 Knox informs Shepherd of federal support for additional scouts Henry Knox David Shepard Knox informs Shepherd that federal funds will support more scouts than the the two authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
April 14, 1792 Notification to Pay Henry Knox David Shepard Militia called up into service to be paid.
December 4, 1792 Discharge of Militia Henry Knox David Shepard Discharge of militia called into service for protection of Ohio County in Virginia. Maj. Gen. A. Wayne to provide necessary aid for Western frontiers.
February 21, 1797 Accounting for money William Simmons David Shepard Requests that Shepard provide his account and vouchers for monies paid to him by the War Department and charged to him so that Simmons can settle his account