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May 24, 1784 Receipt for certificates Michael Connolly John Pierce Michael Connolly, a courier, issues a receipt for certificates obtained from John Pierce. Connolly also provides a statement of good faith that he will deliver the certificates as directed.
June 14, 1784 Pay account of a New York regiment Michael Connolly Joseph Howell Discusses the settlement of the pay account of a New York regiment.
September 16, 1794 Pay claim rejection John Pierce Duncan Campbell Rejects Campbell's specific claim pay, citing certificates and stating that Campbell's service ended in 1779.
November 1, 1784 Instructions on sale of military stores Samuel Hodgdon Philip Van Ransalear Samuel Hodgdon sends to Philip Van Ransaliar a letter that provides instructions on the sale of military stores and the settlement of outstanding accounts.
July 15, 1785 Secretary of War orders troops to escort Indian Commissioners Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Henry Knox, Secretary at War, orders Lieutenant Colonel Fish, Commanding Officer of the U.S. troops in New York, to detach one company of infantry to Fort McIntosh in order to accompany the Indian Commissioners during the upcoming treaty with the Southern Indians.
July 16, 1785 Reports Meeting with Indian Chiefs, Cornplanter, at Fort Pitt about British Treaty, Fort Stanwix Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports that 3 chiefs, 25 Indians of the Six Nations arrived at Fort Pitt wanting to speak to the commanding officer, so Harmar went to talk with them about a treaty. Cornplanter wished to get rid of Fort Stanwix, as it was too much work to maintain. Intelligence report detailing British efforts to subvert U.S. treaties with the Indian nations. Opines that U.S. treaties will have little weight...
July 22, 1785 Request for military support for the Commissioners of Indian Affairs Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Secretary at War, Henry Knox, orders Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Fish, Commander of New York troops, to detach Captain Doughty's company of artillery to support the Commissioners of Indian Affairs at the treaties. This is an execution order. Chain of command, route of march, and logistical support necessary for movement of forces is established by this letter.
August 10, 1786 Letter to the Paymaster General Benjamin Harrison John Pierce Harrison discusses paper money and accounting issues with John Pierce. Is much distressed for money.
October 3, 1785 Bringing Capt. Hamtramck's Company to Full Strength Henry Knox William North Henry Knox, Secretary at War, directs Major North, Inspector of the Troops in Service, to utilize the Connecticutt quota to bring Captain Hamtramck's Company to full strength prior to movement. Major North is only to act if Lt Colonel Fish's efforts with the New York quota fail.
October 27, 1785 Benjamin Harrison sends John Pierce his request for settlement Benjamin Harrison John Pierce Benjamin Harrison requests that John Pierce settle his accounts. Harrison expresses his gratitude and provides points of contact to facilitate this matter.
November 14, 1785 Robert Morris requests Mr. Harrison's business from Pierce Robert Morris John Pierce Robert Morris requests that John Pierce forward to him all business pertaining to the settlement of Mr. Harrison's accounts.
June 8, 1786 Mistake in printing of registers John Pierce John Cochran Informs of mistake in printing of registers.
July 15, 1786 Enclosed accounts of subsistence and forage David Hopkins Joseph Howell Major Hopkins encloses his accounts of subsistence and forage in the service of the United States.
July 17, 1786 Enclosed accounts for pay and subsistence Robert Farrish John Pierce Encloses his accounts for pay and subsistence; requests money or certificates due him.
July 17, 1786 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts Samuel Brewer John Pierce Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts from the City Hall in Albany, New York.
July 18, 1786 Settling the accounts of a late brother Martin Eichelberger John Pierce Informs Pierce that the account of his late brother has never been settled, which he has the authority to complete.
July 20, 1786 Pay claims Samuel Hodgdon John Pierce Discusses the claims of William Hawes of the regiment of artillery and artificers, among others, including Major Perkins.
July 22, 1786 Claim presented by Colonel Grayson Gust. Wallace William Grayson Letter to Colonel William Grayson, on the subject of claims.
July 27, 1786 Requests for certificates Severn Teackle John Pierce Severn Teackle, late captain in Virginia, requests that certificates for the balance of pay due him be delivered to Andrew Dunscomb.
July 29, 1786 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts Doctor John Brownley John Pierce Discusses the settlement of accounts, certificates, and commutation pay with the Commissioner of Army Accounts.
August 8, 1786 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Waudin John Pierce Letter from Doctor John Waudin to the Commissioner of Army Accounts
September 28, 1786 Request for examination Captain James Waugh account Alexander Power Joseph Howell The author requests that the account of Capt. James Waugh be examined to see if he has been charged with the monies he received as a supernumerary. He is owed the amount of $480 which the Comptroller General stopped in the belief that the recipient had not charged Waugh with that sum.
November 4, 1786 Cited letter or document, Jonathan Nicholson to Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell cited in Howell to Nicholson 11/13/1786
November 11, 1786 Discussion of Recruiting & of Congressional Appropriations John Collins Henry Knox Letter, discusses recruiting service; discusses appropriations of Congress.
November 17, 1786 Certificate for James Armstrong Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Concerning the certificate of $1500 for James Armstrong, colonel in the North Carolina Line, applied to be paid into the land office.