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April 5, 1793 Cumberland Settlers are for Peace Arthur Coody William Blount Coody believes that the Creek Indians are going to war against the Cumberland settlers who seek to convince the Indians that the white people want peace and if the Creeks want war it should be waged against Georgia. It appears also that Mr. McGillivray is dead.
December 24, 1793 Request for Accounts Henry Knox David Henley Letter received, request for a quick compilation of all expenses to then be forwarded to the War Department.
March 10, 1794 Delay in Posting due to Fear of Roads Being Watched Colonel Robert Hays David Henley Has a number of muster rolls on hand, detained for want of conveyance. Indians have not done mischief last few days. Surmises may be due to bad weather. A few warm days will bring them out. Compliments to His Excellency General Smith.
November 29, 1794 Enclosed Return of Captain Shannon William Winchester William Rickard "Enclosed is Captain Shannon's return with my report on it."
February 16, 1795 A Liberal Allowance for the Militia Joseph Howell David Henley The militia have been advanced their pay and forage, having been given a very liberal allowance considering that they were not constantly employed. It will be proper for Henley to pay Colonel Hay whatever is allowed for his services.
March 23, 1795 Inquiry into the Sale of Land Timothy Pickering David Henley Requested inquiry into the pay of Mr. Donaldson who surveyed land for sale in Indian territory. Appointment of Mr.McKee as Indian Agent discussed, request for personal opinion on the man.
May 25, 1795 Compensation for James Gillispie James Gillispie David Henley A receipt for David Henley, agent to the Department of War , for $22.50 as compensation allowed Gillispie who was wounded by Indians during his service under Lt. James Tedford.
May 30, 1795 Money for the Recruiting Service William Simmons William Rickard William Simmons notifies Captain William Rickard of his accountability for the recruiting funds disbursed to him.
May 30, 1795 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with David Henley William Simmons David Henley William Simmons informs David Henley that he is accountable for the monies brought to him by Benajah Herbert.
July 22, 1795 Confirms receipt of request for office supplies William Simmons David Henley Confirms receipt of a letter sent by David Henley in Knoxville. Henley sent pay records and a request for office supplies to Simmons.
July 22, 1795 Receipt of letter and request for blank rolls William Simmons David Henley The accountant of the War Department confirms that the correspondence has been safely delivered by Captain Chisholm. Discusses request for stationary, blank pay rolls, muster rolls and inspection returns.
August 26, 1795 Account of Robert Hays William Simmons David Henley Robert Hays has been paid for services attending to Indians and for expenses traveling from Knoxville to Philadelphia. Henley is agent of the War Department in the Southwest Territory.
August 26, 1795 Regarding payments made to Robert Hays William Simmons David Henley Informs David Henley of the payments made to Robert Hays.
January 20, 1796 Indian Travel Timothy Pickering William Blount Notification that Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians travel to Philadelphia, Pickering assumed it was to receive gifts from U.S. Government. Warned against unauthorized Indian travel.
February 16, 1795 Settlement of Colonel Hays' account as muster master Joseph Howell David Henley Howell reports to Henley that he received Colonel Hays account as muster master. Allowance described by Simmons as very liberal considering that the militia not constantly employed.
June 11, 1796 Vouchers, estimates, and Indian curiosities William Simmons David Henley Notes receipt of vouchers. Notifies Henley that the money to cover his estimates will be forwarded as soon as available. Mentions receipt of a bag of "Indian curiosities" destined for a Mr. Dinsmoor.
August 13, 1796 Peace on Frontier James McHenry John Sever Views of Sevier in line with those proposed by Congress and the President for seeking peace among the frontier inhabitants. Mentions militia.
November 4, 1796 Addressed to Tellico Block House James McHenry James Byers "Tellico Block House in the care of David Henley."
November 23, 1796 Concerning the Delivery of Stores & Medicines for Transport to Knoxville James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs delivery of stores and medicines to Samuel Hodgden, for transport to Knoxville. Subscript by Hodgden, asking that the above be delivered to Colonel Henry's wagoner.
November 23, 1796 Pay of Captain Rickard's recruits William Simmons David Henley Notification to Henley that he will receive money from Captain John Wade that he is to pay to Captain William Rickard at Tarborough, North Carolina for the pay of Rickard's recruits
December 23, 1796 Pay Matters William Simmons David Henley Settlement of accounts. The claim of Major Farragut presented by Congressman Jackson. A deed for land at location of a barracks. Mentions Indians being advanced money at his office. Account of Captain Chisholm for expenses of conducting Indians
December 30, 1796 Henley's accounts with the War Department William Simmons David Henley Discusses payments made to "Chisolm and others" on account of the Indian Department, including payments made to interpreters. Requests documentation from Henley that he needs to complete the examination of his account.
1797 Abstract of Warrants drawn to be transmitted to David Henley War Department [not available] Extract of Warrants drawn by the Secretary of War on the Treasurer of United States to be transmitted to David Henley, agent for War Department. Payments for Indian Agent expenses, interpreters.
January 13, 1797 Pay for Indians and "conductors" William Simmons David Henley For David Henley, Agent for War Department. Discusses accounting of payments made to Indians and their conductors.
January 27, 1797 Letter for David Henley regarding Captain Smith delinquent account and vouchers William Simmons David Henley Requests that Henley forward a letter to Captain Smith concerning Smith's accounting for money paid to him for the pay of Smith's company of militia