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July 10, 1793 Helping My Brothers, the Americans Big Tree Anthony Wayne Wayne had promised Big Tree that when he marched against the hostile Indians Big Tree would accompany him. Since the United States is seeking peace with the hostile Nations, Big Tree will join the Six Nations at the treaty as they endeavor to accomplish peace. He will always do whatever is in his power to help his brothers the Americans.
April 16, 1794 Attaching Chickasaws to the United States General James Robertson Anthony Wayne Robertson has engaged Robert Thompson, a Chickasaw who speaks some English, to accompany the three Chickasaw warriors who will visit Wayne's camp. Their nation is powerful and it will be useful to attach them to the interests of the United States. They want good guns to go to war with but will return them when the campaign is over. Robertson's brother Elijah will pilot them as far as Governor...
May 5, 1797 Money to Mrs. Wilkinson William Simmons James Wilkinson Reports that he has paid General Wilkinson's wife the money owed to Wilkinson by Captain John Pierce..
May 19, 1797 The Army's accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Notifies Swan that he has asked Brigadier General Wilkinson to have the sub-paymaster deliver their accounts to Swan. Requests that swan send in the Army's accounts as soon as possible so Simmons can present them to Congress. Cited in Swan to Simmons, 07/03/1797.
May 19, 1797 Dr. Allison's account William Simmons Caleb Swan Requests that Swan review and verify the pay account of Dr. Allison so that Simmons can complete a settlement with him.
May 26, 1797 Army accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Discusses collection of the accounts of the officers with the Army. Mentions press of business in the War Office while Congress is in session. Cited in Swan to Simmons, 07/03/1797. Cited in Simmons to Swan, 06/02/1797.
May 30, 1797 Edward Dowlen paid at the War Office William Simmons Caleb Swan Notifies Swan that a former Army private, Edward Dowlen, in Springer's Company of the 3rd United States Regiment has been paid at the War Office
June 2, 1797 Army pay matters William Simmons Caleb Swan Discusses various Army pay and accounting issues, including officers' accounts, recruiting accounts, and a deposition concerning the pay of a soldier taken prisoner by Indians. Cited in Swan to Simmons, 07/03/1797.
June 23, 1797 No increase in pay William Simmons Caleb Swan Discusses accounting matters. Informs Swan that Congress intended no increase in his pay when it gave him the title "Paymaster General."
July 24, 1797 Credit to General Wilkinson's account William Simmons Campbell Smith Acknowledges receipt of a receipt of Mr. Swan to General Wilkinson that will be credited to General Wilkinson on the books of the War Department accountant’s office.
July 24, 1797 Financial affairs at Army Headquarters William Simmons Caleb Swan Acknowledges receipt of Major Jonathan Cass's "account current." Mentions the recruiting service. Requests a muster roll. Discusses the accounting of pay and subsistence due to Doctor Allison and advances by Swan to Allison for supplying the Hospital Department