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June 7, 1786 Cited letter or document, Henry Knox to Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Letter, Citation only Cited in Harmar to Knox, 07/03/1786.
January 2, 1790 Blank Bills of Exchange for the Regiment Joseph Howell Matthew Ernest Howell asks Ernest to forward the blank bills of exchange to Capt. Beatty to be used for the business of the regiment.
March 24, 1791 Supplies and Politics at Fort Pitt Henry Knox Isaac Craig Supplies to Fort Pitt, St. Clair to arrive shortly as chief command on frontier. Murder of friendly Indians at Beaver Creek should receive rigid inquiry.
March 31, 1791 Delivery of Arms and Armaments Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to deliver muskets, bayonets, musket powder, and lead to Clement Biddle, Quartermaster General for the state of Pennsylvania.
April 27, 1791 Uniform Accoutrements John Stagg Isaac Craig Sec. of War orders accountrements to be exchanged with Mr. Armstrong so all levies have matching uniforms.
June 3, 1791 Travel Plans of Hodgdon John Stagg Isaac Craig Stagg answers instead of Hodgdon, who has left for Pittsburgh.
August 6, 1791 A letter expressing displeasure with a divisive force placed by Butler in the Seneca Nation Chief of the Seneca Nation Half Town Major General Richard Butler The Seneca chiefs were told Dr. Barlgh(?), the Frenchman, had great authority from Butler, but this was a lie that has been found out. To them, he was acting as a dividing force, and the chiefs tell Butler that as long as he stays away from the tribes, they can act as a cohesive body. The chiefs make fairly clear threats that Barlgh is only safe under Butlerís protection, and to leave it would...
September 15, 1791 Enclosed Bank Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Bank notes from Bank of North America enclosed, request to cash notes and transmit month to Lieut. John Jeffers.
May 13, 1793 Packet of Notes to be Delivered by Brigadier General Posey for Pay of Garrison at Fort Franklin Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Brigadier General Posey is to deliver packet to Craig containing notes intended for pay of garrison at Fort Franklin. Asks that Craig give Posey duplicate receipts.
December 3, 1793 Howell discusses funding and pay matters with Major Craig Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Joseph Howell discusses pay matters with Major Craig.
August 21, 1794 Pay, Subsistence, and Forage for General Wayne's Troops Joseph Howell Thomas Butler Funds have been transmitted to Caleb Swan for the pay, subsistence, and forage of the troops under General Wayne and for the Kentucky volunteers and the troops at Fort Pitt.