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January 3, 1784 Letter Citation Henry Knox Robert Morris Cited in Morris to Knox, 01/19/1784.
January 3, 1784 Knox's Terms for Appointment as Secretary of War Henry Knox George Washington From West Point, New York, Henry Knox sends to George Washington a letter indicating the terms under which he'd be willing to accept a future appointment. Asks that pay be equivalent to that of Major General. If Congress is willing to make an offer, Knox will accept, on the above terms. Will soon depart for Boston. Expresses affection and gratitude to Washington.
January 4, 1784 Money Related Matters John Pierce Philip Audebert Have not received subsistence notes. Estimate of money required sent by Mr. Whiting. Directed Audibert to draw on Mr. Holt if he required any more certificates. Also enclosed a list of officers who were furloughed.
January 4, 1784 No Money in the Pay Office John Pierce Philip Audebert John Pierce sends to Philip Audibert a letter indicating that he has no money.
January 4, 1784 Entitlement to Rations Pay While in Captivity John Pierce Colonel J. Ward John Pierce sends to Colonel J. Ward a letter informing him of his entitlement to rations while in captivity.
January 4, 1784 Army Officers' Subsistence Pay John Pierce Robert Morris Encloses estimates for the subsistence of the Army for December 1783 and January 1784. Mentions the considerable inconvenience to officers from not receiving subsistence payments for December and request that the pay be sent to him. Requests seven or eight hundred dollars for supply of his own necessities as well as the necessities of those gentlemen assist him.
January 5, 1784 Pay of the Hospital Department John Pierce John Cochran Requests a list of the gentlemen of the Hospital Department entitled to the commutation of five years full pay under the 1781 resolution of Congress. Asks whether officers who resigned are entitled to the commutation pay. Requests information about the resignations or service positions of several doctors who served in the army hospital.
January 5, 1784 Pay and Accounting Issues John Pierce Joseph Howell Discusses accounting issues as regarding commutations and pay.
January 6, 1784 Various Business of the Pay Office John Pierce William Winder Discusses settlement of accounts, the pay of a regiment, and an issue regarding the officers' subsistence allowance.
January 8, 1794 On the subject of newspapers John Pierce John Holt Discusses papers sent, receipt of newspapers, and subscription to a newspaper.
January 15, 1784 Commissary Department's Accounts John Pierce General Huntington No intelligence received of the success of the compulsory measures adopted in bringing in the commissary's accounts.
January 15, 1784 Settlement of a Continental Officer's Account John Pierce James Milligan John Pierce sends to James Milligan a letter requesting papers necessary to settle the account of Colonel Warner.
January 15, 1784 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce John Sherman Pierce informs Sherman that he has no money with which to pay Mr. Baer.
January 15, 1784 Pay of the Postmaster of the Army John Pierce Christopher Meng Pay of the postmaster to the army and the form of the payment. Lacking money on hand, Pierce can only provide a certificate of the pay due.
January 15, 1784 An Officer's Pay John Pierce Joseph Howell Discusses payment of balance due an officer.
January 17, 1784 Denial of Pay John Pierce Henry Livingston Discusses reasons for denial of commutation pay and half pay.
January 17, 1784 Denial of an Officer's Pay John Pierce Robert Troup Explains that Troup's commutation pay is being denied because of his acceptance of an appointment by Congress to a civil office during the war.
January 19, 1784 Pay of Aids-de-Camp John Pierce Patrick Phelon Discusses Congress's intentions as to the pay of officers who served as aids-de-camp in the army.
January 19, 1784 Commutation Pay Patrick Phelon John Pierce Discusses the denial of commutation pay for a major.
January 20, 1784 Request for Papers and Pay John Pierce Marinus Willett John Pierce replies to Colonel Willett's previous requests for personal papers and subsistence payment.
January 20, 1784 Pay of Regiments and Foreign Officers John Pierce Joseph Howell Discusses pay of a regiment and foreign officers. Explains that a foreign officer with pay certificates for the troops is missing. Discusses the method by which agents are to distribute certificates to regiments.
January 20, 1784 Pay of Officers and Prisoners of War John Pierce Thomas Mifflin Discusses half pay and commutation for line and staff officers. Discusses half pay for those taken prisoner during the war.
January 20, 1784 Officers' Claims for Pay John Pierce Mister Williamson Requests that Williamson attempt to determine the sense of Congress on certain resolutions regarding officer's claims to commutation and half pay.
January 21, 1784 Monies advanced to 4th Regiment Stephen Moylan Joseph Howell Discusses account of monies advanced to officers of 4th Regiment Light Dragoons.
June 21, 1784 West Point Officers' Statement to Congress on Extralegal Financial Matters Officers of Garrison at West Point Congress of the United States A signed statement from the officers of the garrison of West Point who were being discharged from the army as to their reasons for appropriating, without legal authorization, monies intended for the subsistence of the garrison's remaining officers.