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June 2, 1798 Enclosed invoice for the War Department Joseph Nourse William Palfrey Letter enclosing an invoice for 700,000 dollars for use of the war department. States that demands on the Treasury were too pressing to send the money sooner. Nourse was well satisfied with Palfrey's need of the money.
May 27, 1783 Resolution of Congress on Major Franks Joseph Carleton Unknown Recipient Resolution of Congress dated October 22, 1782 that David Franks hold the rank and receive the pay as Major in the Line of the Army of the United States until the new arrangement shall take place in January 1783, and that he then be considered as retiring from service under the same emoluments as those who retired under the resolution of December 31, 1781
January 8, 1784 Settlement of Accounts Philip Audebert John Pierce Discusses pay and settlement of accounts.
January 14, 1784 Pay Account Settlement Robert Morris John Jacob Faesch Robert Morris sends to John Faesh a letter on the subject of account.
January 19, 1784 Pay of Army Officers Robert Morris Henry Knox Discusses pay of officers
January 20, 1784 Concerning various pay issues Philip Audebert John Pierce From the Pay Office in Philadelphia, Audibert discusses various pay issues with the Paymaster General.
January 27, 1784 Pay of Connecticut Continentals Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce Wolcott is requesting that Pierce inform him of the amounts that were provided by the Continental Army to pay the short term enlistees in the Connecticut militia. Since Connecticut had already provided for the pay of these men, it was not necessary for them to also be paid by the Army. He requests that receipts be provided so that Connecticut will know how much was provided.
January 29, 1784 Financial Matters Philip Audebert John Pierce Discussion on financial matters.
February 1, 1784 Pay of French Officers John Pierce Robert Morris Discusses the pay of French officers
February 4, 1784 Money for clothing allowance Joseph Nourse John Pierce Nourse - Register of the Treasury - says that his office has in its possession money that was provided as a clothing allowance to General Smallwood. Since obviously, this is not the money that was actually provided, he wants to know what he should do with the money he has.
February 10, 1784 Account of Retired Officer Joseph Carleton Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon is directed to settle the account of a retired officer.
February 10, 1784 Accounting Matters Philip Audebert John Pierce Discusses various accounting issues; also notes that several account books and papers have been forwarded to Pierce's office.
February 13, 1784 The Army's Foreign Officers Joseph Carleton John Pierce Joseph Carleton sends a list of Foreign Officers that served with the American Army to John Pierce.
February 17, 1784 Mr. Carleton conducting the affairs of the War Office Philip Audebert John Pierce Mentions that Mr. Carleton has been empowered by Congress to conduct the affairs of the War Office; discusses amounts of money sent to a paymaster.
February 18, 1784 North Carolina Brevets Joseph Carleton [not available] Discusses brevet promotions of officers of the North Carolina Line.
February 18, 1784 General Woodford's account Joseph Carleton John Pierce Discusses the settlement of the account of General Woodford.
February 25, 1784 Letter from Robert Morris to John Pierce Robert Morris John Pierce Discussion of financial matters.
February 27, 1784 Account settlements Joseph Nourse John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts.
March 5, 1784 Accounting matters Robert Morris John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts
March 9, 1784 Pay Certificate to Elisha Ames John Pierce Unknown Recipient Discusses pay due to a soldier - Elisha Ames - in the First Massachusetts Regiment.
March 9, 1784 Funds from the state legislatures. Robert Morris John Pierce Discusses the state of of obtaining funds from the state legislatures.
March 10, 1784 Commutation pay Joseph Carleton John Pierce Discusses the granting of commutation pay to Colonel Troup and the case of commutation pay for Lawrence Myers
March 10, 1784 Army accounts and troop pay Philip Audebert John Pierce Discusses the status of the settlement of army accounts and pay for the troops.
March 24, 1784 Officer's account Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Discusses an officer's pay account.
March 31, 1784 Connecticut regiment Eleazer Wales John Pierce Discusses the pay of a Connecticut regiment.