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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
May 6, 1789 Enclosed List of Errors in Printed Register Unknown Clerk Joseph Howell Request to amend errors to Register of Certificates issued by John Pierce.
February 16, 1791 Pay of Pensions Unknown Author Henry Knox Discussed advertisement in public papers of payment of pensions by Loan Office.
February 20, 1791 Pay of Pensions Unknown Author Henry Knox Assurances of pursuing additional information if problems arise with the payment of pensions.
March 5, 1791 Request for Instruction on Issuing Pension Unknown Author Henry Knox Situation regarding payment of W. Warren and John Lucas, request for opinion on payment of pension.
March 19, 1791 Verification of Pensioner Unknown Author Henry Knox Request to verify Henry Lucas as pensioner to receive money. Name currently not on List of Pensioners issued by government.
April 17, 1791 Issue of Pension Payment Resolved Unknown Author Henry Knox Payment of Sherman and Lucas resolved, canceled certificated enclosed.
June 23, 1791 Notification of Return Payment to Pensioners Unknown Author Henry Knox Pensioners paid, notification of daily applications for arrears owed pensioners.