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February 10, 1784 Payment of an Account William Houston John Pierce Discusses the payment of an account.
March 23, 1784 Commutation pay Florat de Florimont Joseph Howell Seeking information on the status of receiving commutation pay.
November 20, 1784 Account of notes William Livingston John Pierce Governor Livingston of New Jersey requests an account of the notes issued by the United States to the officers and men of the Jersey Line.
November 26, 1784 Stategic Situation in the Western Territories James Monroe Joseph Carleton Writing as member of Continental Congress to the Superintendent of the War Office, Monroe discusses the military-strategic situation in the Western Territories and along the Mississippi River. Notes that posts to north not evacuated by British. Recommends maintaining posts on the lakes. Discusses situation with Spanish on Mississippi River. Discusses Indian affairs and importance of fur...
March 14, 1786 Knox Personal Correspondence William Grayson Henry Knox Personal letter to Knox. Mentions a bill for paper money is before the New Jersey legislature's upper house Dr Sir I received a tickett from you just as I was setting out from N. York, and had not then time to answer it: I am sorry it is not now in my power to say any thing certainly on the subject matter of it. We yesterday had an audience before the Assembly, but have had no answer,...
May 19, 1786 Presentation of Papers on Indian Treaties William Livingston Assembly Livingston lays before the (New Jersey) House congressional papers dealing with Indian treaties and accounts between the states, as well as resolutions from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania appointing delegates to the Annapolis Convention.
September 15, 1787 Legal inquiry into accounts of Captain Alexander Breckenridge Abner M. Dunn Philip Audebert Abner Dunn requests the status of the accounts of Captain Alexander Breckenridge be provided by Philip Audibert.
October 2, 1787 Legal inquiry into accounts of Captain Alexander Breckenridge Abner M. Dunn Joseph Howell Abner Dunn begs prompt attention to his request for the status of Captain Alexander Breckenridge's accounts.
October 4, 1787 Treasurer of New Jersey writes to the Commissioner of Army Accounts James Mott John Pierce James Mott notifies John Pierce of errors found in the return of the officers and soldiers of the Jersey Line.
October 22, 1788 Regarding possession of printed register of certificates James Ewing Joseph Howell Regarding possession of printed register of certificates, Ewing says that this is not the case.
November 15, 1788 Interest account on the militia services Aaron Dunham Joseph Howell Encloses interest account on the militia services.
January 1, 1789 Action depending between Colonel Mathias Ogden, First [New] Jersey Regiment and Polhemus Jonathan Polhemus Joseph Howell Action depending between Colonel Mathias Ogden, First [New] Jersey Regiment and Polhemus. Asks for certified copy of account.
August 23, 1792 Type Undetermined, Zebulon M. Pike to William Knox Zebulon M. Pike William Knox No available image.
August 23, 1792 Request for shoes, clothing, epaulets, company books, and a cat Zebulon M. Pike William Knox Pike asks that Knox forward a supply of shoes, epaulets, company books, and a "cat."
September 30, 1793 Capt Sedam's Stores, Etc. A. Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Hunt does not believe the wagoner will be permitted to pass through Trenton or over the ferry. However, at the ferry above Trenton they pass everyone that applies at Brunswick. Capt. Sedam should receive the stores two or three miles out of Brunswick. The carter can buy what he wants on the road to maintain himself and Harris.
March 17, 1794 Suitable Buildings for military stores A. Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Responding to Hodgdon's inquiry, Hunts notes that there are no unoccupied buildings suitable for military stores in Trenton except for one owned by Robert Walnalittle and a bake house owned by Hunt.
March 26, 1794 Store Available for rent at Lamberton Abraham Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Hunt has applied to Moore Furman about the store he has available at Lamberton. He replied with the enclosed letter in which the size of the store [24' x 32'] is stated. The rent should be reasonable so Hunt wants to know if Hodgdon is interested.
March 26, 1794 Store at Lamberton for rent Moore Furman Abraham Hunt Furman states that his store at Lamberton is available for public use at a reasonable rent. He describes the dimensions and the various stories and asserts that it would be suitable for receiving and delivering goods and is available to vessels without any porterage. Major [Abraham] Hunt lives next door and could take charge of it.
March 31, 1794 Grain at Furman's Store Abraham Hunt Samuel Hodgdon At the present [Moore] Furman's store has grain in it but it should be ready for public use by Monday.
July 23, 1794 Notification of Credit to Account Aaron Dunham Joseph Howell Money received from Samuel Meredith, Treasurer of United States passed to the credit of Howell's account.
September 5, 1794 Sedam's Pay Cornelius Sedam Joseph Howell Sedam asks Hodgdon to send on his pay with Major Kersey.
September 8, 1794 Mrs. Pike's Receipts Aaron Dunham Joseph Howell Mrs. Isabel Pike's receipts for forty dollars are enclosed.
September 10, 1794 Settlement of My Rations, Etc. Daniel Bissell Joseph Howell The settlement of Bissell's rations can be sent by Captain [?] as it is much wanted.
September 13, 1794 Muster Rolls of the Eastward Detachment Cornelius Lyman Joseph Howell Enclosed are Lyman's muster rolls of the detachment which he marched from the eastward.
September 18, 1794 Holsters & Cartouche Boxes for the Cavalry at Trenton James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Mentges discusses necessary articles for the dragoons and the cavalry.