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June 24, 1795 Request for Information on Balance of Account of Soldier to be Discharged Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson requests the balance of pay and clothing for two soldiers who are leaving the service.
July 25, 1795 Pay Due Sergent Woolwin Alexander Gibson William Simmons Captain Gibson encloses Sergeant Woolwin's account and requests that Simmons forward the pay due him.
September 2, 1795 Request for Pay Alexander Gibson William Simmons Requests the pay due him, totaling $327.48.
February 16, 1796 Indians to Knoxville, furnished with pack horse Alexander Gibson Timothy Pickering Alexander Gibson reports that he has forwarded six Indians safely to Knoxville as requested by Pickering. No sergeant in a condition to go on with them. Procured a young man to go on with them; furnished him with money. Indians unwilling to proceed by foot; had more baggage than could carry. Thus furnished with pack horse. Received $200 from Charles Anderson.
July 16, 1796 Enclosed Muster and Pay Rolls, Etc. Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson certifies receipt of money for the recruiting service, encloses his muster and pay rolls. He asks that Simmons pay a Philadelphia merchant for Gibson's credit.
August 27, 1796 Delayed Recruiting Account & Receipt Rolls Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson apologizes for the delay in submitting his account which is due to the poor state of his health. He had recruited most of his men before he learned that he needed a certificate from the magistrate for each one attesting to their good health. He presumes they are in good health except for James Moss who deserted.
August 28, 1796 Request for Pay Alexander Gibson William Simmons Requested payment of Montgomery & Newbold who are occasionally requested to credit Gibson money.
November 21, 1796 Receipt for Supplying and Marching Recruits from Staunton to Knoxville Alexander Gibson [not available] Receipt of Samuel Lewis $200 for defraying personal expenses of supplying and marching recruits from Staunton to Knoxville.
January 28, 1797 Personal Explanation for Sundry Charges Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson explains the nature of charges which were denied payment by the War Department. He also requests $800 from his accounts so he can repay debts incurred for recruiting in 1795.
January 15, 1798 Request for Pay Due Dead Officer Detained Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson requested pay due Ensign Larkin Dickinson be detained. Dickinson was advanced money for recruitment and then died during a duel, money was unaccounted for and due United States.
January 15, 1798 Enclosed Receipt, Muster and Pay Roll Alexander Gibson William Simmons Account information enclosed, request for pay.
June 10, 1798 Enclosed Receipts Roll and Notification of Payment by Samuel Lewis Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson has been absent hunting deserters but has received both Simmons' letter and the money from Samuel Lewis. He encloses receipts.
October 10, 1798 Confirmation of John Ellison delivery of hogshead and packages Alexander Gibson Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon informed that John Ellison delivered hogshead and packages in good order to Captain Alexander Gibson, 4th Regiment.
October 17, 1798 A Shortage of Vests, Knapsacks, & Canteens Alexander Gibson Samuel Hodgdon Gibson complains of a shortage of vests, knapsacks, and canteens which are essential if his recruits are ordered to march.
October 30, 1798 Back Pay of Sergeant Updegraff Alexander Gibson William Simmons Captain Gibson discusses the case of Sergeant Updegraff who has not received his back pay.
May 7, 1799 Progress of My Recruiting Party Daniel Bradley James McHenry Major Bradley reports on the progress of his recruiting party which has arrived in Staunton on its way to Winchester where he will await orders.
August 9, 1799 No arms, clothing, or public stores of any kind... Daniel Bradley Alexander Hamilton "...Captain Brock...informs me he has no arms, clothing, or public stores of any kind, these men of Captain Gibson's and Lieutenant Lewis's at this place are in much want of clothing. I have received a suit of clothing per man for two complete companies but don't know whether I ought to give any part of it to these men who have drew before or keep it for the recruits. I wish for information on...