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December 6, 1794 Request for Pay of Soldiers Frederick Frye Joseph Howell Sent along muster rolls, but uncertain if his method and format for submission were correct as Frye never received blank rolls or instructions on how to submit the documents for approval. Requested pay for his soldiers based on the rolls Frye transmitted, and if they paid is being withheld due to the method in which he submitted the documents, Frye requested immediate instruction. Frye stated...
February 6, 1795 Money Received, Update of Accounts Paid Frederick Frye Joseph Howell Received money for payment of recruits, only has $0.50 remaining in his possession. W. Rice deserted and has yet to be apprehended. Frye advertised for his capture in the two most popular newspapers, offered a $10 reward. Enclosed a muster roll for January.
November 2, 1797 Receipt Rolls for the Credit to Account of Frye Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye encloses receipts for himself and recruits; the muster and pay rolls were sent to the Commandant at West Point.
June 7, 1796 Compensation for Jacob Sutter Benjamin Vierling James McHenry Vierling requests that the War Department assume the responsibility of paying from its contingent money the sum of eight dollars to Mr. Jacob Sutter.
September 7, 1797 Offer to Pay Remaining Balance from Expenses on Mounting Artillery and Cost of Fortifications at Port of Salem Joseph Hiller William Simmons Received money from Mr. Gorham for the "purpose of mounting artillery", which was purchased. Hiller will now submit vouchers to Simmons. Hiller has balance in hand that he will happily give to anyone authorized to receive it as there are no purchases or building projects currently underway at the his post.
September 27, 1797 Balance from Port of Salem Forwarded to Accountant's Office Joseph Hiller William Simmons Notification of forwarded expenditures for mounting cannons; unsure of how to submit information due to the different "channels" from which the money, supplies, and labor for the fortifications came from. Requested guidance from Simmons on the subject.
October 14, 1797 Explanation on Contract and Cost of Carriage Joseph Hiller William Simmons Hiller explains the contract and costs for making a carriage under the direction of Colonel Rochefontaine at the post of Salem.
April 23, 1798 Request for Information on the State of Accounts for the Port of Salem Joseph Hiller William Simmons Simmons had recommended that the accounts for Salem be examined. Hiller replied but has not heard back and asks for information.
August 20, 1799 Details Surrounding Construction & Naming of Fort [Pickering] at Salem Jonathan Waldo James McHenry Acknowledges receipt by the Salem Board of Selectmen of federal money for the strengthening of fortifications at Salem, Massachusetts; discusses details of the construction of the works. Also discusses how accounting shall be undertaken for the project. Asks for permission to name the works Fort Pickering, and requests that McHenry ask President Adams to stop in Salem and perform a naming...