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January 6, 1787 Bayard's back pay Stephen Bayard Joseph Howell Bayard requests assistance in obtaining his back pay which, except for a small sum owed the Comptroller's office, is justly due him.
April 27, 1787 Concerning Indians and the Seneca Nation William Butler Josiah Harmar Col. Butler writes to Col. Harmar on Indian Chiefs and the Seneca nation. The Congress has declared Harmar to be the commanding officers, find Captain Heart, and build a fort at Venango.
May 10, 1787 Surprised over large account Stephen Bayard John Pierce Bayard is surprised that there is a large account against him. In order to have it speedily settled and closed has put under cover to Pierce an answer to the matter, with such information that will enable Howell to fully settle matter.
May 10, 1787 Regarding surprise over charges against Bayard Stephen Bayard Joseph Howell Expresses surprise that there is a large sum against him. Relates that he settled accounts with Colonel Wood. Suggests that rolls of Congress or Board of War may be location of papers regarding final settlement with Wood. If they were not properly lodged, then it is not Bayard's fault. Refers to other charge paid by John Pierce into the hands of Lieutenant Ross; money was paid by Ross agreeable...
July 16, 1787 Request for service to a Mr. McKay, a stranger in New York S. Bayard Joseph Howell Laments that Howell has not responded to letter from Bayard. Mr. McKay, son of old Colonel who died at Trenton at the beginning of the War and Bayard's brother in law is the bearer of the letter. A stranger in New York, asks that Howell give any service Howell may render him; will be gratefully acknowledged. Discusses settlement of accounts;
March 12, 1790 John Gibbon solicits an appointment from Knox J. Gibbon Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment in public stores;
March 17, 1791 Our Misfortunes Seneca Chiefs George Washington The Seneca Chiefs report the misdeeds that are being perpetrated upon them despite Washington's pledge that they would be able to live safely in peace.
April 23, 1791 Copy: Notification of Dissatisfaction with Murder Arthur St. Clair Seneca Chiefs Copy of letter sent to Corn Planter for the Seneca Nation, sent to Lord Dorchester and Lord Grenville. Govt upset with murder of friendly indians at Beaver Creek, reward offered for apprehension of offenders.
June 14, 1791 Missing Articles Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon identifies a number of objects that may or may not have been sent. If they have not been sent, he orders Knox to send them to Major Craig immediately. Included are wire for the rims of camp kettles, shovels, and handsaw files.
June 21, 1791 Letter from Mr S. Strong to Colonel Samuel Hodgdon asking for job providing packhorses from Kentucky S. Strong Samuel Hodgdon Strong is making application for the position of providing pack horses from Kentucky. He asks that he be given the job over others who may apply and he says he would give much satisfaction if given the job.
June 23, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox on shipments of supplies to Pittsburg Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon would have been glad to have seen a return and the supplies mentioned in a previous letter. Will call on Doyle for his receipt; is disappointed about not hearing from Colesworthy. Boyer has not yet arrived; expects him with the wagon next day. Will write more fully next conveyance; at present it is impossible.
June 24, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox on state of supply and logistics problems in preparation for St Clair expedition Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon is quartermaster for St Clair expedition. He laments the timeliness of the posts and wishes to receive his returns before going forward. Knapsacks of questionable utility. Boots necessary for the horsemen. Have spurs been ordered? Pack saddles already considered. Mentions tents, price and quality; refers to Russia sheeting. Questions whether tents will come forward. Hodgdon's wagon not...
June 30, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox on expected arrival of Colesworthy, Hodgdon's returns and his wagon, and the awaited arrival of axes for the upcoming St Clair expedition Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon has heard nothing of Coleworthy; expects that he will arrive next day. Nothing of Boyer and his wagon. Still awaiting arrival of axes. Expresses hope that posts will provide further news and answers.
July 2, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox request for pay for Mr Trimble for wagon transport Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon requests that William Knox pay Mr Trimble 3 days of hauling of public goods. Asks that he be paid $3.00 per day. He has behaved well and his loads were delivered in good order.
July 2, 1791 Letter from Major General Richard Butler to Samuel Hodgdon on extra supply of overalls for troops Major General Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon Writing to Hodgdon from Pittsburgh, Butler refers to an issue regarding overalls. Captain Davis has applied to Major Craig on this issue, but Craig will not proceed without orders from Butler. He thinks Captain Davis' order ought to be good enough.
August 1, 1791 Agreement of William Dunning with Samuel Hodgdon to make horseshoes. William Dunning [not available] William Dunning agrees to make for Samuel Hodgdon, Quartermaster General, one hundred sets of horseshoes at rate of 2 shilling and 6 pence per set.
April 14, 1792 Half-Pay for Mrs. Schwartz Thomas Hughes Joseph Howell Hughes acknowledges that he should have responded sooner but for too many letters to write and the fact that the post only tarried for two hours. Schwartz enlisted on 14 February and is willing for his wife to receive one-half of his pay. Should he be detached from Hughes he will pass the information along to Howell and will pay particular attention so that the US is not injured while Schwartz is...
June 9, 1792 Craig discusses funding and currency with Howell Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Isaac Craig confirms receipt of monies sent by Joseph Howell for Captain William Faulkner.
June 20, 1792 Outlines Quartermaster Responsibilities and Western Activity James O'Hara Henry Knox Outlines responsibilities of Quartermaster General staff and the high quality of articles furnished by their department. Discusses arrangements at western posts and the state of the garrisons. Plans to retain Major Craig as quartermaster general of the post. Requests instructions on blacksmiths, carpenters, and wheelwrights. Awaits instructions on state of frontier. Refers to Campbell's contract.
July 13, 1792 Craig discusses funding and currency with Howell Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Craig issues receipt for the pay of Captain William Faulkner to Joseph Howell. Craig notes shortfall in Faulkner's pay.
July 13, 1792 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses accounting matters pertaining to the ordnance department with Samuel Hodgdon.
July 26, 1792 Report from Captain William Faulkner on status of company and receipts from the recruits for their bounty William Faulkner Joseph Howell Captain William Faulkner, reporting from Headquarters at Pittsburg, notes that he has not made settlement with Goudy. His company is complete; mustered and marched to Pittsburg. Will procure receipts from recruits for bounties. Asks that letters be forwarded.
July 27, 1792 Letter from John Jeffers regarding settlement of accounts and payment for services John Jeffers Joseph Howell John Jeffers notes that the $158 he received was not as much as he expected. Discusses payment for his services in Indian Department. Notes that General Knox stated he was to receive an allowance but did not specify how much. Would like to receive allowance soon; expects to be ordered down the river. Hopes to see Howell in the fall. Expects four years of service will entitle him to furlough.
July 28, 1792 Money remitted to Captain William Faulkner Isaac Craig Joseph Howell In this partially illegible document, Craig acknowledges receipt of Howell's letter respecting money remitted to Captain Faulkner. Craig says that one of the notes could not have been lost, as the paper containing it was not opened from the time he received it.
July 28, 1792 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses the schedule of the charges against the quartermaster department with Hodgdon.