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January 3, 1784 Debts Due to Ironmasters Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Discusses the possibility of discharging the debts due to ironmasters by allowing the ironmasters holding public stores of shot and shells to sell a portion of the shot and shells equal to their claims. Discusses the value of the shot and shells. Notes that demand for bar iron is high asnd it is a good time to sell.
January 5, 1784 Accounts of General Lincoln Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell Discusses an adjustment to the accounts of Major General Lincoln from his command in the Southern Department.
January 6, 1784 Military Stores in the Peace Establishment Samuel Hodgdon Worsley Emes Discusses the peace establishment as regards places of deposit for United States military stores and the possibilities for Captain Emes's continuation in the service. He will receive preference from Hodgdon in peace establishment appointments.
January 6, 1784 Pay Office Business and other Matters Samuel Hodgdon Morgan Discusses the disposition of a valuable horse. Hodgdon desires to receive accounts as as soon as possible. Mentions Morgan's state taking actions regarding land encroachments by Virginia.
January 6, 1784 Accounting for Equipment Samuel Hodgdon Major Nichols Discusses accounting for flannel cartidges and tubes.
January 7, 1784 Shipment to General Lincoln Timothy Pickering Benjamin Lincoln Pickering informs Lincoln that Starbuck was able to leave Philadelphia due to a thaw in the ice, and it is highly likely he will be able to make it safely to sea. Pickering mentions additional articles that were placed on board, and because the ship was able to leave earlier than expected, bills of lading were not obtained.
January 9, 1784 Pay of Officers Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Howell Articles delivered to officers. The cost of the articles to be deducted from the officers' pay.
January 11, 1784 Pay of Massachusetts Continental Army Regiments Samuel Young John Pierce Pay of three Massachusetts regiments and pay of Massachusetts troops.
January 12, 1784 Orders to Superintend a Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Clark Orders to proceed to a public magazine and superintend it. Pay for such services.
January 16, 1784 Accounting Matters Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Discusses accounts, balances, receipts, and quarterly settlements.
January 16, 1784 Pay due to Heirs Samuel Hodgdon James Milligan Account of pay due to heirs of a general officer.
January 19, 1784 Pay of Massachusetts Regiments Robert McKnight John Pierce Discusses pay of the First, Second, and Third Massachusetts Regiments. Some soldiers of these regiments were apparently paid with goods in exchange for the right to their pay. McKnight is trying to collect the pay.
January 20, 1784 Concerning various pay issues Philip Audebert John Pierce From the Pay Office in Philadelphia, Audibert discusses various pay issues with the Paymaster General.
January 20, 1784 Pay of "Forage Master" Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Pay of forage master to the Commander-in-Chief.
January 22, 1784 Receipt for Funds John Jacob Faesch Samuel Hodgdon Receipt for monies deposited on account with the Commissioner of Commissary Stores and Assistant Quartermaster, Samuel Hodgdon.
January 23, 1784 Letters to Officers of the War Office Samuel Hodgdon Edward Carrington Delivery of letters to officers absent from the War Office. Communication with Mr. Frothingham.
January 23, 1784 Report Desired on the State of an Army Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish Request for an account of the state of the post (military store/magazine) under Captain Irish's direction and a request for an account of his expenditures.
January 23, 1784 Movements of Pickering and Knox Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Informs the recpient about the movements of Colonel Pickering and General Knox and asks about the disposition of a letter addressed to them.
January 24, 1784 Pay Request John McGowan John Pierce McGowan - soldier in the Invalid Corps - is requesting pay. McGowan was not paid because he was not in the field with the rest of the troops.
January 27, 1784 General Lincoln's Mill Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln Cited in Lincoln to Hodgdon, 03/20/1784.The author is asking the recipient if the mill stones he requires must be of the dimensions requested (4 feet 8 or 9 inches) or can they be smaller (4 feet 2 or 3 inches) which would be more easily obtained and at a lower cost.
February 2, 1784 Soldiers' Clothing Allowance Colonel Lewis Nicola John Pierce Nicola is explaining how he is trying to devise a method of accounting for the clothing allowances given to each man in the Army. Due to transfers, deaths, etc. the accounting system has been very haphazard in the past and he is trying to devise a more efficient system.
February 3, 1784 Pay of Contractors Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Request for money to pay contractors for repairs to muskets
February 3, 1784 Army Officer Pay John Pugh John Pierce Due to ill health, Pugh and another officer were unable to travel to West Point and have yet to receive subsistence for the year. They applied to Pierce's deputy who indicated that he could not respond to their request without Pugh's approval.
February 10, 1784 Accounting Matters Philip Audebert John Pierce Discusses various accounting issues; also notes that several account books and papers have been forwarded to Pierce's office.
February 10, 1784 Money to Pay Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Request to Robert Morris for money to pay accounts due.