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July 25, 1788 Application for certificate for recruiting duty H. Henly John Pierce Discusses matter of making final settlement of the officers of the Pennsylvania Line. States that he is entitled to certificate.
August 7, 1792 Letter from Ensign Edward Voss to Simmons on dates of enlistments of recruits at Fort Nelson Edward Voss William Simmons Voss discusses dates of enlistments of recruits at Fort Nelson. Voss paid money agreeably to the payroll. Refers to Captain Richards and Captain Blackburn or Lieutenant Nelson if there is question of accuracy. On the question of blanks for the muster rolls, was not acquainted with filling up the blanks of muster roll. Asks that Simmons send blanks to serve as guide in future.
October 18, 1792 Letter to the Pay Office Baylor Hall Joseph Howell Mr. Hall writes Howell of the Pay Office detailing various experiences in South Carolina and Virginia, mentioning Lafayette and Cornwallis. Letter is highly illegible.
May 30, 1794 Delivery of Military Stores Daniel Bedinger Samuel Hodgdon Capt. Ross of the sloop Dolphin has delivered the military stores to Norfolk which have been deposited partly at Fort Nelson and partly at the powder magazine at Norfolk.
June 24, 1794 Various fortifications and batteries John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox Major John Jacob Rivardi writes the Secretary of War from Norfolk, to discuss various fortifications and batteries. Includes many specifics regarding the construction and engineering.
July 6, 1794 Enclosed map for the War Department John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox Letter from Major Rivardi to Secretary Knox. Supplies the War Department with a map of the different rivers, roads, and other features of the Virginia landscape, relevant to the construction of fortifications. Requests that Knox forward him the advance of the sum allowed for his compensation. Also encloses a return of the laborers employed at the fortifications; refers to a "scarcity of hands."
July 20, 1794 Fortifications at Norfolk John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox Letter from Engineer John Jacob Rivardi to the Secretary of War regarding the fortifications at Norfolk, the process of which has stressed the aforementioned engineer. Rivardi also notes that, "There is a large number of dissatisfied men who object altogether to fortification, from the same principle for which they object to every measure of Government" - attesting to the prevalent view at the...
September 2, 1794 My Late Appointment Henry Lee Alexander Hamilton Lee affirms his satisfaction with his appointment to a leadership position in the force being organized to oppose the insurgency in western Pennsylvania.
September 9, 1794 Letter to the Secretary at War Regarding Sheds and Cost Saving William Pennock Henry Knox Pennock writes Knox to discuss the safety and arrangement of sheds. A Mr. Young, who holds the property of Mr. Morris, feels that adding chimneys to sheds would be dangerous. However, putting the shed houses (?) on the public lot would provide a considerable saving in brick work, and a decision on this has been requested of Knox.
November 15, 1794 Recommendation of Captain Samuel Barron Moses Myers Henry Knox Myers recommends Captain Samuel Barron for appointment as Captain Dale's first lieutenant of the frigate being built.
December 9, 1794 Fortifications at Norfolk John Jacob Rivardi Henry Knox The engineer for fortifying Norfolk writes to Secretary Knox. States that all the guns at Fort Norfolk have been mounted and unmasked; the battery is now completely turfed and in perfect order; the barracks are already framed. Writes that the weather has been very favorable.
June 3, 1795 Aknowledgement of possession of gunpower at Norfolk Virginia James Grey Samuel Hodgdon James Grey acknowledges possession in the public magazine, of a number of casks of gunpowder, which he will deliver when called for by the proper officer. Signed by James Grey
October 20, 1795 Discussion of Closing of Gosport Navy Yard, Frigate Dimensions & Timbers William Pennock Josiah Fox Letter, discusses closing Naval yard at Gosport; discusses dimensions of Frigate; discusses timber for Frigates.
October 24, 1795 Statement of live oak timbers for 36 gun frigate at Baltimore Josiah Fox John Morgan Josiah Fox to John Morgan, who is supervising cutting of timbers in Georgia. Statement of the live oak timbers for 36 gun frigates at Baltimore. Similar timber may be sent to Portsmouth New Hampshire.
November 16, 1795 Discussion of Gosport Navy Yard & Frigate Planks William Pennock Josiah Fox Letter, discusses plank for Frigates; describes situation of Gosport Naval yard.
November 22, 1795 Clothing Shipped on Board the Sloop "Peggy & Molly" John Saunders Samuel Hodgdon A bale of soldiers' clothing, shipped on board the sloop "Peggy & Molly" has arrived and an examination shows that the cargo corresponds with the invoice.
December 24, 1795 Request for Information Regarding Dismissal of Construction Agent William Pennock Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information regarding Shore's dismissal.
February 16, 1796 Discussion of War Office Affairs & Temporary Halt to Frigate Construction William Pennock Josiah Fox Letter, alludes to Marine committee halting Frigate construction; discusses post in War office; mentions War office salaries; mentions peace.
March 13, 1796 Discussion of Relations With Barbary States & Congressional Halt on Frigate Building William Pennock Josiah Fox Letter, alludes to treaty with Dey of Algiers; mentions Frigates; alludes to Congress halt on Frigate building.
May 8, 1796 Request for Information on Shipbuilding Materials William Pennock Josiah Fox Following information that construction has stopped on the frigate at Gosport, asks if any of the materials for the ship will be sold.
May 27, 1796 Discussion of Frigate Timbers William Pennock Josiah Fox Discusses timber for masts, and planks and scantling. Hopes that construction on the frigates will continue. Captain Dale returns to India.
May 28, 1796 Regarding Cessation of Frigate Building at Gosport William Pennock Josiah Fox Discusses the proposed cessation in the building of the frigate at Gosport Navy Yard.
May 31, 1796 Triplett's Receipt Roll James Tripplett William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Triplett 06/09/1796. [Notifies Triplett that his receipt roll has been examined and the amount placed to his credit on the War Department account books.]
July 18, 1797 Enclosed Accounts, Notification of Detainment at Garrison of Norfolk John Saunders William Simmons Saunders has received orders from McHenry to remain at Norfolk for further orders. He sends his accounts so that they can be settled, and asks that money due him be forwarded to him in Norfolk.
August 6, 1796 Enclosed Certificate for Not Drawing Susistance John Saunders William Simmons Saunders answered Hagner's request for certificate of subsistance. Saunders hoped that a Contractor would be appointed to the garrison to furnish men with rations.