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November 11, 1786 Discussion of Recruiting & of Congressional Appropriations John Collins Henry Knox Letter, discusses recruiting service; discusses appropriations of Congress.
September 24, 1789 Littlefield asks Knox to forward his application to the President William Littlefield Henry Knox Letter, encloses application to President.
January 18, 1790 Sherburne solicits an appointment from Knox Henry Sherburne Henry Knox This letter discusses the Rhode Island convention to ratify the Constitution. Sherburn then asks to be appointed to the Collector of the port of Newport.
January 29, 1790 ENCLOSED: Letter from Shaw Regarding Appointment Daniel Lyman Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation to appointment in Revenue department.
March 7, 1790 Sherburne discusses politics with Knox Henry Sherburne Henry Knox Letter, discusses Rhode Island convention; mentions Bill of Rights; discusses Constitution.
March 12, 1790 Lyman solicits an appointment from Knox Daniel Lyman Henry Knox Letter, discusses application for federal appointment.
May 31, 1790 Sherburne solicits an appointment from Knox Henry Sherburne Henry Knox Letter, advises re ratification of Constitution by Rhode Island; asks for recommendation to Office of Collector.
March 4, 1794 Discussing the Rhode Island general assembly and improving the plight of negro soldiers Archibald Crary Benjamin Brown The letter mentions the general assembly adjourned a Saturday to meet on a Monday at the end of the month. The assembly made provisions for a general election as well as grant the charter for a bridge. The comptroller has not written anything to Governor Bowen or Colonel Olney regarding negro soldiers, and Olney appears to be unwilling to do anything to help improve their situation.
March 1794 An act empowering the United States to hold lands for fortification. Rhode Island General Assembly [not available] The US Congress gave the President the power to claim land from states upon which fortifications have been erected. Thus the General Assembly grants the United States claim to the lands on which fortifications lay on Goat Island, and any adjacent lands that have been improved by the state for the purposes of defense. Additionally, it is deemed lawful by the General Assembly for the Town of...
April 7, 1794 Expressing relief that Congress is acting in the face of British depredations upon American ships Archibald Crary Benjamin Brown Crary expresses relief that Congress is taking action on account of the British depredations upon American shipping. Crary does not believe the British courts will be friendly or sympathetic, and British merchants are also acting selfishly. Crary illustrates an incident involving a Bermudan privateer and the impossibility of obtaining compensation in the case of a captured vessel. He feels war...
June 16, 1795 Delivery of Cannon to Captain Malbone, Etc. William Littlefield Timothy Pickering Littlefield reports that the cannon have been delivered to Captain [Francis] Malbone and the ammunition is to be removed to the powder house for security.
July 9, 1798 Proposal for Improving Defenses at Newport, Rhode Island William Littlefield James McHenry Contains plans and cost estimates for improving the defenses of Newport, Rhode Island. These include mounting additional cannon at Fort Wolcott and sending cannon "for the use of the citizens." Also recommends two additional forts, one at Brenton Point and one on Tammany Hill; for the purpose of building these forts, requests the sending of engineers to Newport.
August 28, 1797 Request to Settle Account Philip Landais William Simmons Cadet requested Simmons make settlement for rations with W. Garrison due to Landais' recent arrival at Newport with Capt. Elliott.
September 4, 1798 Recommendation of Enoch Hazard Christopher G Champlin James McHenry Recommends Doctor Hazard for army service.
September 18, 1798 Sickness in Philadelphia and Newport Lewis Tousard William Simmons Tousard encloses his account of pay and forage and petitions for an advance. He shares information about illnesses in Newport, and expresses concern for those in Philadelphia. The illness discussed is likely yellow fever. Tousard's house in Philadelphia has been burgled.
October 12, 1798 Regarding defense of Newport Rhode Island Lewis Tousard James McHenry Tousard gives impressions on defense of Newport Rhode Island.
March 10, 1799 Instructions from the Secretary of War Lewis Tousard Alexander Hamilton Tousard encloses a copy of his instructions from the Secretary of War regarding the fortifications of sundry ports and harbors.
March 18, 1799 Taking the Command at Rhode Island Lewis Tousard Alexander Hamilton Major Tousard has assumed his command at Rhode Island and will conform himself exactly to Hamilton's orders.
March 25, 1799 Le Garrison Reste Souvent Sans Officers Lewis Tousard Alexander Hamilton Tousard discusses the need to provide officers for the garrison at Newport in in case there is a sudden attack.
March 25, 1799 Assembling a General Court Martial, Etc. Lewis Tousard Alexander Hamilton Tousard asks permission to assemble a General Court Martial to try those prisoners who have been charged with a capital crime. He recommends Edward Kendall for the post of Quartermaster Sergeant.
May 14, 1799 Doubts of My Adequacy Abraham R. Ellery Alexander Hamilton Despite his inexperience, Ellery decides to accept the position of Assistant Adjutant General and promises to expend every exertion to diminish his incompetence.
May 14, 1799 Doubts of My Adequacy Abraham R. Ellery Alexander Hamilton Although he has recently been appointed Assistant Adjutant General, Ellery does not yet feel qualified to give advice on the distribution of the different states into districts and sub-districts. He needs to put his private affairs in order before he proceeds to New York to assume his duties.
June 6, 1799 Asks to Remain at Important Work Lewis Tousard James McHenry Appeals to the Secretary at War to prohibit General Hamilton from ordering the Major's removal from the duties of Inspector of Artillery. Fears being included in a general march to the Potomac. Cites disadvantages of having someone else take over his work building fortifications; to follow Hamilton's orders contradicts McHenry's orders. Cites experience at Baltimore, where he drew up the plans...
August 10, 1799 Concerning hospital to be erected at New Port Rhode Island William Ellery James McHenry Letter, alludes to Invalid pensions; discusses establishment of public hospital; describes quarantine of yellow fever and infectious diseases; recommends Doctor Lenter to take charge of hospital.
October 12, 1799 Pinckey's Views on Sundry Matters Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton Pinckney provides his opinions on matters such as winter quarters, Parker's proposed journey to the Northwestern Territory, his wife's health, the appearance of officers in uniforms, and the appointment of a major of artillery to be a deputy paymaster.