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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
January 2, 1784 Status of Livingston's Account Henry Livingston John Pierce Henry Livingston sends to John Pierce a letter indicating the status of his accounts with the United States.
January 7, 1784 Settlement of Pay Account James Fairlie John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts. requests advance of notes to the amount of his commutation per resolution of Congress.
January 10, 1784 Delivery of Mail to West Point William Bedlow John Pierce Discusses postal arrangements for the mail between Bedlow and the army's general officers at West Point. Discusses private monetary affairs.
January 10, 1784 Mail between New York and West Point John Holt John Pierce Discusses the movement of various parcels and mail between Holt in New York and Pierce at the West Point post.
January 12, 1784 Letter from the Governor of New York George Clinton John Pierce Letter to the Paymaster General from the Governor of New York.
January 13, 1784 Pay for Officers of the Army Hospital Department John Cochran John Pierce Encloses a list (not found) of the gentlemen of the Hospital Department entitled to the commutation of five years full pay under the resolution of Congress of 17 January 1781. Pierce must judge from the language of the resolution whether officers who resigned are entitled to the commutation pay. Provides information about the resignations or service positions of several doctors who served in the...
January 13, 1784 Request for Account Settlement Marinus Willett John Pierce Colonel Marinus Willett sends John Pierce a letter that requests settlement of his accounts.
June 21, 1784 West Point Officers' Statement to Congress on Extralegal Financial Matters Officers of Garrison at West Point Congress of the United States A signed statement from the officers of the garrison of West Point who were being discharged from the army as to their reasons for appropriating, without legal authorization, monies intended for the subsistence of the garrison's remaining officers.
January 24, 1784 Pay Request Major John Sumner John Pierce Major Sumner requests payment of an amount he had previously reserved for his extra rations. Sumner wants the money very much.
February 1, 1784 Half-Pay for Former Continental Officers Henry Livingston John Pierce Livingston is suggesting that compensation be arranged for those officers who were recently mustered out of the Army. An earlier Resolution of Congress in 1780 had provided half-pay for life for officers such as these but it applied only to those mustered out in 1780. He suggests that this arrangement be made for all officers who served.
February 2, 1784 Hospital Accounts Isaac Ledyard John Pierce Doctor Ledyard wants to settle the hospital accounts and wants to know the steps that are necessary to do that.
February 15, 1784 Letter from Colonel Varick Richard Varick John Pierce Varick discusses rations, subsistence, and forage accounts.
February 8, 1784 Certification of Service Robert Troup John Pierce Colonel Robert Troup forwards a certification of his military service to John Pierce.
February 10, 1784 Concerning financial issues and the Treasury Thomas Tillotson John Pierce Discusses financial issues and prospects for money coming into the Treasury. Mentions money provided by George Clinton to General Washington.
February 11, 1784 Concerning the printing of certificates Francis Child John Pierce Discusses the printing of certificates by a widow running her deceased husband's printing business and who was appointed printer to the Legislature of New York.
February 12, 1784 Subsistence Money Due Edward Antill John Pierce Requests subsistence money due to him by an act of Congress
February 12, 1784 Dr. Crosly's Affairs Doctor E. Crosly John Pierce Discusses problems with a pair of shoes; mentions notes sent by Pierce and his intention to send Pierce a certificate. Requests Pierce to remember the settlement of his subsistence money. Mentions that Pierce's sister has the small pox.
February 12, 1784 Officer's Pay Edward Antill John Pierce Antill requests to be paid subsistence due him by act of Congress.
February 13, 1784 Rumors of the Exchange Rate Jonathan Delafield John Pierce Delafield asks Pierce to contradict rumors that deductions are made to notes issued to officers that will affect their rate of exchange.
February 14, 1784 Cash and Receipts Major John Sumner John Pierce Notes delivery of money in cash after exchange (presumably of notes). Requests receipts for the sum delivered.
February 14, 1784 Rank and emoluments Major John Sumner John Pierce Discusses the status of his rank in the Army and the pay and emoluments due to him.
February 14, 1784 Letter from Major Sumner Major John Sumner John Pierce Partial letter only - unable to determine the gist of the letter.
February 17, 1784 Settlement of accounts Benjamin Walker John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his accounts.
February 23, 1784 Officers and Stores Edward Antill John Pierce Largely illegible document mentions officers, stores.
February 23, 1784 Subsistence Return for Edward Antill Edward Antill Unknown Recipient Accounting of the subsistence pay due Edward Antill, a soldier under Brigadier General Moses Hazen.