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April 5, 1795 Pay My Wife for Dr. Brown's Rifle, Etc. Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins asked if the money for Dr. Brown's rifle could be paid to his wife since she is in need of funds. He also needs a copy of the inventory of his tools since his has been lost. The drying of the stocks is almost complete so they will soon be ready.
May 7, 1795 Requested Action on Four Accounts Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holt discusses the accounts and estimates of pay for four individuals.
July 8, 1795 Estimate for Expenditures Forwarded Thomas Holt Timothy Pickering Holt explains that he has transmitted to Simmons his estimate of expenditures for the month of June which includes the notes for the pay of the armourer and the guard.
October 15, 1795 My Abilities as a Gun Maker John Miles Samuel Hodgdon Miles expresses his wish that Hodgdon will be satisfied with his abilities as a gunmaker. He notes that forging and smithing are also skills with which he is familiar. He hopes to remain in the service of the United States but, if not, he will move on to New York.
January 6, 1796 Regarding Payment for Estimate Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holt notes that he requested that Simmons pay Hodgdon for estimate of $1667.73. He has purchased iron from William Wilson and does not have money to pay him. Notes that the people are suffering greatly for money.
February 20, 1796 Banking Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Bank notes, wages owed Clark, and return of articles noted. Price of provisions addressed, Holt requested a reduction for the benefit of the people.
October 20, 1800 Statement of the Rents of Houses for Public Service at New London Virginia for the Year 1801. Thomas Holt James Gallaway Fiscal estimate for house rents at New London, Virginia for 1800.