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February 9, 1787 Price of Furniture in Philadelphia Bushrod Washington Samuel Hodgdon Washington encourages Hodgdon to write him so as to renew their friendship, and asks him about the prices of second-hand furniture in Philadelphia.
August 1, 1788 Major Gibbon and brevett promotion George Washington James Gibbon Regarding Brevett promotion announced to the army in the words of resolve of congress, can discover nothing on the subject. Notes that the resignation of commission in the line should not necessarily have involved resignation of one held by same person by Brevett. Congress or commissioners must be the discretionary judges.
November 4, 1790 Misgivings Regarding the Announcement of Troop Movements George Washington Henry Knox Washington expresses misgivings about Governor St. Clair announcing troop movements to the British garrison at Detroit prior to execution, "since the Indians through that channel might receive such information as would frustrate the expedition."
November 19, 1790 Displeasure with Harmar's Performance George Washington Henry Knox Washington expresses extreme displeasure with Harmar's expedition against the Wabash Indians. He notes that he expected little from the moment he heard Harmar was a drunkard. He expected less when he heard that the people of the Western country had no confidence in him and gave up all hope of success when there were disputes with Harmar about command. The information is from a report only, but...
April 7, 1791 Appointment of Officers to Virginia Battalion George Washington Major General Richard Butler Washington authorized Colonel Da[nka] to appoint officers to Virginia Battalion so they can begin recruiting.
August 22, 1792 Recruiting for Defense of Frontiers George Washington Henry Knox Discussed recruiting techniques, and hostile Indians. Believed that the U.S. could not act offensively against Indians until next year at the earliest unless many recruits of fine men was completed. Noted investigation into lost provisions and loss of pay for store guards.
September 7, 1792 Comments on Wayne's Plan for Carrying on the War George Washington Henry Knox President Washington provides Knox with his views on the progress and plans of General Anthony Wayne's campaign in the Ohio Territory
October 2, 1795 Washington writes to Pickering regarding treaty with Western Indians George Washington Timothy Pickering Washington acknowledges receipt of a copy of a treaty with the Western Indians sent by Pickering.
July 1, 1796 Dispute between Wilkinson and Wayne George Washington James McHenry Discussed methods of addressing charges brought against Gen. Wayne by Wilkinson, how to proceed with a formal court process.
July 1, 1796 [PRIVATE] Reliability of Mail, Visitors to Mount Vernon George Washington James McHenry Discussed speed of mail and various possible visitors to Mount Vernon. Requests McHenry to ascertain if Adet would visit.
July 13, 1796 Delayed Construction of Frigate for Dey of Algiers George Washington James McHenry Very surprised no step has been taken to fix delay in fulfilling Dey of Algiers request for frigate. Detailed argument for why delay is unacceptable.
July 22, 1796 Land Acquisition and Negotiations Between Georgia Commissioners and Creek Chiefs George Washington James McHenry Treaty between Commissioners from Georgia and Creek Indians did not end favorably. Western territories to be under U.S. possession shortly.
July 22, 1796 [Copy Private] Algiers Frigate Construction George Washington James McHenry No delays found in construction of Algiers frigate construction.
August 1, 1796 Reports Abrupt Departure of Mr. Dandridge George Washington James McHenry Reports sudden departure of Mr. Dandridge, based on unworthy motives, although he considers him a character of integrity.
August 8, 1796 [PRIVATE] Peace on Frontier George Washington James McHenry Draft letter to Governor of Georgia approved. Washington requests McHenry keep track of all instances in the War Department that might contribute to the deterioration of peace on the western frontiers, and any thing which might be included in a speech to the next session of Congress.
August 10, 1796 Colonel Hawkins' Report George Washington James McHenry Colonel Benjamin Hawkins has reported to Washington at Mount Vernon on matters related to the Treaty with the Creek Indians and the conduct of the State Commissioners of Georgia and Louisiana. Washington notes that this is not the normal way that business should be brought to him and instructs McHenry to question Hawkins and Mr. Clymar closely on these matters.
August 12, 1796 [Pardon signed by Washington and McHenry] George Washington [not available] Pardon for Lieutenant Geddes from dismissal verdict at General Court Martial held at West Point.
October 19, 1796 Preparation for Speech to Congress George Washington James McHenry Washington refrains from commenting on the enclosure McHenry sent until he can do so in person. He also reminds McHenry that he wants a list of things to mention to Congress in his speech at the opening of the Session.
April 3, 1797 French policy and Construction at Mount Vernon George Washington James McHenry Request simple report from McHenry's office. Conduct of French. Notes on construction of his house. Requests forwarding of letter to Messr. Read and Ford.
May 29, 1797 Failure to Reply to Letters George Washington James McHenry Letter, describes the reasons he has been unable to answer McHenry's letters.
July 7, 1797 Intercepted Letter and Misconduct George Washington James McHenry "Nefarious" conduct of late governor and senator discussed. Subject of his investigation involved private gain from public funds at "the expense of innocent lives". Washington will wait for verdict from Congress on matter.
January 28, 1798 Letter from George Washington to James McHenry on the Western Lands; James Monroe; supposed harmony in the representative body, relations with France George Washington James McHenry George Washington refers to the war office as having an agency in the Western Lands and he encloses a letter for General Putnam and Colonel Sargent under cover to McHenry. Makes reference to a Mr Massey, a surveyor in the Northwestern territory, whose business Washington believes, is with the War Office. Washington asks that McHenry furnish information respecting the claim upon Washington's land....
February 7, 1798 Sale of Coach George Washington James McHenry Received enclosures from McHenry that discuss navigation of Potomack River. Washington asked McHenry to notify Mr. Small of the personal coach that could be sold. Congratulations given for recovering from gout and rheumatism.
May 6, 1798 Demos Crestfallen or Thunderstruck, Etc. George Washington James McHenry Washington advocates the mouth of the Shenandoah River as the ideal location for the proposed arsenals and cannon foundries. He observes that the Democrats were thunderstruck by the dispatches from American envoys but have been revived by the misconduct of the [Adams] administration although their harmless chit-chat is less criticism than might have been expected.
May 27, 1798 Sentiments of Our People Toward the Directory of France, Etc. George Washington Alexander Hamilton Washington expresses reluctance to come out of retirement to lead a military force in opposition to France. He is reassured by his communication with sundry people throughout the South that the sentiments of the American people are friendly to their government and not disposed toward the Directory of France.