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March 20, 1784 Mill stones for General Lincoln's mill Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Discusses issues regarding the provision of mill stones for a mill that Lincoln is apparently constructing.
September 12, 1788 Mr. Storer's accounts Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Is flanked in every quarter by old papers of the old regiment. Mr. Storer, likely in arrears at $200 will not be able to pay until his brig arrives from West Indies in fall.
May 28, 1789 Autograph Letter Signed, Constant Freeman to Henry Knox Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter, asks for civil appointment.
May 31, 1789 General Lincoln solicits a federal appointment from Secretary at War Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Letter, asks for civil appointment.
May 31, 1789 Henry Jackson discusses politics with Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses Capt Vose's departure; discusses election results.
December 2, 1791 Power of Attorney William Wyman Eliphalet Downer Power of attorney for William Wyman of Suffolk, Massachusetts
April 3, 1792 Pay of Captain Savage's Company Moses Porter Joseph Howell $1644 has been received by Porter for the completion of the pay of the officers and men of Capt. Savage's Company of Artillery through December 1791.
May 17, 1792 Desire for promotion William Hull Henry Knox Colonel Hull discusses the offer of Brigadier's commission. General Brooks has declined accepting Brigadier commission. Will reply at next post.
April 10, 1794 Payment to Eleazer Williams Nathaniel Gorham Eleazer Williams Gorham pays Eleazer Williams, merchant at Springfield Massachusetts $300, agreeable to advise of Joseph Howell.
August 1794 Acceptance of the Superintendency David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames accepts his appointment as Superintendent of the Public Armory at Springfield but cannot proceed to that place until he receives orders to do so. He asks Hodgdon to send his orders to the Post Office at Boston.
April 26, 1795 Letter from John Sergeant to Secretary of War Timothy Pickering on the claims of the Nimham Tribe, purchase of Oneida lands and setting out for New Stockbridge New York John Sergeant Jr. Timothy Pickering From John Sergeant, missionary to the Stockbridge Indians, to Timothy Pickering Secretary of War. He discusses pamphlet of the Nimham tribe claiming lands in New York, which he cannot find. Asks who will be the commissioner to make treaty with Indians in upcoming summer. Says that [Captain] Hendricks will attend and will want instructions. He mentions that State of New York has appointed new...
October 29, 1796 Enclosed Accounts, Request for Pay for Supervision of Boat Building Captain James Sever William Simmons Secretary of War notified Severs of Act of Congress that suspended the building of 3 out of 6 frigates commissioned. Severs submitted his pay as superintendent of construction, requested it be transmitted through an officer in Boston.
October 17, 1798 Further Defense of the State of New York John Adams John Jay Adams acknowledges the $150,000 appropriated by the legislature of New York for the defense of the state and assures Governor Jay that he will cooperate with the understanding that his action will have no influence on any question that comes before the Congress of the United States.
March 5, 1799 Arrangement of Recruiting Districts in Massachusetts John Brooks [not available] The proposed arrangement of the recruiting districts in Massachusetts. Because of the need to include whole counties, achieving equal numbers of inhabitants in the individual districts is not practical.
April 18, 1799 The Organzation & Manning of My Regiment Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice informs Hamilton of his progress in organizing and manning his regiment.
April 23, 1799 Arranging Massachusetts into Districts, Etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice explains that he awaits Colonel Brooks' assistance in arranging Massachusetts into districts and still has not nominated the rest of his regimental staff due to reasons already enumerated.
June 23, 1799 Sommerset is a most eligible spot, etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice recommends Sommerset as the most eligible spot for a regimental rendezvous. He estimates that one hundred recruits have been engaged but laments the shortage of officers. His quartermaster will apply for arms, clothing, and tents.
July 8, 1799 State of Arms, Supplies, and Recruiting Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice reports on the state of arms, supplies, and recruiting at Hingham.
August 31, 1799 Uniformity Ought to Prevail throughout the Army, Etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Aside from mourning the loss of his eldest son, Rice discusses a number of matters including his search for a site for winter quarters, his recruiting returns, the payment of the officers' bounty to the men they recruit, the importance of uniformity of discipline throughout the army, and several recommendations for lieutenancies.
September 6, 1799 Problems with Recruits at Taunton Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice reports on the desertion of several recruits from the rendezvous at Taunton and the request for a discharge from a man who claims he was drunk when he enlisted.
September 22, 1799 Search for Winter Quarters Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice compares Uxbridge and Oxbridge as potential sites for winter quarters. He views Oxford as the most favorable site.
September 23, 1799 Underaged Recuits, Deserters, and the Lack of Pay Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice reports on the discharge of underaged recruits, the capture of deserters, the shortage of pay, the improvement in discipline, and the appointment of his adjutant.
October 8, 1799 Moving to Winter Quarters Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice reports on the preparations for winter quarters at Oxford. Since winter is rapidly approaching he stresses the urgency of moving his regiment as soon as possible and the same would apply to the 15th and 16th Regiments if they are to join him at Oxford.
October 26, 1799 Nominations for Appointments as Cadets Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton "As by your favor of the 19th ultimo I am requested to select and nominate two persons whom I should prefer to be appointed cadets. I now do myself the honor of soliciting that appointment for Mr. Edward Le Britton Wilson whom I have named before and Mr. Joseph Stickney--a very genteel young man of the town of Worcester in the commonwealth--as the two whom I prefer."
November 9, 1799 Shelter and Wages for the 14th Regiment Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice informs Hamilton of the status of the construction of huts for the 14th Regiment and also the dissatisfaction among the men due to their not receiving their wages. A group was planning to desert but were prevented from doing so. The leaders now await trial by court martial.