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April 7, 1790 Indian Attacks on Ohio River James Wilkinson Josiah Harmar Relates several stories of Indian attacks on travelers on Ohio River, states Indian party must be disbursed for safety and security of region.
April 30, 1790 Letter Citation John Symmes Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Harmar, 06/07/1790.
September 25, 1790 Regarding purchases of lands; mutinies of militia; defeat of General Harmar's forces; Yazoo Battalion James O'Fallon George Washington Asks for authority as agent of Yazoo company to purchase lands. Regarding trade and purchases with Choctaws, it would be better if O'Fallon had authority as general agent. Reports on the defeat of Harmar's army by Little Turtle and Indians. Presents military articles of contract entered into by the South Carolina Yazoo company, and their troops of the Yazoo battalion.
November 8, 1790 Extract of a letter from Slater to Patterson I.T. Slater Colonel Patterson Letter, describes Indian aggression; discusses casualties.
June 28, 1791 Successful Engagement with the Enemy Charles Scott Henry Knox General Scott reports on a successful engagement with the savages in which his officers and men acted with gallantry and humanity despite insuperable obstacles created by the weather and terrain.
November 2, 1791 Purchase of 200 Horses, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr has noted the time the agent agreed to purchase 200 horses. After six days Barr is certain that no more than twenty horses have been purchased and that it will be from twenty to thirty days before they are delivered to the headquarters at Fort Washington.
November 12, 1791 List of the Killed & Wounded, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr notes that they now have a List of the Killed and Wounded. Col. Darke is included on the list of wounded but Barr hopes that he is not mortally wounded. Mr. Duncan informs Barr that he has a large quantity of Hyson Tea that will sell well at Natchez and New Orleans.
December 19, 1791 Travel Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Request for supplies from Fort Hamilton, travel route of Hodgdon discussed.
January 12, 1792 This Unfortunate Affair, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon The only course to follow is to have Col. Darke represent the true state of the case to Congress and at the same time draw a draft for the appropriate amount. Surely Col. Darke will do everything in his power to help us out of this unfortunate affair given his own role in leading us into it.
February 10, 1792 The Coming Campaign Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr is going to Philadelphia soon and asks Hodgdon to give him whatever news he has on the operation of the coming campaign. He wants to be on his way out of Lexington early so as to be ready for the campaign. He expects to have a large quantity of goods on hand, perhaps the largest in the district.
March 19, 1792 Bags & Other Articles Forwarded John Moylan Samuel Hodgdon Moylan expresses surprise at Hodgdon's inquiry regarding bags and other articles that he forwarded to Col.Boone. He has the account receipt for same which he had heard Boone had paid. He has written Boone who should communicate to Hodgdon necessary information to correct this mistake. If they are still at Limestone, Moylan has directed him to forward them to Hodgdon immediately.
April 25, 1792 Two Chests of Tea, Etc. Charles Wilkins Samuel Hodgdon Upon inquiry, Wilkins finds that Mr. Levy, one of the gentlemen that purchased the remains of Mr. Duncan's goods, has Hodgdon's two chests of tea in his possession. If Hodgdon has any ideas as to how to dispose of the tea, Wilkins awaits his instructions.
May 6, 1792 Recommendation for Morton William Morton Samuel Hodgdon Morton feels himself under obligation to Hodgdon and the other gentlemen who recommended him and trusts that his attention to Hodgdon's instructions will meet his approbation.
May 8, 1792 Paper & Horses for Hodgdon John Moylan Samuel Hodgdon Moylan bought a quantity of letter paper for Hodgdon in the belief that he was much in want of it. It has been forwarded by wagon in the care of Mr. Tate. The price Moylan paid was the lowest that it could be procured at. It is much finer than the paper Hodgdon has been using and Moylan hopes that he approves of it. He received Hodgdon's letter of the 30th too late to respond by express but will...
May 22, 1792 Cheap But Pleasing Horses William Morton Samuel Hodgdon Morton is forwarding with his friends Col. Moylan and Mr. Jones the horses since he is indisposed. The horses should please in both quality and price since he has purchased them at the lowest cash price as was true also of the cavalry saddles. The hemp is packed in small bundles and sent on the horses but in order to avoid damage it is being sent by way of Limestone under cover. There are small...
May 26, 1792 Horses for the General William Morton Samuel Hodgdon William Morton informs the Commissary of Military Stores that he has been fortunate enough to find all of the horses in time to forward them to meet the general to proceed with the others.
June 28, 1792 Letter from Robert Barr, Lexington Kentucky to Samuel Hodgdon requesting assistance for Barr's brother James Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr writes to Hodgdon requesting his assistance in obtaining payment for the unfortunate adventure of the overalls. Barr was at Philadelphia, but it was the close of the session and the Secretary could not attend to any papers. Papers were transferred to the Secretary of Treasury, who apparently made no decision. Refers to Colonel Darke's letter and Hodgdon's letter he received at the Crabb...
July 11, 1792 Request for money from John Reed, veteran of St. Clair expedition John Reed Joseph Howell Reed laments that from the fate of 4 November 1791 [St Clair defeat], he has lost his clothing and was wounded. He is in a strange country, with no settlements and no friends to help. Mr Hunt has given some assistance. Reed asks for money. He is at a loss whether the drafts given him will exceed the pay due for his service while in the levies.
August 10, 1792 Report of the Quartermaster General Major John Belli Henry Knox Quartermaster General Belli reports on the status of supplies, horses, equipage, and forage in the northwest.
November 17, 1792 Uneasy Hours for Want of Funds Major John Belli Henry Knox Deputy Quartermaster General Belli lists the amounts transmitted to sundry contractors and laments the shortage of funds which makes it difficult even to buy pack horses.
June 2, 1793 Lists Accounts and Requests Payment; Reports Purchase of Horses and Teams James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Lists accounts received and requests payment. Has worked to find 300 horses and 20 teams locally. Has loaded horses with corn and the teams are loaded with limestone. Plans to come down the Ohio River. Refers to money left out of the last advance which is absolutely necessary at Pittsburgh.
November 7, 1793 $1050 for Mr. Norton Major John Belli Samuel Hodgdon By order of James O'Hara, Belli has drawn on Hodgdon the sum of $1050 for William Norton which, after payment, he will charge to the Quartermaster General.
November 15, 1793 $930 Drawn Major John Belli Samuel Hodgdon By order of James O'Hara, Quartermaster General, Belli has drawn $930 which, after payment, should be charged to the Quartermaster General.
March 2, 1794 Request for assistance in resolution of pay matters William Morton Joseph Howell William Morton has had a long standing difficulty with Major Caleb Swan over receiving payments. Swan declined to receive monies from Morton. Requests that Howell call on Swan and instruct him to receive the balance and receive and examine Morton's vouchers. Howell is Accountant of the War Department
June 14, 1794 Enclosed Receipts Charles Scott Joseph Howell Receipts of Capt. Pierce enclosed to Howell due to absence of Mr. Swan. Payment due for the reimbursement of pay given to mounted volunteers and the legion.