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July 26, 1784 [No Image] Isaac Craig Joseph Carleton No available image.
December 5, 1784 Report from Fort Pitt, on Indian shore, Western side of Alleghany River Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Harmar reports the arrival of troop detachments at Fort Pitt, his intentions for marching his troops down the Ohio to the Treaty at Fort McIntosh, and the numbers of troops in his command. Writes of problems with deserters.
December 5, 1784 Monthly Return for Pennsylvania and Jersey Troops near Fort Pitt Josiah Harmar Richard Henry Lee Josiah Harmar sends a monthly return of troops to the President of Congress for the Pennsylvania and Jersey troops. Reports visit of Commissioners for Indian Affairs to hold a treaty. Awaits orders to evacuate the British posts
July 3, 1786 Reports Activities of Moravian Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox John Bull (Indian name Shebo) reports that a group of 100 Moravian Indians have crossed the lake with the intent to settle near their old towns at the location of a previous massacre on the Muskingum. Because it is too late in the season for planting, they will remain at Cuyahoga until next season. Reports that group of whites and Indians set sail for Canada to purchase land north of Quebec, but...
July 3, 1786 Report on Indian activities along boundary with Canada Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports on designs in Canada from Indian informant John Bull, also known as Sheebo. Mentions a contingent, with designs on purchasing lands from Indians.
July 12, 1786 Regarding intruders on public lands, Captain Hutchins and his surveyors, and dissatisfaction prevailing amongst the Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Colonel Harmar reports on efforts to dislodge illegal settlers on public lands. He reports on the efforts of surveyor Captain Hutchins and his crew, and the provision of security against Indians. States that recent murders by Indians on Ohio river reflect dissatisfaction prevailing amongst the Indians.
August 13, 1787 Letter Citation Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Cited in Knox to St. Clair, 04/16/1787.
April 26, 1788 Outlines Travel Plans; Preparations for Indian Treaty Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Outlines travel plans from Muskingum, to Venango, to Captain Heart's post, where he assures that he will do everything in his power to assist this company. Believes this group of people to be quite industrious and capable. Nicholson, the interpreter and messenger, believes the Indians will be late in assembling for the treaty and will insist on the Ohio River as boundary. Encloses monthly return.
April 26, 1788 Preparation for Indian Treaty; Reports Indian Trading Efforts Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Expresses frustration that Tardiveau has not delivered the letter. Describes his travels and explains Nicholson's intelligence about how the Indians will approach the treaty with the intent to establish the border on the Ohio River. Reports Ensign Spear's duty to collect the commissioner's goods from the Rapids of the Ohio. Plans for arrival of Governor of the Western Territory and the...
June 20, 1788 Cited Document Unknown Author Henry Knox Cited letter or document; cited in Knox to St. Clair, 07/07/1788.
July 2, 1789 Doughty introduces Allison to Knox John Doughty Henry Knox Letter, recommends bearer.
March 6, 1791 Alarm on the Frontier Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Craig warms of hostile Indians marauding in the region surrounding Fort Pitt. In one incident, three men and one woman were killed by Indians who called to them in English.
May 25, 1791 Account of stores and ordinance sent to Fort Washington Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Craig gives account of stores and ordnance sent to Fort Washington from Fort Pitt.
March 30, 1791 Status of Stores and Store House Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed return on stores that recently came to hand, barrel of powder damaged during transit. Store house is in a state of disrepair and cannot be made completely secure. Craig to make repairs to magazine that will make it a safe depository.
March 31, 1791 Craig sends return of stores to Secretary of War Knox Isaac Craig Henry Knox Major Isaac Craig sends a return of stores at Fort Pitt to Secretary Knox. Craig refers to the murder of Indians at Beaver Creek.
April 12, 1791 Craig gives to Knox an updated status of stores held at Fort Pitt Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig informs Knox that the arms which had been previously sent to "a committee of the inhabitants of Pittsburgh" are now credited to an account with Clement Biddle. Craig inquires into the propriety of his providing quarters for George Gibson's recruits.
April 28, 1791 Poor Condition of Fort and its Structures Isaac Craig Henry Knox Repairs and improvements to magazine complete, Gen. St. Clair believed it more appropriate to erect new store houses than repair the dilapidated structures. St. Clair ordered road built then left for Kentucky.
May 12, 1791 Possession of Fort Isaac Craig Henry Knox Inquires about representation at Supreme Court to be held at Fort Pitt. Discussed possession of Fort being given by Sheriff to Messr. Turnbul and Mannie.
May 18, 1791 Receipt for the Pay of Major Clark's Battalion William Ferguson Joseph Howell Enclosed is Major Clark's receipt for the pay of his Battalion which is the balance of the monies paid to Ferguson for two battalions of the 2nd Regiment of Levies.
May 19, 1791 Craig gives report of arms delivered to Secretary at War Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig informs Knox that arms have been delivered to the companies under the command of Captains Powers and Slough. Craig notes that blankets and clothing has arrived at Fort Pitt but not tents. Craig also mentions need to repair pack saddles.
June 2, 1791 Exchange and Disbursement of Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox Cartouch boxes and belts exchanged with Armstrong. Enclosed returns and distribution information.
June 16, 1791 Paperwork to Arrive with Next Post Isaac Craig Henry Knox Hodgdon's arrival caused Craig to file all documents with him for reimbursements. Craig intends to forward abstract next post due to steady stream of recruits coming to post.
June 30, 1791 Documents and Supplies to be Forwarded Isaac Craig Henry Knox Documents and packages enclosed to be forwarded.
August 17, 1791 Sugar & Coffee, Etc. Isaac Craig William Knox Craig has received the shipment of coffee and sugar and has paid for them. Enclosed is the receipt related to this transaction. Col. Hodgdon is currently preparing to set off on his journey down the Ohio.
September 3, 1791 Clothing Delivered to Fort Washington, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig gives account of clothing delivered to Fort Washington. Craig also discusses issues regarding powder, horses, and river piloting.