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October 7, 1797 Certifies Amounts of Live Oak at Fort Mifflin Lewis Tousard Tench Francis Reports prices for pieces of live oak to mount guns at Fort Mifflin.
November 1, 1787 Orders Received Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox Live oak use, none was taken without Hodgdon's orders.
August 1, 1797 Delivery of Brass Nine-Pounders Donald G. Mitchell Samuel Hodgdon In compliance with the order of the Secretary of War, Mitchell has delivered to Hodgdon three brass three-pounders with their garrison carriages and implements, including two rammers with sponges and two worms.
September 7, 1797 Enclosed Receipts, Request for Pay via Lieut. George Ross Lewis Tousard William Simmons Enclosed Muster and pay rolls for the garrison of artillerists and engineers at Fort Mifflin. Request for bounty owed troops.
November 15, 1797 Influence of Court Martial Results and Details on Service History of Deserter Lewis Tousard William Simmons Pay for Thomas Edwards to be withheld pending result of court martial. James Hambleton deserted from frigate, other details regarding his service.
November 23, 1797 Claim of Thomas Edwards with Extract from Letter of Pardon Lewis Tousard William Simmons Extract from War Office pertained to the recommendation to the President of the United States for a pardon of Thomas Edward. The resolve of Edwards status in his court martial led to the current statement of account within the letter. Bounty of John Varnitz detained due to his status to be discharged shortly.
March 8, 1798 Status of Pay, and Court Martial Punishment Lewis Tousard William Simmons Tousard recounted the status of John Tate, appointed a nurse on the request of Dod. Lynch. Enclosed copy of order that appointed Tate to his current capacity. Charles Wilson served time for his desertion after giving himself up for leaving Capt. Kalteisen and being tried in a court martial. Tousard requested the expenses related to Wilson's desertion. James Hambleton deserted, gave himself up...
May 8, 1798 Updates on Soldiers Pay Due to Desertion Lewis Tousard William Simmons Soldiers given up or captured as deserters had pay suspended. Parker and Edwards to receive court martial.
May 8, 1798 List of Newly Inlisted Soldiers Lewis Tousard William Simmons Robert Davis, Isaac Pride, William Armstrong, John McKey; James Burtsby, Jerome Hart, George Kinsinger, Charles Queen. William Terkaste, John Thompson, Alexander Caston, Benjamin Campbell, Josiah Miller, Jonathan LeKim, Willaim Cunningham, Richard King Ramsay, Thomas Perry, Isaac Lewis, James Fisher. Richard Proctor and Thomas Smith reinlisted. List of bounty paid enclosed.
May 15, 1798 Enclosed Payroll, John Welsh Omitted Lewis Tousard William Simmons Tousard sends the payroll for March, including correction for the prior omission of John Welsh.
May 26, 1798 Requests Instructions and Regulations for Mr. Mentges at Fort Mifflin Lewis Tousard [not available] Appeals to higher authority to obtain a more specific delineation of responsibilities between himself as commandment and agent Mr. Mentges. Questions fortifications on Mud Island and the appointment of workers. Requests information about maritime and frontier regulations, and refers to instructions from Gen. Knox.
June 13, 1798 Owen McGinty Sentenced to Pay Stoppages, Two Copies of Court Martial Enclosed Lewis Tousard William Simmons O. McGinty only prisoner/deserter to be sentenced to pay stoppage. Enclosed copies of court martial hearing to support statement. Tousard requested the pay of two deserters in next months pay roll.
June 23, 1798 Inlistements of Recruits from No. 99 to No. 75 Lewis Tousard William Simmons Enclosed inlistments, including Richard Proctor No. 19 and Thomas Smith No. 20. Receipt rolls for bounty paid inclosed, request for credit to Tousard's account.
June 28, 1798 Sloop of War Armed with Negros to Land Lewis Tousard James McHenry Negros on board several ships of war perceived as dangerous and mutinous. Toussard requested help from Capt. Stephen Decateur, planned to observe movements.
August 9, 1798 Movement of Troops Theodore Meminger Samuel Hodgdon Mentions Meminger sent an escort consisting of a sergeant, corporal and eighteen men with the marshall; a request for two nine pound guns is also made. Crew sent to Burlington and Sergt. Jewell ordered to land "on the island", Merminger awaiting orders from Hodgdon on this subject.
August 30, 1798 Receipt of Clothing Theodore Meminger Samuel Hodgdon Noted arrival of military clothing at Fort Mifflin, but Meminger has yet to examine it. Requested Hodgdon forward the enclosed letter on behalf of Maj. Tousard.
October 27, 1798 Mistakes on Provision Returns Robert Osborn William Simmons Osborn has been charged with mistakes on his provision returns for June and September. The former was made by the contractor and the one for September is in error since Osborn has not drawn rations since August which will be verified by examining the accounts of Mr. Meminger, the contractor.
November 10, 1798 Encloses a return of ordnance and military stores Henry Muhlenberg Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a return of ordnance and military stores at Fort Mifflin.
July 26, 1799 Return for tin Camp Kettles for the use of the garrison at Fort Mifflin Francis Gibson James McHenry Return receipt for tin Camp Kettles at Fort Mifflin.
October 23, 1800 Military Stores Hospital Supplies George Dill Samuel Hodgdon Return of medicine wanted for the hospital at Fort Mifflin. Postscript by William MacRae indicates doctors' approval. Postscript by Samuel Hodgdon indicates that the Secretary of War approves.
November 14, 1800 Four Naked Convicts, Etc. Frederick Frye Samuel Hodgdon Frye encloses a return of clothing for his men who are destitute for want of same.Most of them have been entitled to clothes for some months so they must be sent as soon as possible. He also needs drumheads. There are four convincts who are almost naked. How can clothes be obtained for them?