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October 27, 1791 Dismissal of Patrick Lacy Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon Houdin declares that Hodgdon no doubt will be surprised to see Patrick Lacy again at Fort Washington. He is no soldier and the boys seem to be so displeased with him that, in the interests of harmony, it seemed best to send him back to Hodgdon who might be able to employ him to greater advantage.
December 22, 1791 Letter from Captain Joseph Shaylor on Captain Hardang's performance of duty at Fort Jefferson Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon Writing to Samuel Hodgdon at Fort Washington, Joseph Shaylor, from Fort Jefferson, gives his opinion on the performance of duty of Captain Hardang, citing a confused situation at Fort Jefferson garrison which has rendered it impossible to have accurate accounts. All that could be done has been done by the Captain, and no man could be more attentive to duty.
January 30, 1792 Getting to the Battleground Robert Benham Samuel Hodgdon Benham announces that he arrived at Fort Jefferson in the rain. The supplies are still about fifteen miles behind with a small escort. He believes that his route will be difficult until he gets to the battleground and hopes that the heavy rain will not prevent crossing the creeks in order to get to that place. He will set out in the morning.Other than that he has nothing strange to relate.
October 24, 1793 The Main Army Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon [Mostly illegible] Shaylor sent by Capt. Johnathan Strong [?] a letter containing 25 dollars.
October 24, 1793 Describes Indian Attacks; Lists Vouchers James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Refers to attack by Sergeants Rowland and Michaela's dragoons on Indians with one fatality, and another defeat under L. Lowry and Mr. Boyd with loads of corn. Lists vouchers. Refers to orders from the Commander in Chief to purchase horses in Kentucky.
June 8, 1795 Barrels of Whiskey in Public Store Andrew Marschalk Miller Marschalk informs Miller that he has taken one barrel of whiskey into the public store and allowed 37 barrels to pass, per the enclosed certificate.