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May 24, 1787 An Account of the State of Creek Indians James White Henry Knox James White, superintendent of the Southern District, reports that the threatened Creek invasion has subsided. Creeks favorably inclined by the liberal sentiments of commissioners from Congress; although they resent the State of Georgia for their encroachments. Alexander McGillivray claims allegiance to United States, but not Georgia. Strength is about 6000 gunmen; have support from the...
June 1, 1789 Tour to the Creek Nation James White Richard Caswell White discusses dispatches resulting from his tour to the Creek nation which should throw some light on Indians affairs in the southern states. As Superintendent of Indian Affairs, he was instructed by Congress to promise aid and protection to the southern states but the tranquility of the area has rendered such measures unncessary.
January 23, 1795 Post Notes Received from the Treasury Thomas Overton Joseph Howell The several sums mentioned in Howell's letter have been sent to Overton from the Treasury in post notes of the Bank of the United States. As soon as Overton has paid them out agreeable to Howell's directions , the receipts will be sent.
April 20, 1795 Pay of Officers at Wilmington Duncan McRae Joseph Howell Enclosed is the pay for the following officers at Wilmington: Capt. Griffith McRea, Lieutenant Robert Rowan, and Lieutenant Jonathan Roberson.
July 14, 1795 Pay of Captain McRea & Recruits at Wilmington Thomas Overton William Simmons Overton has received a sum from the Treasurer of the United States to be transmitted to Captain McRea at Wilmington, being the pay of himself and his recruits through March 1795. Another sum is to be transmitted to the engineer at Wilmington.
September 5, 1798 Request for Blank Returns John Fergus William Simmons Blank returns for new recruits, request for amount to pay new recruits.
September 22, 1798 ENCLOSED: Copy of Reciepts John Fergus William Simmons Receipts of recruits in Fayetteville. Successes recruiting "county men".
May 25, 1799 Lieutenant Evans notification of draw on pay for purpose of joining Captain Bishop’s Company, Winchester Virginia David Evans William Simmons From Fayetteville, agreeably to Secretary of War orders, Evans will join Captain Bishop's company at Winchester Virginia. He draws $100 to better equip himself on account of his pay.
May 25, 1799 Pay to Evans for purpose of joining Captain Bishop’s Company, Winchester Virginia David Evans William Simmons Evans makes $100 payment to Mr. Murdoch MacKenzie at Fayetteville.
July 27, 1799 Payment to John Kelly Robert Rowan William Simmons Payment to John Kelly for three months pay.