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July 11, 1784 Settlement of account Lewis Woodruff John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account as deputy Commissioner of Musters during the late 1770s. Also discusses the settlement of pay due him while serving in the Office of Army Accounts under Pierce.
July 11, 1784 Account of Lewis Woodruff with United States Lewis Woodruff [not available] Enclosure from Lewis Woodruff to John Pierce dated 11 July 1784.
January 16, 1785 Regarding receipt of letters with certificates and settlement registers of the New Jersey line William Livingston Joseph Howell Acknowledges receipt of letters with certificates and settlement registers of the army regiments of the New Jersey line.
March 16, 1785 Mistake in the delivery of notes Jonathan Dayton Joseph Howell Jonathan Dayton, writing at request of his father General Dayton, notes that Howell made a mistake in his depreciation of the notes. He cites the Continental and New Jersey scales of depreciation.
April 30, 1785 Missing payments Jonathan Dayton Joseph Howell Payment of interest on notes was not included in list given to Treasurer.
July 23, 1792 Extract of letter from Jonathan Dayton Esquire to Secretary of War regarding purchase of horseman's saddles Jonathan Dayton Henry Knox Dayton states that he and Captain Stake have examined the horseman's saddles and have found them to be of good quality and well adapted for the dragoon service. There are 14 saddles and he recommends they be purchased from Mr. Williamson for 6 dollars each. In subsequent letter, Henry Knox asks 'Dayton to request that Williamson ship the saddles to Samuel Hodgdon for payment.
July 30, 1792 Shipment Invoice Matthias Williamson Henry Knox Invoice of shipment of light dragoon saddles and accoutrement to be shipped on the New York to Philadelphia Packet. Money paid upon delivery $85.50 to David Jackson.
July 31, 1792 Packing and shipping of light dragoon saddles Matthias Williamson Samuel Hodgdon Mathias Williamson reports that, in accordance with instructions from Henry Knox, Secretary of War, which he received from Jonathan Dayton Esquire, he has packed 14 light dragoon saddles. Have been shipped to Hodgdon as commissary of military stores, from New York to Philadelphia, via ship, Jacob Bird commanding.
July 14, 1794 Mrs. Pike's Receipts Jonathan Dayton Joseph Howell Pike's receipts from expenses related to providing for five children. Power of attorney enclosed.
July 21, 1794 Post Notes and Remittance of Money Jonathan Dayton Joseph Howell Methods of payment addressed in detail. Post notes remit in lieu of branch bank notes.
August 21, 1794 Clothing Has Arrived Thomas Hutchins Samuel Hodgdon The clothing arrived the previous evening in one box, Number One.
September 2, 1794 Muster Rolls for August Thomas Hutchins Joseph Howell Enclosed is Muster Roll for August with an account of expenditures.
October 1, 1794 Power of Attorney Jonathan Dayton William Simmons Simmons authorized as attorney for Dayton, Dayton requested Simmons procure a U.S. note from the bank of New York.
November 29, 1794 Pardon of Those Guilty of Treasonous Offenses Henry Lee Unknown Recipient Governor Henry Lee of Virginia declares that the residents of the Counties of Washington, Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Fayette in the State of Pennsylvania, and Ohio County in the State of Virginia, are pardoned for treasonous offenses committed during the recent Whiskey Rebellion. Included in the Proclamation is a list of men whose atrocities make it necessary to subject them to the normal...
February 12, 1795 Letter Citation Horatio R. Dayton John Stagg Cited in Stagg to Hodgdon, 02/13/1795.
February 24, 1795 Receipt of Unexpected Items Horatio R. Dayton Samuel Hodgdon Dayton notes in his letter to Hodgdon that in the hogshead of artillery clothing he received there were forty pairs of shoes that were not mentioned in the invoice.
June 16, 1795 Return of the recruits enlisted by Lieutenant Horatio A. Dayton at Elizabeth Town New Jersey Horatio R. Dayton Timothy Pickering Return of the recruits enlisted by Lieutenant Horatio A. Dayton at Elizabeth Town, New Jersey. Lists those sent to Governors Island, those confined in gaol [jail], and those fit for duty.
June 29, 1795 Bills in Hodgdon's Favor Being Settled Jonathan Dayton Samuel Hodgdon Dayton mentions to Hodgdon,a letter from Israel Ludlow which informs him that the bills drawn in Hodgdon's favor for $1500 have been presented and paid. Dayton requests that Hodgdon discharge a draft for the sum of $560 in favor of Clement Biddle and transmit the surplus to a New York branch bank.
July 2, 1795 Balance Due on Account of Bills Jonathan Dayton Samuel Hodgdon Dayton thanks Hodgdon for covering the cost of a post note for the balance due Dayton on account of his bills upon Israel Ludlow. He is returning the requisite receipts which were signed by Hodgdon.
July 18, 1795 Receipts for the Pay of Myself & My Men Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Enclosed are the receipts from Dayton and his men for the sums received for their pay from the commencement of service through June 1795.
July 19, 1796 Regarding Claim of Samuel Hull for Pension Jonathan Dayton William Simmons Forwards a letter regarding the claim of Samuel Hull, former soldier, whose application for a pension has apparently been suspended. Dayton asks to be informed what is needed to complete the application to make it valid.
October 31, 1797 A Bill for $1000 Drawn on Hodgdon, Etc. Jonathan Dayton Samuel Hodgdon Dayton sent to the cashier of the Bank of the United States a bill for $1000 drawn on Hodgdon as agent of the Quartermaster Department. Since he wants to draw on the bill, Dayton asks Hodgdon to have it paid at the bank immediately. He hopes for the abatement of the fever so that Hodgdon, the general govermment, and the citizenry can return to Philadelphia in safety.
February 3, 1798 Subsistence, Wood, & Articles of War Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Dayton advises Simmons that he is due subsistence for August 1797 through January 1798 and pay for September 1797 through January 1798. He is also due wood from September that can probably be drawn at his current post. He'd like the Articles of War transmitted to him since he left his at Niagara.
February 6, 1798 Letter regarding account, congressional appropriations, charge of rations from Lieutenant Horatio Dayton, Artillery and Engineers to William Simmons Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Congress has not made appropriations for present year, which makes it necessary that Dayton make out his account. Discusses price of rations.
February 14, 1798 Transporting the Clothing to Elizabeth Town Horatio R. Dayton Samuel Hodgdon There is not a pressing necessity for clothing at Elizabeth Town but it will be needed soon. Rather than waiting for the river to open, and since the sleighing is now good, it might not involve much additional expense to send them all the way by land instead of by Trenton.