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May 23, 1789 Speech of the United Indian Nations, at their confederate council, held near the mouth of the Detroit River between the 28th Nov. & 18th Dec. 1786. Captain Joseph Brant Congress of the United States Speech of the United Indian Nations seeking peace with United States.
July 21, 1793 Inquiry as to when Indian Nations will arrive at Sandusky Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department Colonel Alexander McKee Entry notes that Federal Commissioners left Navy Hall at Niagara on 10 July and arrived at Ft. Erie 11 July 1793. On 14 July set sail for Detroit River; arrived on 21 July; took quarters with Captain Matthew Elliot, assistant to Colonel McKee. Commissioners want to know when the nations of Indians are ready to move from Council at Rapids of Miami to Sandusky.
July 21, 1793 Meeting with the Council of the Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Colonel Alexander McKee The Commissioners inform McKee that they have arrived at the Detroit River and are ready to move to Sandusky in preparation for their meeting with the nations of Indians at the rapids of the Miami. They ask him to expedite the Council of the Indians so that they meet with them without further delay. They hope to arrive at Sandusky at the same time as the Indians.
[not available] Council meeting at Captain Elliot's, with the Commissioners of the United States, the Deputation of Indians and the British Officers and Inhabitants Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Council at Captain Elliott's near mouth of Detroit River. Elliott is assistant to Colonel Alexander McKee. Those present were the Federal Commissioners of United States, Benjamin Lincoln, Timothy Pickering and Beverley Randolph, the Deputation of Indians, and British Officers and Inhabitants. Wyandot Chief addressed the commissioners and presented a paper that puts collective thoughts in writing....
August 11, 1793 Letter from Federal Commissioners of Sandusky conference to Colonel McKee regarding delay in response from deputation of Indian Nations assembled at rapids of Miami Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] The Federal Commissioners for the Sandusky Conference, in writing to Colonel McKee, lament that it has been 14 days and no answer has arrived from rapids at Miami. They ask for McKee's help in getting the proceedings moving in order to forestall the closing of negotiations. This message was accompanied by wampum and given to Onandago and Oneida runners. Their instructions were to present the...
August 12, 1793 Letter from Federal Commissioners for Sandusky conference to Captain Henry Ford, commanding the Dunmore on the late reply to speech of 31 July 1793 and decision to proceed to the Miami Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Captain Henry Ford Federal Commissioners lament that they have been waiting twelve days for a reply to their 31 July 1793 letter. Have decided to proceed to the rapids of Miami in order to obtain answer. Therefore request that Captain Henry Ford be prepared to set sail the following morning to the Miami River. In a post script to the journal entry, Captain Ford acknowledged that he was to attend the commissioners,...
August 14, 1793 Prolonged Negotiations with Six Nations Benjamin Lincoln Robert McKee Commissioners enclose copy of speech to Six Nations proposing peace, no reply from Indians. Commissioners fear a closing of negotiations prior to completion of treaty due to prolonged waiting for reply from Indians.
August 14, 1793 No Answer from the Indians Has Arrived Benjamin Lincoln Colonel Alexander McKee Commissioners Lincoln, Randolph, and Pickering express their disappointment that they have yet to receive an answer from the deputation of Indian Nations in response to the Commissioners' speech at the rapids of the Miami. They request McKee's assistance in prodding the Indians to produce an answer.
August 14, 1793 No Answer Has Arrived Benjamin Lincoln Chiefs and Warriors of the Indian Nations The Commissioners express their desire for an answer to their speech to the Indian deputation in which they declared that they could not establish the Ohio River as the boundary between Indian territory and the United States.
August 16, 1793 Message to Assembled Chiefs at Rapids of Miami River Timothy Pickering [not available] Copies of transactions sent to Chiefs of Western Indian Nations, Commissioners expressed disappointment that a peace treaty could not be reached.
August 16, 1793 Continuation of War Benjamin Lincoln Chiefs and Warriors Council of Indian Nations at Rapids of Miami River Inability to agree on boundary line between Indian Nations and U.S. the U.S. could not reach a peace agreement with the Western Indian Nations.
May 25, 1795 Extract of a letter from Detroit dated 5/25/1795, Communicated by W. J. Williams. John Foster Williams [not available] Indians are timid to sign peace treaty due to the lies told by traitors. Blue Jacket doing his best to persuade them to join the United States, writer feels they will acquiesce once they are away from the "Hell hole". Change in posts for Col. McKee to upper Canada.
August 20, 1796 Regarding Funds & Expenditures for Quartermaster & Other Army Departments John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Further addresses the obtaining of funds and transportation required by the Army Quartermaster Department. Details why he has been unable to move on these issues without knowing more about the necessary items. Describes (by line-item) the expenditures of his department and the Army Indian Department. Promises further reports on the expenditures of the army departments.
August 28, 1796 Desertion of Soldiers and Positive Political Relations with Indians Anthony Wayne James McHenry Increased bounty for deserters, current punishment not adequate. Building and repairs to fortifications discussed. Indians expectant for annuities due them by treaty of Green ville and desire a meeting with G. Washington at "seat of Government or Great Council fire". Wayne enclosed speech delivered to Indians.
August 29, 1796 Dragoons, Troop Movements, Creek Hostility Anthony Wayne James McHenry In a largely illegible letter, Wayne seems to be reporting on the state of the military deployment in the southwest that is a response to the hostile actions of the Creek Indians. Also addresses the time and difficulty of transporting large numbers of troops across the frontier.
August 29, 1796 Interception of French Documents, Sale of Information to British Anthony Wayne James McHenry Lieut. Taylor returned from trip to Fort Knox with letters from France that had been intercepted on en route to Fort Vincennes. Some object/document sold to the British government. Accounts mentioned. Enclosed extract from letter by Capt. Pike regarding repairs. No news on "royal chest" mentioned in letter 28th ultimo.
September 5, 1796 Enclosed Letters from Winston and Quartermaster General on Expenses Anthony Wayne James McHenry Expenses related to readying dragoons, and "wretched state" of cavalry detailed. Indian goods to be received which will hopefully assuage the "red Children".
September 6, 1796 Equipping Dragoons and Draw of Money John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Notification that Wilkins ordered Gen. Wayne to equip dragoons horses, estimate of cost enclosed along with contingent money for forage and subsistance of the dragoons. Cannot appoint an agent to collect money, so Wikins requests $11,800.00 from McHenry to be picked up by Francis Jones in Detroit. Bills must be small in value.
September 6, 1796 Regarding the Equipping of the Kentucky Volunteers, & Recent Bills Drawn John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Refers to an order from General Wayne to see to the equipping of the Kentucky volunteers; comments on expenditures & recent bills drawn. An accounting of expenditures is appended.
September 7, 1796 Enclosed Estimates John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Enclosed estimate for the Quartermasters Department, Indian Department, and Hospital Department for months of July, August, September. Reason for not drawing up estimate sooner was that Wilkins needed to be present at several of the posts requiring supplies before making an accurate estimate.
September 7, 1796 [An Estimate of the Expenditures for the Months of July, Augt. & Septber. 1796.] John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry List of expenditures for Quartermaster, Indian, and Hospital Departments.
September 7, 1796 Forwarding of Cost Estimates for Quartermaster, Hospital & Indian Departments for September 1796 John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Forwards September expenditure estimates for the Quartermaster, Indian & Hospital Departments. Comments on the impossibility of extremely accurate estimates.
September 9, 1796 Letter from Detroit John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Largely illegible letter mentions estimate and information.
September 10, 1796 Discussion of Expenditures in Quartermaster, Indian & Hospital Departments John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Mentions making up a list of probable expenditures in the Quartermaster's Department for July-September 1796, as well as those in the Indian and Hospital Departments. Discusses present and future budgeting. The referenced list is appended.
September 20, 1796 Announcement of Peaceful Acquisition of All British Posts per Treaty Anthony Wayne James McHenry British posts surrendered via treaty with U.S. now in possession of America, repairs required. Detailed account of status of buildings and town, material requirements included.