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July 4, 1789 Lewis Gray requests that Knox forward this letter to Henry Jackson Lewis Gray Henry Knox Letter, encloses letter to Henry Jackson.
June 10, 1791 Receipts for the Pay of Several Officers John Habersham Joseph Howell Habersham transmits to Howell receipts for the pay of several officers in his regiment.
June 13, 1791 Receipts for Officers' Pay John Habersham Joseph Howell Habersham transmits to Howell the receipts for the pay of numereous officers in his regiment.
November 17, 1794 Content of Packet Delivered to Constant Freeman Discussed John Habersham Joseph Howell Received letter containing packet from Howell regarding John Matthews. Matthews attorney, John Berrien, opened the packet and found pay for troops. As a result, he order the packet be put into the Custom's House money chest until Matthews specifically requested it, which was not until August. Unsure of why it took Matthews so long to send for the money as Habersham made sure they were aware of...
December 17, 1794 Accounts Current for Incidental and Contingent Expenses John Habersham Joseph Howell "I hearby enclose my accounts current with the United States for the incidental and contingent expenses of the Department of War in the State of Georgia commencing the 1st of April and ending the 31st day of December 1793, balance in my favor being one thousand nine hundred and seven dollars 76/100 with the several vouchers in support of same."
June 3, 1796 Box of Books from London Jeremiah Olney James McHenry Olney informs McHenry that on the Sloop "Venus," he will receive the box of books shipped from London on the "Lydia." Captain Allen of the "Lydia" charges no freight so McHenry will only have to pay the freight from Providence to Philadelphia.
June 13, 1794 Enclosed Receipt of Isidore Stouff for Compensation as Temporary Engineer John Habersham William Simmons Acknowledges Simmons' of May 17, encloses a receipt from money paid Isidore Stouff for compensation as a temporary engineer.
October 15, 1796 Loan Paid to Major Roberts John Habersham William Simmons Major Roberts has requested a loan of $100; Haberham encloses an order on Simmons in Habersham's favor for that amount.
January 20, 1797 Notification of Forwarded Receipts to Mr. S. Lewis, at War Office John Habersham William Simmons Notification that Habersham forwarded receipts to S. Lewis from Maj. Roberts draft against Simmons in favor of Habersham.
May 30, 1797 List of Muster and Pay Rolls to be Forwarded John Habersham Constant Freeman Habersham transmits the muster and pay rolls of the various military units under his supervision.
May 30, 1797 Accounts Within the State of Georgia John Habersham William Simmons Habersham discusses sundry accounts and related matters respecting the State of Georgia.
July 30, 1797 Forwarded Sundry Receipts Belonging to Ensign McCall John Habersham Constant Freeman Habersham forwards vouchers for McCall's payments to the troops.
October 18, 1797 Notification of Forwarded Sundry Receipts of Posts Saint Tammany & Pickering John Habersham Constant Freeman Submission of receipts from posts Saint Tammany and Pickering received and approved by H. McCall. Details of the receipts included.
July 17, 1798 Concerning an invoice for muskets and ammunition John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon Discusses invoice and bill of lading for muskets and ammunition delivered on the Schooner John.