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August 1793 Dandridge communicates the directions of the President to Knox B. Dandridge Henry Knox Letter, advises Knox re meeting at President's residence.
August 18, 1795 My Situation Is Become More Presssing John Vermonnet William Simmons Vermonnet laments that he has yet to receive orders from the Secretary of War nor has he received an answer from Simmons on account of his salary. Since his situation has become even more pressing, he requests a prompt reply relative to this important matter.
September 2, 1795 Expenses Related to Surveying the River John Vermonnet William Simmons Vermonnet assures Simmons that from the day of his appointment, he has been surveying the river and providing drafts to the War Department, thereby incurring expenses that he has never mentioned,.
June 16, 1800 Received List of Military Land Warrants Samuel Dexter Samuel Coleman Acknowledged receipt of list of military land warrants issued by the Land Office in Virginia to officers and soldiers who served in the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment. List will assist with search required by War Department.
June 21, 1800 Sum Remit to Perkins Samuel Dexter Samuel Annin Approval of action taken regarding Mr. Shepard. Payment due Annin to be transmitted through Mr. Perkins.
June 23, 1800 An Office for Major Tousard Samuel Dexter John Wilkins, Jr. [James] McHenry's letter to Wilkins of the 6th of February [1800]authorized an office to be furnished for Major [Lewis] Tousard for as long as he is discharging the duties imposed upon him by General [Alexander] Hamilton.
June 26, 1800 Movement of office to Washington Peter Hagner Edward Carrington Letters and enclosures will be attended to when office is moved from Philadelphia to Washington.
August 19, 1800 Regularity in Muster Rolls, Inspections, Monthly Returns, & Pay Abstracts Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton insists on regularity and precision in Rolls of Muster, inspections, monthly returns, and pay abstracts. In the absense of regular Inspectors, Commanding Officers of garrisons, camps, and detachments are to perform their duties in the prescribed manner.
August 25, 1800 Warrant Remitted to Houdin, Etc. Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner has learned from Mr. Condy that Hodgdon's son has passed through Alexandria and is expected to be in Washington City soon. The Treasurer remitted the money to the Cashier Bank and endorsed the warrant to be remitted to Houdin which accounts for Hodgdon not receiving it.
August 27, 1800 Vouchers Suspended in the Accounts of John Wilkins Jr by the Comptroller for Further Explanation John Wilkins, Jr. [not available] Vouchers suspended in the accounts of John Wilkins Jr. by comptroller for further explanation. Gives the numbers of the abstracts suspended with description and reason why suspended.
September 8, 1800 Intercession for A Brother Convicted of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer William Simmons John Adams Simmons writes on behalf of his brother, a cavalry lieutenant who has been convicted by a court martial of some unspecified excess. Simmons believes that his brother has been unfairly targeted by enemies in the army, and further that the court martial was improperly conducted (being many months after the fact, and far from the scene of the alleged infraction), not allowing the defense time to...
September 9, 1800 [General Orders] Major T.H. Cushing [not available] Lists fuel allowances for officers, men and camp followers in the jurisdiction of the City of Washington; lists all forts, posts and garrisons in this jurisdiction (with caveats concerning fuel in certain cases). Appended is a Battalion Orders concerning applications for discharges, by a Major D. Jackson.
October 6, 1800 Transfers of Sundry Officers and Men Thomas H. Cushing [not available] This General Orders lists a number of officers and men and indicates the posts to which they are to be transferred.
October 7, 1800 Expense for Removal from Philadelphia to Washington Unknown Author William Simmons Lists expenses related to travel, transportation, and shipping of home goods and family from Philadelphia to the City of Washington.
October 7, 1800 Wilkinsí explanation regarding some objections to his accounts John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons In responding to objections to accounts, Wilkins notes a lack of clarity regarding certain principles on scope and scale of authority of the Quarter Master General, under what conditions he may make purchases, and the nature of his military appointment which puts him under orders of the commanding general.
October 7, 1800 Disposition of Officers in the Corps of Artillerists & Engineers Alexander Hamilton [not available] This General Order assigns 28 Captains to specific battalions within the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers and designates their stations and Commanding Officers. However, no change from their present positions will made except by special order.
October 8, 1800 Transfer of John Leisty Thomas H. Cushing [not available] John Leisty [?], Fifer in Captain Blackburn's Company, is transferred to Captain Bruff's Company of the First Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers.
October 11, 1800 Annuities for Indians of Indiana Territory John Wilkins, Jr. Israel Whelen Informs Whelan of plans for annuities to Indians of Indiana Territory, and lists the planned presents.
October 15, 1800 Transfer to Fort Johnston James Wilkinson James Bruff Captain Bruff receives official notification that he has been transferred to Fort Johnston on the Cape Fear River in South Carolina. He is charged with guarding the country from maritime depredations and protecting the harbor from injury or insult.
October 15, 1800 Letter Signed, James Wilkinson to Samuel Dexter James Wilkinson Samuel Dexter Letter, encloses testimonials re lieutenancy candidates.
November 2, 1800 General Orders Major T.H. Cushing [not available] General orders issued by T. H. Cushing from Head Quarters in Washington. Sergeant David mead of Captain Freeman's company of Artillerists and Engineers is transferred to infantry and will join the band. John Grants and William Hard of Elliot's company of Artillists and Engineers and William Thompson of Bishop's company are transferred to Captain Freeman's company and must be mustered as such from...
November 13, 1800 [General Orders] Samuel Dexter [not available] no document found.
November 13, 1800 Marching Orders Thomas H. Cushing John H. Buell Transfer all information regarding recruiting to Major Kingsbury who will assume Buell's post and Buell is to proceed immediately to Pittsburgh and await further instruction.
November 13, 1800 Orders Thomas H. Cushing Jacob Kingsbury Orders to relieve Major Buell, push recruiting services
November 14, 1800 Organization of Burbeck's Regiment James Wilkinson [not available] Shows the arrangement of the Subalterns in Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Burbeck's Regiment into four battalions. The names of officers assigned to each battalion are shown along with the names of the Adjutant, the Quartermaster, and the Paymaster.