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January 2, 1784 Quartermaster's Request for Guidance Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Captain Worsely Emes sends a letter to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, seeking guidance for relinquishing his duties in his present post.
April 23, 1784 Payment for Army goods Nathaniel Irish Samuel Hodgdon Discusses payment for goods ordered for the Army.
June 10, 1784 Delivery of Bells Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Discusses delivery of bells.
July 10, 1784 Subsistence pay Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Request for subsistence pay.
October 29, 1784 Articles for Indian commissioners E. Butler Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the completion of the order of articles for the Indian commissioners and forwarding the items to Fort Pitt.
August 16, 1786 Lead to be replaced at Carlisle Major General Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon Letter to the Commissary Military Stores, relating to lead, ball, and cartridges.
January 24, 1787 Request for settlement of accounts John Robb Joseph Howell Robb asks Howell to settle his accounts and transmit the appropriate Certificates to him.
February 22, 1787 Receipts for money owed Alexander Parker Joseph Howell Parker assures Howell that he has the receipts for the money that he is supposed to owe the United States and will send them to Howell with the expectation that he will then be given the certificate to which he is entitled.
October 4, 1787 Letter to the Commissioner of Commissary Stores Major General Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon Letter from General Richard Butler to Samuel Hodgdon, the Commissioner of Commissary Stores. Mentions the problem of sending and receiving letters in a timely fashion.
May 3, 1791 Receipts of Gibson, Powers, and Slough William Ferguson Joseph Howell Enclosed is Colonel [Alexander] Gibson's receipt for $975.20 as well as Capt. William Powers' for $374.85 and Capt. [Jacob] Slough's for a like amount. The total sum is $1924.90. Ferguson wants to be notified when Howell receives these receipts so as to avoid the necessity of transmitting a second set.
May 11, 1791 Letter Citation Major General Richard Butler Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Butler, 05/19/1791.
June 6, 1791 Letter Citation Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Hodgdon, 06/09/1791.
August 15, 1791 Visit to Pine Grove Furnace, Etc. Richard Parker William Knox Parker notes that he has visited Pine Grove Furnace and has not found one single [?] of any dimension. Thornburgh, Arthur & Co. only agreed to make them if they had a specific order from the War Department that would pay them 45-50 pounds [currency] each. If Knox agrees to these terms, Parker can have wagons sent on directly to transport them.
June 11, 1792 Cannon & Boxes, Etc. Richard Parker William Knox Col. Cuthbertson's letter relative to loading has been received. Parker immediately procured a wagon and went up and found the cannon and boxes. Parker expects that they will arrive safely in Pittsburgh in a few days provided the Indians do not take them. The company in Chambersburgh had made a contract for a large quantity of balls and shot which is the same kind that Parker has on hand in his...
June 18, 1792 Property Loaded & Delivered Richard Parker William Knox Parker asks Knox to have the bearer load the property . He will take good care of any property given him and deliver it promptly.
November 11, 1792 Send Mr. Park to the Western Country Mr. Park Samuel Hodgdon If Hodgdon has any business in the western country, Park wishes to be sent because he feels riding would be of service to him. He would not be gone more than three weeks and Major Butler would take care of matters at Carlisle in his absence. The accounts have been sent on because the people at Carlisle are growing weary about their money.
March 10, 1793 Advance to Thomas Fisher Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Fisher called on Butler to advance him a small sum to aid in his journey to Philadelphia. Butler advanced him six dollars which Hodgdon can refund to him by safe conveyance.
June 3, 1793 Reports Mistake in Clothing Shipment Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Has just received the shipment of clothing, arms, and equipment. Reports mistake in shipment--received infantry coats instead of uniforms requested.
June 17, 1793 Reports Misunderstanding about Bill for Arms Never Received George Stevenson Samuel Hodgdon Expresses regret for misapprehension. Had collected part of the money due and paid Hodgdon by Mr. Miller while Hodgdon was on his way to the Western Country. Stevenson never received requested arms and cannot be responsible for them. Describes receipt of other shipments of arms with ceremony.
July 16, 1793 No Knapsacks! Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler acknowledges that he has received the clothing and arms and gave his receipt to the wagoner. However, he finds himself perplexed in providing knapsacks since Hodgdon did not send any.
November 11, 1793 March to the Other World Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Butler asks to be excused for not answering Hodgdon's letter respecting the load of public clothing that had been lodged near Carlisle. For sixteen weeks he has been more likely to march to the Other World than to live but seems to be recovering and has returned to the works. The clothing has been sent forward. He prays God that Hodgdon and his family have avoided the malignant disease [smallpox}...
November 26, 1793 Yellow Fever: Jaws of Death Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon It gives Butler much satisfaction to know that Hodgdon and his family have escaped the malignancy that had prevailed in Philadelphia for so long. He hopes that Hodgdon and himself, who has often escaped the jaws of death, and everyone else who has been so highly favored, will with grateful hearts adore and acknowledge the hand from whence it came. Asks for copies of rules and articles of war and...
May 6, 1794 Illegible Document Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Illegible document.
June 23, 1794 Compliance with Howell's Request Regarding Accounts, Etc. Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Howe acknowledges receipt of Howe's letter and will comply with its contents regarding his account. He hopes that his men will not be disappointed as they expect to receive their pay for May at Pittsburgh.
September 2, 1794 Mulitiple Pay Issues Richard Sparks John Stagg Sparks discusses the pay of a number of individuals as well as the shortage of fuel and clothing.