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February 5, 1784 Payment of a Bill Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon The author is asking whether Mr. Petit will or will not pay a bill drawn by Tom Marshall of South Carolina. If he will not pay, the recipient should write to another South Carolinian to determine the disposition of the bill. He also wants to know the whereabouts of the millstones and miller he requested.
February 7, 1784 Knox writes to Hodgdon regarding honorary canon for General Greene Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the honorary cannon to be presented to Major General Greene by resolution of Congress.
February 7, 1784 Letter of Recommendation Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Letter of recommendation for an office in the Commissary of Military Stores department, on behalf of Mr. Cranch. Cranch suffered greatly by means of the War.
February 13, 1784 General Benjamin Lincoln's Affairs Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Requests to know whether a bill will be honored. Requests that barrels of flour be sent to him.
February 16, 1784 Gold Coin James Lovell John Pierce Discusses exchange of money into gold coin.
February 19, 1784 Exchange of notes and Society of the Cincinnati. Henry Jackson John Pierce Discusses exchange of notes for the pay of the Army and other financial matters. Mentions a dinner of the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati.
February 28, 1784 Notes and pay Henry Jackson John Pierce Exchange of monetary notes; pay of officers and men
February 28, 1784 Accounts of the Massachusetts Regiments Robert Williams John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts of the army regiments of Massachusetts
March 8, 1784 Pay issues Henry Jackson John Pierce Discusses financial and pay issues.
March 10, 1784 Officer's pay and subsistence account Joseph Tucker John Pierce Discusses the pay and subsistence account of an officer.
May 22, 1786 Letter from James Lovell James Lovell John Pierce Lovell informs Pierce that Jesse Brown will act as his agent for settlement.
July 7, 1784 Settlement of accounts James Lovell John Pierce Discusses the settlement of accounts.
July 14, 1794 Regarding purchase of final settlements Elbridge Gerry Samuel Hodgdon Discusses various financial matters and the purchase of final settlements.
November 1, 1784 Instructions on sale of military stores Samuel Hodgdon Philip Van Ransalear Samuel Hodgdon sends to Philip Van Ransaliar a letter that provides instructions on the sale of military stores and the settlement of outstanding accounts.
November 11, 1784 British troop dispositions Henry Knox James Monroe Henry Knox sends to James Monroe a letter that discusses British troop dispositions near Canada.
December 8, 1784 Service of Ezra Coates William Winchester Office of Army Accounts, Paymaster General, Pay Office (1783-1792) William Winchester sends the paymaster general a voucher attesting to the service of Ezra Coates.
March 16, 1785 Concerning counterfeit certificates Elbridge Gerry Samuel Hodgdon Elbridge Gerry encloses certificates and a request to check for counterfeits to Samuel Hodgdon.
March 17, 1785 Regarding Henry Knox acceptance of position of Secretary of War and anticipated date for assuming duties Henry Knox Charles Thomson Henry Knox sends to Charles Thomson a letter notifying him of his acceptance of the position of Secretary of War and makes known his anticipated date for assuming the duties of the office.
March 28, 1785 Procurement of Cloth Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Lincoln sends to Samuel Hodgdon a letter requesting the procurement of cloth. Requested method of reimbursing Hodgdon for the cost of supplies.
April 10, 1785 Regarding commutation Capt. William Hawes Samuel Hodgdon Captain Hawes sends Samuel Hodgdon a letter stating that any questions about his commutation should be referred to General Knox.
September 20, 1785 Letter to the Commissioner of Commissary Stores Capt. William Hawes Samuel Hodgdon Capt. Hawes writes the Commissioner of Commissary Stores
July 24, 1786 Enclosed return for subsistence money Joseph Dunkerly John Pierce Encloses a return for subsistence money due for recruiting; requests that the amount be forwarded to Boston.
July 25, 1786 Concerning Judiciary and Counterfeit Certificates John Pierce [not available] Discusses a Major accused of counterfeiting certificates; notes that he will travel to New Hampshire tomorrow morning. Mentions Judge Sullivan, Judge Morris, and chief justices.
July 25, 1786 Regarding Major Morrill John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter to the Board of the Treasury concerning Major Morrill, late agent of the New Hampshire Line. Discusses counterfeited certificates
July 26, 1786 Regarding counterfeit certificates John Pierce Unknown Recipient Discusses counterfeit certificates; mentions going to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Encloses a letter dated July 7.