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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
March 4, 1784 Indian Affairs Thomas Jefferson George Rogers Clark Related to Indian affairs.
March 4, 1784 Appointment as Indian Commissioner Thomas Mifflin George Rogers Clark Appointment by Congress of George Rogers Clark to be Commissioner for holding a Treaty with Indians.
March 27, 1784 Case of a foreign army officer Hugh Williamson John Pierce Discusses the case of a foreign army officer in the Corps of Engineers who died in the service
March 29, 1784 Settlement of the pay for Maryland Continental Regiments Thomas Gassaway Joseph Howell Discusses the settlement of the pay of the Maryland Line. requests muster rolls and papers needed for the settlement. Requests information on the resolves of Congress applicable to the settlement
May 3, 1784 Procedure for settlement of a soldier's pay account Hugh Williamson John Pierce Encloses a letter that asks for information regarding the proper procedure for the settlement of an individual soldier's pay account. Also informs Pierce of the sentiments of Congress on an issue pertinent to General Moses Hazen.
May 13, 1784 Opinions on Financial Matters Before Congress Doctor Williamson Unknown Recipient Doctor Williamson sends a letter to an unknown recipient that conveys his opinions on the financial matters before Congress (pertaining to Mr. Whitmore and General Hazen).
May 23, 1784 Concerning army accounts John Pierce Thomas Mifflin John Pierce encloses a letter to the President of Congress pertaining to Army accounts.
July 9, 1784 Pay accounts and impropriety Thomas Gassaway John Pierce Thomas Gassaway, Assistant Commissioner for Settling Pay of the Maryland Line, sends to John Pierce a letter inclosed with pay accounts. Gassaway has been accused of impropriety.
July 19, 1784 Affair of the discharged officers of the West Point garrison General Edward Hand John Pierce Discusses the affair of the discharged officers of the garrison of West Point who seized pay money without authorization. Request information on the case to inform Congress's action on the "transaction."
October 20, 1784 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Ebenezer Jackson Pierce gives instruction for settling with officers and soldiers of the Line for the year 1782. Pierce also discusses pay for officers taken prisoner.
November 6, 1784 Entitlements from military service John Pierce Ebenezer Jackson John Pierce sends to Ebenezer Jackson a letter containing information regarding entitlements due from military service.
January 14, 1785 On the forwarding of muster records and pay books Jonathan White Joseph Howell Discusses arrangements to forward muster records and pay books
January 28, 1785 Settlement of accounts of German Regiment and officers Jonathan White Joseph Howell Discusses the settlement of the accounts of the German Regiment and the accounts of some officers
February 8, 1785 Accounts of the German Regiment; officer accounts Jonathan White Joseph Howell Discusses pay accounts of the German Regiment. Discusses various other issues regarding the war office's financial accounts. Discusses the settlement of two officer's accounts.
February 14, 1785 Musters of Rawling's Regiment; request for set of enlistments; Captain Norwood's claims for clothing Jonathan White Joseph Howell Requests musters of Rawling's Regiment. A great many drafted into the Line during a period for which there are no musters. Asks for a set of enlistments; is doubtful that Captain Norwood can prove that articles of clothing charged were purchased by him.
February 25, 1785 Officers of the invalid Corps Jonathan White Joseph Howell Asks about the pay of officers of the invalid Corps.
February 26, 1785 Fraudulent claims Jonathan White Joseph Howell John Coony fraudulently obtained his depreciation twice from the auditor. Asks that Captain Lloyd retain certificates so that justice may be rendered to Maryland.
February 26, 1785 Commutation due deranged officers of German Regiment; fraudulent claims Jonathan White Joseph Howell Mentions commutation due deranged officers of German Regiment. Requests guidance on delivery of certificates. Discusses the fraudulent obtaining of certificates.
March 7, 1785 Regarding agents and the allowance given to Major Bowen and Captain Beatty Jonathan White Joseph Howell At Mr. Hamilton's request, asks if anything is done in Congress for the agents and the allowance given to Major Bowen and Captain Beatty.
April 1, 1785 Fraud committed with respect to depreciation C. Richmond Joseph Howell A report of fraud committed with respect to depreciation based on examination of muster rolls of German Regiment.
April 1, 1785 Maryland Officers who have been prisoners John White Joseph Howell Encloses list of officers who have been prisoners belonging to Maryland to be compared with accounts settled at the Treasury.
April 8, 1785 Colonel R.H. Harrison's account John White John Betts Requests copy of Colonel R.H. Harrison's account sent to Philadelphia.
April 23, 1785 Regarding German frauds and untrue discharges C. Richmond Joseph Howell Regarding German frauds, believes there is fresh reason that Bunner signed the untrue discharges. Says many of the men whose names are on discharges actually deserted to the enemy.
April 29, 1785 Charges against Captain Richard Waters John White Joseph Howell White disagrees with Howell respecting the charges against Captain Richard Waters. Says there were two officers of that name. Encloses receipt for Dennis Carson's certificate.
May 5, 1785 Officers who have been prisoners John White Joseph Howell Regarding officers who have been prisoners, Colonel Ramsey seems to have been charged twice at the same date. Furnishes extract.