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New York Monday Aug 19th 1787

Dear Sir

The Board of Treasury have just now sent me a letter for you that I might direct more particular Mr Nicholson Compt desires to know if any thing is due to Cap Zebulon Pike in this office on settlement of the accounts of the 4th Regiment Dragoons five hundred dollars was retained from Captain Pike, since which he has received 300 Dollars so that it appears there is still two hundred dollars in possession of the United States for accounts unsettled - I expect to be called on today or tomorrow by the Grand Jury of this city to assist in founding a charge against a fellow who was taken up with Mr Pierce's certificates in his possession counterfeited - nothing or consequence has occurred since you left us, two a three accounts presented and as many demand for certificates - Please to present my respects to Mr Howell and am yo

Thos O'Hara

Jas howell Esq

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