Fire destroyed the War Department office in 1800. For decades historians believed that its files, and the window they provide into the early federal government, had been lost forever. This collection unites copies of the lost files in a digital archive that reconstitutes this invaluable historical resource. Read more about the restoration of the collection »

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Talk from Old Tassel

Letter from Old Tassel (Chief of the Cherokees) to Edward Telfair (Governor of Georgia)

Old Tassel complained to Telfair of a raid by John Sevier (Gov. of Franklin, N.C.’s ceded Tennessee territory) and his militiamen on the Chereokee towns that “so frightened our women and children as to cause them to run and perish in the woods.” Sevier threatened to return in the spring and take the Cherokee hunting grounds. “We think you can stop those bad men from coming to trouble us,” Old Tassel told the Governor.