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Henry Knox to President of United States George Washington: recommendations on locations of arsenals and magazines, development of a national arms industry, and return of ordnance, arms and military stores in possession of United States

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CollectionNational Archives and Records Administration: 3d Cong, House, Sec War Confidential Rep, RG233 view image
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Date December 16, 1793
Author Name Henry Knox (primary) Location: War Department
Recipient Name George Washington (primary) Location: Philadelphia
Summary Included in this return are some recommendations regarding strategic location of magazines and arsenals across the United States and the importance of developing an arms industry in the United States. The state of returns he owes to the casual circumstances of the War for Independence. Principal locations: New London Virginia, Philadelphia, West Point on Hudson River and Springfield on Connecticut River in Massachusetts. Describes the important circumstances for location as security from external and domestic enemies, and easy access by water, including the sea. New London is a poor location; perhaps James River with access to sea would be better. Population centers can be dangerous; hence ammunition will be move up the Delaware River. West Point is not a good choice because of easy [enemy] access from the sea. Hence a plan to move to Albany. Land transportation costs make Carlisle Pennsylvania an unattractive location. Recommends that the country have three permanent magazines located in east, middle and southern parts of the country, with subdivisions. United States should possess100,000 arms in its arsenals, with battering and field artillery and ammunition in ample proportion. Discusses the importance of a national arms industry. Higher costs outweighed by skills developed and security provided. Returns of ordnance and stores and shot and shells are provided for the following: Springfield Massachusetts, West Point New York, Fort Rensselaer Albany New York, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Carlisle Pennsylvania, Mount Hope Forge New Jersey, Rockaway Forge New Jersey. Balsto Furnace New Jersey. In Pennsylvania: Durham, Oley, Berkshire, Cornwall, and Mary Ann Furnace, Pittsburg, Fort Franklin. In Maryland: Johnston's Ferry, Baltimore, Elkton, Turner's Creek, Georgetown In Virginia: New London, Manchester. Western Territory [Ohio]: Fort Washington, Fort Hamilton, Fort St. Clair, Fort Jefferson Principle articles delivered since the last general return dated 7 October 1789. Items forwarded include muskets, powder, musket balls, and pig lead to the following: to the army, to the states of Georgia and South Carolina, to the Southwestern Territory, to the Minister of France for the use of the French Colonies
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Related Persons/Groups George Washington; Henry Knox; Secretary of War; President of United States; ;
Related Places War Department; New London Virginia; Philadelphia; West Point on Hudson River; Springfield on Connecticut River in Massachusetts; New London Virginia; James River Virginia; Delaware River; Albany New York; Carlisle Pennsylvania; Fort St. Clair; Fort Hamilton; Fort Jefferson; Fort Franklin; Western Territory; Ohio; Fort Washington; Maryland; Johnston's Ferry, Baltimore, Elkton, Turner's Creek; Pennsylvania; Durham; Oley; Berkshire, Cornwall; Mary Ann Furnace; Pittsburgh; ;
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