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European Privateers Outfitted in America to Be Barred from Ports; List of Known Offending Ships

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Date August 16, 1793
Author Name Henry Knox (primary) Location: War Department
Recipient Name Samuel Huntington (primary) Location: Connecticut
Summary Notes that the federal government has tried in vain to outlaw the practice of European nations outfitting privateers in American ports, and passes down a firmer strategy to preserve American neutrality: no cruisers or privateers originally outfitted in American ports will have no asylum in those ports. Authorizes Huntington to see to causing any such ships to leave, by force if necessary. Also passes on order that any prizes brought by such vessels into American ports be seized by American militia, to be returned to their prior owners. Asks that such incidents be reported, and lists blacklisted privateers known to have been outfitted in American ports.
Document Format Letter Signed
Document Notes Cited in Knox to Huntington, 08/20/1793. Copies of this letter were sent to various Governors.
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Related Persons/Groups Sam Huntington; Henry Knox; privateers; Executive; parties at war; militia; former owners; ;
Related Places Connecticut; War Department; port; harbor; Charleston; South Carolina; Philadelphia; Delaware; ;
Keywords privateers; fitting out; armed vessel; cruiser; vessel; depart immediately; effectual measures; prize; transmit in writing; cases and evidences; Citizen Genet; Sans Culottes; Vanqueur de Bastille; Petit Democrat; Caramagnole; ;
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Secretary of War
August 16: 793
read August 26___
answerd August 31 --93
War Department
August 16th 1793
It has been heretofore made known that the fitting out of Privateers inthe ports of the United States, was considered as in compatible with our prseent state of neutrality. The Executive after trying other measures invant to prevent a continuance of the practice, finds itself at length constrained to esort - to means more decisive than have been hither employed. To avoid therefore afurther infraction four rights, and afurther commitment of ourpeace, the President of the United States aftermature deliberation has decided that no armed vessel which has been or shall be originally fitted in any port of the United States, as a Cruiser, or Privateer, by either of the parties at war, is to have asylum in any of the ports of the United States.
I am directed to inform your Exellency of this decision, and to request that in case of any vessel within the foregoing discription should arrive in any port or
port or Harbour in the State of Connecticut that you would cause her to be ordered to depart immediately, and in case of her refusal, that you would take effectual measures to oblige her to depart. It is at the Sametime the desine of the President, that force may not be resorted to until every proper effort has been previously made, to procure the early departure without it.
and the President has further directed me to request, that in case any such vesel shall have Sent, or brought subsequent to the fifth Instant or Should here after send, or bring, any prize or prizes in to any port or Harbour of your State, that you would cauze Such prize or prizes to be immediately Secured by the Milita, for the purpose of being restored to the former owners.
It is also requested that you would pledge to transmit in wirting, all the Cases and Evidences thereon, which may occur in purserance of this Communication.
The following are the names of the Privateers Comprehended
comprehended within the meaning of this Letter that have hither to come to the knowledge of the Government.
Citizen Genet }
Sans Culottes } fitted out at charleston
Vangueur de Coastille } So carolina
Petit Democrat _ _ _ Philadelphia
Caramognole _ _ _ Delaware
I have the honor to be
with great respect
[Editors Note: The names fitted with } mean that they are all included in one large } which have all been 'fitted out at charleston']
your Exellency's
obedient Servant
His Exellency HKnox
Governor of the State of
Connecticut Secy of War