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Border Disputes and other issues

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Date July 31, 1793
Author Name Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department (primary)
Recipient Name Northwestern Indian Chiefs (primary)
Summary Speech to be delivered to the Indians. Referring to the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, the Indians have demanded that all whites be removed from the Indian side of the Ohio as a condition of peace. The U.S. commissioner expresses surprise that the Indians felt they were misunderstood previously, and reiterates a sentiment that the Indians, too, must make concessions; says that each sides' concessions and the fixing of the boundary should be addressed in the face-to-face treaty, but that the Indians have prevented this by staying away from the treaty site. Describes how the Treaty of Fort Stanwix may have been voided by the subsequent treaty ending the Revolutionary War; describes various treaties between the U.S. and different tribes at diverse locations, saying that these gave more land to the U.S., but the tribes became dissatisfied with the existing treaties. States the U.S. commission's willingness to produce documents affirming the Indians' acceptance of the later treaties. Declares that the U.S. cannot remove the white settlers now on the northern side of the Ohio, because land becomes too dear to white people who have improved it. Requests those lands on the northern side of the Ohio as peace concessions from the Indians. Also offers to decide a new boundary line and fiscally compensate the Indians for the land lost (claims this option is an offered U.S. peace concession). Another proposed U.S. concession is the withdrawal of an American claim to the entire southern Great Lakes region, based on the idea that the English king included that area in the American boundaries after the peace, but had no right to do so if the Indians owned it. Asks for the Indians' response.
Document Format Document Signed
Document Notes Addressed to the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawanees [Shawnees], Miamis, Poutawatomies, Ottawas, Connoys, Chippewas, and Munseys, under the aegis of a Confederacy now assembled at the [Great?] Miami River rapids. DEII Candidacy: explains the many disputes and motivations surrounding proposed peace treaties during the Northwest Indian War and the contestation of the Ohio River boundary through differing interpretations of past treaties.
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Related Persons/Groups Benjamin Lincoln; Beverley Randolph; Timothy Pickering; Indians; commissioners; Six Nations;
Related Places Fort Stanwix; Ohio River;
Keywords treaty; boundary;
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