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Our frontiers, I never saw them so dispirited.

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PublicationLowrie, Walter and St. Clair Clarke, Matthew, eds. American State Papers: Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, Vol. IV, Indian Affairs. 38 Vols. Washington, DC: Gales and Seaton, 1832. (no image)
Document Information
Date July 20, 1793
Author Name General James Robertson (primary) Location: Nashville
Recipient Name General Smith (primary)
Summary Robertson reports on the turmoil and bloodshed on the southwestern frontier with most of the Indian tribes arrayed against the United States, with the notable exception of the Chickasaws. He has had to call up a company of mounted infantry to protect the settlers and seeks Smith's approbation for doing so.
Document Format Modern Printed Transcription of Letter/Document
Document Notes Cited in Smith to Knox, 07/30/1793.
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Related Persons/Groups General Smith; General James Robertson; Chickasaws; Cherokees; Major Beard; our horse [cavalry]; one company of mounted infantry; Cherokees; Cottetoy the intepreter; Choctaws; northward Army; united tribes; Creeks; Randolph Robertson; Josiah Love; Mountain Leader; Wolf's Friend; Southern Indians; Governor Blount; King of Spain; ;
Related Places Nashville; our frontiers; westward country; Duck River; Bear Creek; Tennessee River; the Ohio; Stone's river; Walnut Hills; Orleans; Iron Banks; ;
Keywords list of [Indian] depredations; our settlements; Governor Blount's last orders; bloody arrows; hatchet; scalping knife; pipe; great parade; white flesh; large boat; the Virginian's flesh; treaty; Spanish authority; cessation of arms; Spanish agency; flag; friendship; presents; forts at Chickasaw Bluff; ;
Key Phrases Bad as the times were when you left this country, they are much more gloomy at present...the Cherokee had eat a great quantity of the white's flesh which they were very fond of at first but they had had so much of it had got tired and thought it too salty;

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