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Account of Henry Knox with the United States

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CollectionPierpont Morgan Library: Henry Knox Papers view image
Document Information
Date November 12, 1792
Author Name Joseph Nourse (primary)
Recipient Name [not available]
Summary New account of Henry Knox that was adjusted from a summary account of errors.
Document Format Contemporaneous or Certified Copy (made for information of action)
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Related Persons/Groups Joseph Nourse; Henry Knox; Secretary at War; Indians; J Habersham; Baldwin; Hospital Department; Quartermasters Department; Ordnance Department; Indian Department; Surveyors Department; Subsistence Department; John Meals; John Meal; troops; Arthur St. Clair; Winthrop Sergeant; Rhugar & Rhodes; Rhugar; Rhodes; B Crookshanks; B & E Carnes; E Carnes; B Carnes; Jackson; Smith; Jackson & Smith; Wainwright; Listle; A Muller; Cunard Nicholson; C. Swan; Caleb Swan; M Williett; Indian chief; Cornplanter; Governor of Pennsylvania; Berry & Rogers; Berry; Roberts; Joseph Dobbins; H Frayly; Timothy Pickering; Thomas Roberts; Marinus Willett; John Shepherd; Tench Coxe; Commissioner of the Revenue; Richard Harrison; Auditor of the Treasury; ;
Related Places United States; public arsenal; Comptrollers Office; ;
Keywords account; Indian treaties; Act of Congress; settled; Indian Goods; disbursements; contingencies; ordnance; hospital; subsistence; warrants; contract; payment; traveling expenses; overcharges; salary; vouchers; shirts; carriage of goods; sundry expenses; journeys; inspecting; arranging; stores; magazines; arsenals; certificate of admission; ;
Key Phrases auditor of the treasury pursuant to the act of congress; making alterations in the Treasury and War departments; certificate of admission; report of the auditor of the treasury; carried to the debit of the Secretary at war in new account; certify that the above and foregoing accounts are true copys of the original of which is filed on record in this office; balance stated in the auditor's office; addition to my certificate; balance of this account; accounted for by the secretary at war in an account settled by the auditors of the Treasury; Indian department for the amount of sundry deductions made in the auditor's office which are admitted;sundry expences attending several journeys of the Secretary at War; purpose of inspecting and arranging the stores in the arsenals and magazines of the United States; appears by the vouchers produced in support of this charge that the Indian chief on whose order the mony was paid intended that the Secretary at War should be reimbursed by Governor of Pennsylvania; short charge in contingencies of war dept; hospital dept; error in extending; statement of this transaction; appears that those warrants were negotiated upon credit under the control of the Secretary at War; payment has not been inforced by him, charge is considered as improper to be admitted to his credit; sum charged in contingencies of the war department as traveling expences in visiting publick arsenals; amount of overcharges in contingencies of the War office; sum advanced him on account of rations furnished the troops and for which he is held accountable; sundry disbursements under the following heads; contingencies of the war department; contingencies of the war office; amount of warrant no. 58 in his favor; balance stated by the secretary at war; add the following sums; balance of errors and overcharges; sum charged as so much remaining unpaid of warrants issued; not admitted to his credit in this statement; dollars appropriated for Indian treaties by the act of congress; amount of the following sums rec'd on acct on the sales of Indian goods;

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