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Requesting Postponment of a Campaign and Lamenting the Death of Two Officers

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Date August 7, 1792
Author Name Henry Knox (primary) Location: War Department
Recipient Name Anthony Wayne (primary)
Summary Knox wants to postpone the campaign until after winter unless the possibility of success is so high that the hardships to be endured would be justified. The troops are not sufficiently trained to undertake a major campaign. He despairs at the murder of two officers who were messengers to the hostile Indians and discusses potential sites for future posts.
Document Format Recipient's Letterbook Copy
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Related Persons/Groups Anthony Wayne; Henry Knox; Newton; Trueman; Colonel Hardin; hostile Indians; Girty; British interior agents; Senecas; Captain Hendricks; Colonel Louis; Captain Brant; Council of hostile tribes; Shawnees; Brigadier Gen. Putnam; President of the United States; Wyandots & Delawares; raw recruits; Cavalry; Major Heart; Brigadier General Wilkinson; Israel Chapin, agent to the Five Nations; Senecas; Captain Jeffers; opposers of peace; ;
Related Places War Department; Kentucky; Fort Washington; the Ohio; Auglaize; Wabash and Omie Rivers of Lake Erie; Big Beaver & Cayahoga route; Sandusky; Miami village; Fort Jefferson; Kentucky; the Muskingham; Fort Lawrence; Ohio and Washington counties; ;
Keywords lowness of the waters in the Ohio; Trueman's fate is sealed; peace; treaty; murder of our messengers; progressing hostilities; collisions with the British inteior agents; offensive operations; hardships and dangers of the late season; autumn and winter; ensuing spring; waters and herbage; navigation of the Big Beaver Creek; the late Major Heart's report; a post on the Muskingham; maps; pacific overtures; powder and lead; vice of drunkeness; gaming;
Key Phrases The season of the year is too far advanced, the number of recruits too few and the undisciplined state of the army such as to preclude any great expectation of all forward important movements this season.

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