[Copy] Indian Hostilies and Travels

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Date April 22, 1792
Author Name William Blount (primary) Location: Knoxville
Recipient Name Henry Knox (primary)
Summary Blount related interaction with Cherokees, Chickasaws, and Northern Indians. Treaty addressed, protection of residents in Hawkins and Cumberland Counties discussed.
Document Format Copy of Signed Document
Document Notes Copy compared by John Stagg Jr, 05/16/1792.
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Related Persons/Groups Henry Knox; William Blount; Cherokees; Chickasaws; Northern Indians; Indians; hostiles; banditti; settlers; Thompson; General Robertson; half-breed; Bloody Fellow; President Washington; Secretary of War; interpreter; Mr. Shaw; wife and children of Harper Ratcliff; northern Indians; militia; James Hubbard; Tennessee Company; John Watts; Shawanese; John Stagg; chief clerk; ;
Related Places Philadelphia; Knoxville; Hawkins; Cumberland; county; frontier; territory; Tennessee; Hawkins County; Virginia; Virginia Line; Stanly Valley; French Broad; Muscle Shoal; lower towns; ;
Keywords presents; protection; Indian attacks; murder; treaty; bench; punishment; retaliation; suffering; ;
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Knoxville April 22d 1792
Mr. Shaw with the Bloody fellow and the other Cherokees who left Philadelphia with him are within ten miles of the place and will be here in the morning all well and have been treated generally with kindness and civility and in some places with much attention -- They have however been several times alarmed from hearing the observations and threats of fooling unthinking people who in all probability had no serious intention of carrying their threats into execution--
Eight days past arrived here three Chickasaws on their way to the President namely a fellow called Confidant of the mountain leader, one Thompson a half breed the interpreter, and a young fellow accompanied
by a son of General Robertson. I have endeavored to convince them, that I am sure their nation will shortly receive valuable presents from the United States and they had best return. They Answer that they ordered to proceed to the President by the mountain leader with a letter and that must obey, that this is the fourth attempt they have made, and ask why may they not proceed and see the President as well as the Creeks & Cherokees. I believe they will come on unless I absolutely forbid it and this I cannot venture to do unless I knew to a certainty that my plan for a treaty had been approved.
On the 5th instant the wife & three children of Harper Ratcliff who lived in Hawkins County near the Virginia line in Stanly valley were killed by Indians unknown but supposed to be the Bench by birth a Cherokee but for years past attached to the Northern indians.
I have ordered three companies of militia into service for three months two for
the protection of the frontier of Cumberland and the other for those of Hawkins County--
On the 5th instant also an Indian fellow passing peaceably among the settlers on French broad was fired upon by two people one ball passed through his side and gave him a slight wound.-- It is supposed to have been done by two sons of James Hubbard minors who live with him-- This Hubbard is the same who went to the muscle Shoal with the Tennessee Company.--
I shall make it my business if possible to find out and bring to punishment the persons guilty of this base act---
I have written to the wounded Indian and assured him I will make him presents equal to his sufferings which I hope will prevent any retaliation that would probably have fallen on an innocent person
John Watts in his visit to the lower towns spoke very boldly and warmly
against their recent hostilities and urged them to desist and observe the Treaty they had made. It had the effect to induce them to go off to the Shawaneese and others who had been hostilely [opposed?] to declare their determinations for peace.
I have the honor to be with great respect
[large asterisk] Your obedient humble servantWm Blount
[along the right margin] 1792 April 22d
Henry Knox EsqrSecretary of War.
Copy--Compared by Jno Stagg JunrChf Clk W.D.May 16th 1792